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1. Destructive Interference

With my hands held to the sky
I scream like the world is falling apart
For all the times i just let you cry
This is the hell that lives in..
Are you listening
I can feel things too
I am capable of understanding
A trait i cant seem to master
And when that music comes
I will face that noise
I'll decide when to pull that plug
I will tell you when to burn that bridge
Just because its not easy
Don't give up completely
I'm screaming at the mirror
..And all i feel is numb
Are you whispering?
your not cutting through
one day ill be understanding
and we'll avoid disaster
And when i hear those drums
Sanity destroyed
ill tell them all just to pull that plug
the wrath of hell will engulf that bridge

2. Where They Walk Alone

Don't run, don't hide
Because your soul is mine
"I have done nothing wrong"
Is the cry of the guilty one
(Face it) No one's coming to save you now
(Save us) you will Scream
Come one come all, this is the answer
To your pain
I will wait till the clock strikes night for her
I am plagued with the curse you will endure
Because these cant be cured
This scarlet lace will seal our fate tonight
(will seal our fate tonight)
You'll be marked where there is nothing left
I've come too far to loose this,
make them drown, make them drown
No one's coming to save you now
Save us you will scream
Two pits, one curse ; Wallow in sin
Perhaps its time to die
No Ones coming to save us now
Save us you will scream
This scarlet lace will seal our fate tonight
So take my hand, we will walk through
The depth of hell
Where they walk alone
So take my hand

3. Game Over

Its been a long time since i spoke of this to you
I kept it all inside denying what you knew
And for a second i thought maybe we could work it out
Your fucking ignorant and vain as you allow
So here's what I'm about to do
To break you of your habit
First ill stop being nice to you
And then let you have it
You fucking waste of life
You have no place (IN MY HEART)
I hope you find some light
Before you fall apart
Your life is exposed
And everyone knows
Your a cheap skank with poor morals
Now I'm ashamed to say that we were a "thing"
and i wish i could've stop it from happening
It makes me want to blow my brains out

4. Say No To Fluoride

First they took our freedom
By limiting our rights
We did nothing to them
So why distort our lives?
No one has the answer anymore
No council in the sky
No reason we should die
Was it to herd us to an end?
Trap and extinguish
Destroy me from inside
The master genocide
Wake the fuck up, you don't know a thing
Don't you wonder? Words will be no key
We don't know how we got here and we lost the urge to care
We're fading into the abyss now..
We need to form a plan
We must attack as one - destroy the upper hand

5. Nothing Yet

Such a tragic end to this summer tale
Freezes me within and cause my heart to fail
Is this what they call a heart Attack?
Or is my heart under attack?
Emotional absence is a way to kill
It breaks the weak and destroys the ill
Pray for an end that may never come
Bring back the time when we where one
The further we are the closer we get
I won't let you forget, And if you stay..
So goes on the tale of a broken sun lighting the way
For a thousand stars as it leads our life through the voids
Of endless, undeserved, organic love
I saw the end, I couldn't look away
Nor could i comprehend the beauty of an endless love
Are we not the ones
Who take it all at once
We rape the source and then we leave whats left t those undone

6. Titans At The Gate

What a deadly surprise
On the day you arrived
You took the fear from my eyes
Along with innocent lives
This towering flesh with lust for blood
Seeking out my friends with no need to consume
Its just mindless murder i cant let them hurt her
I'm closer than you feel, I worse than you think
I let it consume me and then it became me
and changed the fate of our own
I was never alone
Now come along for the ride
Not even shadows could hide
From the horror your eyes will embrace
Its been fed to our eyes, The death of innocent lives
When will you wake up, when will you see?
That your not the only one who wants to be free

7. They're Afraid Of Mirrors

Come on (LETS GO) What are you waiting for?
there are no invitations, only destruction for the weak
Its been going on for years, like worms coming up beneath our feet
They're coming up from the ground
And moving in from all around
Back when you thought i was crazy, i bet you wish you'd listened to me then
Still i dare not laugh in the state your in, again i let you in
I will be strong for us all
All though the sun will set, It will rise again
Fuck those figures of light
Let the war bird soar
We wont give up on hope
When you ignore our words
Then you will know how we fight
No longer will i float inside the sea of your deception
Just to be drowned by your synthetic waves
We cannot live like drones, slaves in a hopeless world
Is there a window of reality? Only tapped through spirituality
As we open the door, we breath in the air
We find ourselves cornered with no way out
So don't be afraid this is not the end
You remain in my dreams i will see you again

8. Decisions

And its true, that only time will tell
Only time will tell..
I cant focus on the prize
My mind is lost somewhere in time
The truth is fading with each blink
When i gave myself to this i knew
That i could take on anything you threw
Sitting silent with an empire of memories
As i walk through hell i face my enemies
I hate to do this on my own
I face it alone
The morning star guides me again
(When will i understand)
I'm Sick of the lies you painted for my eyes
(When will i understand)
I swear
That i gave everything inside me to you
Fucking wasted my time
In the safe-boat of our silence
Our friendship is sinking..
As i fade to the bottom
The story plays again and again
What would i have done different
And what difference would it make
We can change our destiny
In this life, there are no second chances
We are a product of our own decisions
(where are you now,
you got me into this,
please help me escape!)
I swear that i gave everything inside me
To you
Now there is nothing left

9. Behind Your Eyes

[Hidden Track]

You think your ready for this life?
Are you prepared for the lies?
You need to break free
From the things that bring you misery
Tonight you need to let the fire burn
And find a better way
You hide behind your eyes
You die inside your mind
Its not all your fault
Things fall apart and the ashes surround you
Take a deep breath an close your eyes
Every exit is an entrance
Into some social sideshow
Of bullshit to extremity
As sons of the light we owe more than we own
Our life is as real as those ones carved into stone
BUILD, RISE, WAR, Lets do it again

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