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1. Annihilation Frenzy

The song of metal striking bone
And the smoke of a thousand burning men:
In this theater of cruelty,
Blood and fire hold dominion over all
Passive aggression is not enough
(and) silence is never a recourse;
It falls to us to purge the land

Poinium Cherem
They are empty lives that profit not
from the right to control plutonium's destructive power
for destruction is good for the soul
We offer one and all the blessing
of Annihiliation; on or off the battlefield

let true obliteration rise
Shall we strive to kill them all?
Of course we fucking must
Reduce them all to original ash
Back to elemental dust;
from the west, rain immediate
and intense white fire;
7.1 billion dead: the human race, entire
Shadows of humanity: pathetic carbon things

Wind of death from far up North,
Spread your lovely blackened wings
ever since the advent of the atomic age
our hate-filled hearts have needed
to vent their fucking nuclear rage
Now, here there be dragons:
On the other hand, what we could use now
is a Sino-American Chainsaw War

2. A Sino-American Chainsaw War

In a field littered with people
Amongst which corpses grow
were enacted feats of war
As man was born to be killed
"Your screaming is music: sing to me
Sing your pain with funeral shrieks"

Kill the face No Identity
Kill the heart rip them all apart
Kill the soul
In humanicide
Kill, don't stop
Ripsaw carnage art
Heads, torsos and limbs everywhere

This is war, this is not a crime
make them bleed:
Wash the ground with blood;
make them dead:
We're running out of time

Mech-angels dancing in a whirlwind of gore
Make convincing arguments
and a truly cleansing war

Turmoil in the east? Violence is the answer;
Removed from History: Violence is the answer
Unrest in the west? Violence is the answer;
Aggression, suppression: Violence is the answer
To all life's ills, Violence is the answer
You deserve to die - Violence is the answer
What's the question? Violence is the answer
No matter what the question, Violence is the answer

3. The Deadfall Triptych

[I - The Hangman ]

Some days in the singing forest,
The trees whisper to each other;
Soon they know they will bear the weight
of an entire town
Certain faces give one lots to hate;
Certain voices give one cause to hang
and so they hang

[II - Human fat used as a combustible]

This is not sardine packing
These people look more like deadfall
Amidst the toothbrushes , soap and towels
After the cannisterman have gone
Don't look now (but) here come the trains
A shipment for replenishment, for every 60 days or so
Fresh new labor for real punishment
The past is constant, don't ask why
Life lasts forever when you're dead inside
And the breathless roar of the burning dead
Fills your ears, haunts your head

[III - Menschheitsdämmerung]

Broken, but forever young
We'll die forever in photographs
their nooses stilled our praying tongues
and now our ashes are our cenotaphs
How vast is this martyrium?
How much bigger will tombs become?
Where we go, may you follow

4. Goddess Of Filth

"My urine is divine", I think she said
but the words came out awash in blood
Let mine eyes be thine, Impieta
In this age of desire, before I decay

Black stone window into heaven
Answer me, answer me:
What is kinship Of fertility
With sacrosanct filth and disease?
Sic transit gloria sanguis

From the mouth of she, whose love is a plague
flow red-black commandments
Calling for new purity... Let us pray
Let righteous serpents cavort within
The woman that is the altar and set the blood
that filth of life, to rotting in her veins

She laid her hand on the shroud and she left blood
And it was dust, as it has been for a thousand years
Now we wait for the stars to die in the company of flies

5. Ritual Murder (And Its Attendant Blessings)

There's something loose in the garden,
With soul so dead and cankered heart
like his blind hammer
in this house of shadows and blood,
murder is an alternative lifestyle

This is where we cut out their livers and hearts and ate the
This well is blood and we drink of it
There are only murders in this room
One soul, one blood

They are are made for the pit
We have made many pits
Punishment mus strike the innocent and guilty alike
The Guilty are best punished slowly

Let us conjure up a noose
Looped up according to ancient knotcraft
It's 13 steps to the gallows,
and the grave receives you with love

There can be no peace without penalty
We are pleased, but not content
That many remain unrepentant
Kill for the killing
The will of the will

6. Le Grand Mal De Vivre

Le Grand Mal De Vivre

7. Revel In Bones

Thou hast sinned a great sin:
To rejoice in destruction
To revel in bones
Let us participate in a plan,
A common plan of conspiracy
For the happy accomplishment
of crimes against peace

In no particular order,
here's a list of proposed activities:
administering poison with intent to injure
administering poison with intent to kill
ill-treatment of persons with unsound mind
facilitating prostitution
stirring up racial hatred, genocide, slavery
Human experimentation, assault and battery
forcible confinement, torture, kidnapping, rape murder
conspiracy to attempt murder (attempted murder is for cunts)
religious persecution and mass execution

And lest we forget:
witness intimidation, destruction of evidence
Forgery, extortion, arson,
intentional destruction of churches
money laundering, vandalism,
Child destruction, buggery,
trafficking in human body parts
Crimes against humanity.
So what do you want to do next weekend?

8. Black Storm Of Violence

Thou art not the offspring of silence
Thou are not the righteous hammer of god
Thou hast not fashioned a proper temple of war
Thy strength is not as might as a rock from the sky

Is this what you call your house of war,
You fucking pigs?
Get thee hence behind me,
Back to your house of submission

Doth he call all his children by their name?
Then it's good to know what words mean;
If thou woudlst be a deodand,
we can remand thee back to thy god
If the brown dogs says there is only one god,
Then murder is holy name
The lessons say who the enemy is

And these are the words of the scato mondaine:
Kill the grafted snake
Kill it
Kill the evil whites
Kill them
Kill the blue eyed devils!
Kill! kill! kill!
[From "Zebra" By Clarke Howard]

Humanity is vile in that it lets thee live
Who would save mankind with murder
to earn wings
Excommunicate and anathema
who do not wish to be forgiven
You are what lies at the bottom of the pond,
Hellblack infidel, how shall ye burn?

Fredrik Widigs – Drums
Dark Rage – Guitars
Alvater – Keyboards, Bass, Sampling
Lord Worm – Vocals, Lyrics

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