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1. Daughters Of Eve

Behind the gates
The priests are summoned
To spill their hate
To seal your fate with false ideals and superstition

They abuse
Then write the laws
They accuse
Then execute the punishment upon your kind

Fathers decide
The curse shall live on for all time
But the bitter tears you shed corrode
The chains are bound to burst

Daughters of Eve
Reach for your swords
The temples shall crumble
The masters must fall

Out of the shadows they rise
To let fire rain over man
Over the earth they must ride
To bring justice upon all lands

Daughters of Eve – Break out of your cages
Daughters of Eve – Defy ancient laws
Daughters of Eve
Reach for your swords

The scriptures tell
You were born of sin
Not of the well
The gates of Hell stand open wide before you

Awake their needs
Awake their lust
On your knees, you have to please
The hunger's theirs and you're to blame

It's such a shame
You've suffered through the ages, all in the father's name
But deep inside the embers glow
It's time to dry your eyes

Fear them in the shadows of the night for soon your time will come ...

2. Cloud Of Screams

A black veil hung before you
It hinders you to dream
A web of hands conforms you
Of tyranny it seems

A shadow dances
Beneath your skin
The Necromancer
Conducts a rite
To raise the dead within

In your contorted haven
The poisoned grail shall gleam
The pain is all you crave for
Inside your cloud of screams

How safe the darkness
How fierce the light
You stay inside of
Your comfort zone
A life that holds no life

To these halls of fire
Tempests never reach
My inner cloud gives comfort
The vows I had to breach
Now all lies clear before me
The journey must begin
I can sense the end now
The walls come closing in

3. The Shadow That Bleeds

Brittle skin
Enduring pain
Best kept within
It is the shadow that bleeds

Washed upon
Hostile shores
A breathless child
Left on the floor
Soon awakes its rage

Left with a choice to perish or to cope
Trading safety for a tiny glimpse of hope

No one's seen
Your shadow bleeds
No one knows
The pain you feel

Beneath the iron hand you've turned the other cheek
A submissive masque to hide the fact that you're not weak

No one's seen
You've sown the seeds
No one knows
Now hatred breeds

4. The Girl From The Island

Ten years of sorrow and ten years of war
The villages burnt down, the forests are no more
A tyrant king would veil the land in snow and blood and ice
Turn brother against sister, to rule with fear and lies

Winter it came but would never pass
The years would go by, the deep freeze would last
From hunger and suffering a legend was born
A girl from an island would come with the thaw

She was the guardian of the meek
A gentle sorceress, a cunning heroine
She still haunts the powers that be
Saviour princess in our dreams
Hope still springs, we still believe
In the Girl from the Island

Ten years of sorrow and ten years of war
The king's men were sent out with brutality and force
They'd hunt her in the fields and hunt her through the woods
The Girl from the Island was killed as she stood

The Girl from the Island
We still believe

5. White Flames On Black Water

The drowning screams won't leave me be
From lifeless streets, they're pouring down on me

I've failed to see reality
I've failed to serve society
I fell apart before your eyes
Could not afford to live your lies

Pier lights – Reflections on the water
Cold fathom calls, this time I won't falter
I turn around to seek your smile
But no one's there, you're a thousand miles away

Not fit to speak of heart and mind
Not fit to shine among your kind
To leave this land, 'twas not my will
The void seems so much warmer still

White flames on black water
Flickering over me
White flames on black water
Finally I am free
White flames on black water
Flickering over me
White flames on black water
Finally I am free

What did you find beneath the waves?
What answers lay in troubled graves?
You took the step, went out and thus
Your questions will resound in all of us

In all of us

6. To Kill Beneath The Sun

We're divided
And we'll never be as one
Still denying
As we kill beneath the sun

The blood that stain my sleeves
The haunting screams of agony
The bitter taste of victory

It's all a part of me
It's something I don't want to see
It's all a part of me

In denial
We're pretending we can choose
Floods of dire deeds
Sweep us further from the truth

We can never be apart
It is our destiny to fall
And we'll never be as one
Divided – One and all

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