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1. Violence Is Golden

In these, the Last Days
before Armageddon,
comes the mighty nightstorm, (and)
the Mist brings the Chosen

Black against blue,
the Raven has flown;
Darkness, now,
as the world closes

(now) there be fewer dogs,
with each swing of the Axe;
all Aktion is prayer:
pray with the Axe

And the Chosen?
Feed them to the Young Lions;
in this Hellscape,
Violence is golden

KILL on Command,
KILL with Hearts so cold,
KILL because you can:
Violence is Golden

2. Hunt With Murderworms, Sculpt With Flies

In a religion based on feces,
all angels are soul-flies,
and white worms find the human,
the writhing human who dies

Craft shows its inverted hand,
with its sickly corpsewater shine,
to guide the white worms of Murder,
to show them where to dine

Blood sits in carrion Judgement
and damns to flies
to the chitinous song
of a billion carcass flies

Pestilence rides the Maggot Wind:
blood disease flies
to swell the ranks of the dead
and animate them as they rise

By brightest Crossmoon, all who die
grease the night with the scarlet cries;
the Witchspawn hunt with murderworms
and sculpt with flies

Exoskeletally enslaved,
the staring dead dream of the Grave
from Sister Grief and Mohter Chaos,
they can't be saved

the moon, in white dispassion,
will fly like a shroud of bones,
to sleep from feces in the soil,
to bleed from faces in the stone

Flesh for flesh, and souls to fall,
Filth and Madness do enthrall
the Sire of sin, who with his Fire
catches us all

3. The Gift Of The Furnace

"spare the bloodbaths,
spoil the vermin"

Bloodwolf Incarnate
has his shadows against the sky;
his Empire is one of faces
where all hope dies

A Decision is hammered out,
and calls for Special Handlers;
the Ultimate Reckoning:
Administrative Dissolution

There is always more unsettlement,
for more and more will come
like a procession of mourners
grieving over themselves;
still more will come,
as part of the Greater Sorrow
Welcomed by gray angels
of extermination

"We hunted them like dogs,
dogs whose Master is Hate,
with our friends Night and Fog
to help us annihilate them;
(for) Hate restores black Violence
to its rightful place:
directed at the mongrels
whose crime is on their faces"

Living spaces piled
with the scabrous, the dying;
it's time they received
the Gift of the Furnace

One doesn't get
to watch people burn
as often in life
as one might like to

because humans burn
like nothing else:
this fact alone
makes it all worth it

They cry as they tell
(their) tales of torment in filth;
when will they learn
that Hate spares no one?

The Exalted Flame
never in quiet repose,
returns with the Cross
and his Gray Eminence

a life so long spent
in the company of Death,
in the Warbringer's wake,
where Hate spares no one

4. Fields Of The Crucified

In the charnel land of the Damned,
in a child's Garden of graves,
Insanity has planted
fields of the Crucified;
their heads point to the parched Earth
under vermillion skies

On each side of a blasted path,
as far as the Eye can see:
row upon row of crosses;
miasmic ill enshrouds
Perdition's umber implements
beneath black roiling clouds

To while away Eternity,
the godless lost bewail
their inverted Damnation
amid the vacant graves

Their demented cacophony
delights the Fallen Child,
who sowed Temptation's seeds
to watch his Nurslings writhe

This is the dawn of Nothingness (to be embraced):
the Dust, the dark, the gathering mass
...and the scraping tread of the dead on the Earth...

5. Endziel

Jihad begins in earnest
with the taking of a pawn,
then a retaliatory strike
slicks the ground with blood

Black pawn's white neighbour to the front
is taken down, to be avenged by a Knight
the following moves involve more pawns (being)
slaughtered by Knights on both sides

Bishop takes pawn and pawn takes pawn
by way of return;
the next Move brings something Feminine, something diabolical
as Black Queen takes a white pawn,
and a white Tower crushes a black pawn in a skirmish further on...

There is only murder among us:
may it always be so

This is Manson's "Helter Skelter"
on an altogether different scale

pawn KILLS pawn,
then Bishop KILLS pawn,
then Bishop KILLS pawn

Knight takes
last pawn...

6. The Sorrow Children At Mourningside

(we are ashes...)

Leave us in our Silent Mansions,
in this place of sunlight and roses,
for nothing dies here, not anymore;
the Aktions are done, and we are dust

To the mad laughter of machineguns,
we descended into such along graves;
we subhumans, we bleed in darkness
that the light be not offended

We were here...
These are their houses, now,
and we are here

We were here...
This is Mourningside,
and we are here

We were here,
in this House of Tears...
now we are here

we were here:
this is where they wept;
now we are here

We caught fire
and burned so easily;
we blackened,
and then we were ash (we are ashes)
We rose to faces,
eyeless faces
that bleed black Grief
in endless oceans of Black Suffering

Now we are here,
like rat bones on a plague ship,
in thy Garden
where there are only Others...

7. 30 Seconds In The Killhouse

Utter hatred,
an old-time hatred:
of this hatred
we are kin,
because some people are only good for bullets

Let's talk about your future:
simply stated, you don't have one;
let it all end without sweetness,
without the thoughtfulness of suicide

It's time to remove you from the world:
30 seconds in the killhouse aught to do (it);
(your) nudity offends me - blood is better,
complete with holes from an MG42

The trick is in the brutality:
it's all in how hard you play,
(but) I'm looking forward to a quiet hanging
at the end of a long, long day,
and then falling asleep
to the soft drip of a slit throat

The angel of conscience
has been displaced
by butchery's muse,
who is fairest of face...
Don't you wish I were sorry?
I love how your eyes abhor me

Let us indulge the Art of Wrath,
(let us) obey the Laws of Excess...

8. Unrelenting Fucking Hatred

Your right to live
does not supersede
my need to KILL you

"What whore shat you into the world?"
There is no "murder", here:
this shit was never born
You haven't lived
and I can't un-KILL you;
you have no names I can recall

Everything is cold, finished... ruined
Every day is a funeral
There is no remorse
Do not repeat - We will repeat

debris, you are...
mud-dwellers all:
you live
where you don't belong

Let your HATE be more lasting than the grave:
This is not "good bye,"
this is "see you on the Other Side"
you have useless-eaters' eyes
and mouths only open to bite or lie;
How fucking dare you breath?
You feed my unrelenting fucking hatred

9. The Gallows And The Black Coffin

Suspendatur per collum
Turn Death's darkest shades:
all the colours of asphyxia;
Thou art hanged, but thy Seed is quick

0 Gallowsborn, unsoiled by light,
[2x] bring the plague;
Bring corpselights from the Carcasscape,
[2x] bring the plague;
Up from plague pits yawning wide,
upon which a crossmoon shines,
bring them that grim Death designs,
whose sex appeal can't be denied

The twisted dead that have stained the soil
[2x] bring the plague;
Bring the Grave to all who have eyes to see,
[2x] bring the plague;
Worms come after hands like spiders
[2x] that bring the plague
To this place of putrescences,
[2x] bring the plague

As the Gadarene swine leapt for thee,
let their offspring roam the streets,
while Mother Proctor trades in seats
with a better view of the Triple Tree
of Ty burn

Bring black coffins filled with rats,
bring the plague;
From the gallows, through the corpse-gate
bring the plague;
Bring Shadows to these ancient walls,
bring the plague;
Let nothing stop thee, let no one stop thee,
bring the plague

For behind smiles to despise
lurks a traded in the eyes

This is blasphemy made flesh,
with eyes as warm as a deathbed fuck

10. The Feeding Habits Of Homo Horriblis

Toilet slaves who eat shit and beg for it,
lusty bitches: bound, gagged and whipped,
a nine-year-old girl forced to give head:
but this is snuff - she gets pumped full of lead
and the walls came down,
and the band played on
and the song remains the same...

Masturbating amputees,
animals getting raped,
fetishism and sodomy:
porno shows us the Way

Rubber diapers, sit on his back:
inflamed ass gets twenty more whacks;
motorized genitals, turning a trick:
we call it love, you call it sick;
There's give and there's take,
but the more things change,
the more they remain the same...

Fredrik Widigs ‒ Drums
Alvater ‒ Keyboards, Bass, Sampling
Lord Worm ‒ Vocals
Dark Rage ‒ Guitars

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