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1. Prologue

Words from the Mighty One ”The Days are shorter and tomorrow is only a breath away. It is time for you to find a child who can learn to turn darkness into day. You must teach him all there is to know.”

Sorcerer “Where shall I go? Where can I find the child? If I look to the east I can only see my dreams. If I look to the west my eyes are blinded by reality. If I look to the north I can only see the sea and in the south there are only barren fields.”

The Mighty one spoke “Listen to the winds and follow your heart. I will be inside you to guide you in your quest. Now close your eyes and dream away, fly away to Alonvar…”

2. A Child Was Born

It was dawn when the sorcerer arrived in Alonvar.
He had heard the wind whisper that a boy was to be born.
And the wind had said
“Now is the time when you should teach a child the powers of old.”

He left his horse upon a hill then went down to the harbour.
There he asked the harbourmaster about the birth.
In a deep voice the man said
“Go to the house where the candles are burning.”

Golden light – A new horizon appeared
Fires burning bright – Ancient powers revelead

He found a house with burning candles in the window.
The time was right so he knocked at the door and went inside.
The sorcerer spoke
“Greetings my friends, I am the sorcerer from the land of eternity.”

Golden light – A new horizon appeared
Fires burning bright – He will guide the people into light
Chosen one – The time had come
A child was born to bring light to the dawn.

3. House Of Wisdom

Sorcerer “Give your child to me and I will show him the way to his destiny.”

They gave away their child and asked “When will we see him again?”
“I don’t know.” The sorcerer said and the mother started to cry.

Father “I will name him Aelin. Farewell, we will meet again someday.”

He rode away on his snow-white horse with the child.
The fisher-village disappeared behind them and was soon gone.
He never rested on their journey to his house, where Aelin
would grow up and gain knowledge of the ancient ways.

Clouds cover the lands but soon the sun will shine again.
The time is right, now when day and night unite.

After a year they finally reached the sorcerer’s house.
The house of wisdom stood in a clearing near the sea.
He walked inside and closed the wooden door behind them.
They where not seen outside again for seventeen long years.

The house of wisdom, where dreams come true.
The house of wisdom, magic and socery.

4. Caress Of The Breeze

When Aelin was twenty years old he had the basic knowledge
of sorcery. The sorcerer was pleased because Aelin had learned
faster than expected. The light of life shown in the house of
wisdom was shining so bright. But something was wrong and
the sorcerer searched beneath his mind for an answer.

Aelin “I don’t know why, but I only care for the sea.”
Sorcerer “You cannot fail me now when you are so close.”

Aelin believed that the sea would purify him from the magic and
sorcery. Another day and night went by and the sorcerer mourned.
But he thought that he could do something to make Aelin understand
that he was the chosen one to be a sorcerer. That it was his destiny.

Aelin “Do you think you can stop me from sailing away?”
Sorcerer “Maybe I cannot do so, but I have plans for something else.”

Wiser and wiser as time marched on.
But Aelin’s love for the sea grew stronger.
He didn’t want to have eternal life.
He only wanted to feel the caress of the breeze.

5. Road Goes Ever On

Sorcerer “Son, the day has come to choose your path.
You’re standing before the parting of ways. Soon the night is
here and the years have passed. Aelin, which way will you go?”

Aelin “I’ve decided to go on an eternal voyage to ancient places
beyond the light of day. My love to the waters is stronger than ever,
I will sail the seas and never return again.”

Sorcerer’s wrath “So step into the waters if you believe your spirit will
be purified. You only try to hide from your destiny if this is what you decide.”

The silver moon went up high like birds do in the spring.
The rain fell like tears while the sorcerer closed his eyes.
Eagles where flying across the mountainside. The wind
was moaning outside his house. And he often searched
in wonder why Aelin chose that way.

Sorcerer “The road goes ever, ever on, farther than the eye can see.
Beyond the well-known lands for you and onward to eternity. The road
Is long, the road is hard and once you reach what you are looking for,
you turn your head and look upon a new day’s dawn, a rising sun.”

Aelin “I want to be one with the sea. Let my spirit be
the tide, and with my breath the waves shall arise. I will
sail away and let the laws of nature take my life. You’ll
have to find another one to be your chosen one.”

Sorcerer “The road for you my friend will go far and wide.
The powers that I gave you aren’t enough to hold you from
the sea. It isn’t hard for me to see that the end is near.
Now you must go, I cannot change it, it’s too late…”

Aelin stood gazing across the sea when
the sorcerer came and looked into his eyes.
Aelin spoke with pride in his voice
“I will rule the sea when my spirit is free.”

He prepared a boat to take him away,
to sail far and wide until his dying day.
And as the spring came with the caress
of love, the sun went up high and lit his way.

He set his course and sailed away,
but after some time there was no food left.
And soon after that no water to drink,
so he faded away out there on the sea.

6. The Lighthouse Dream

[I. Fading away – Into the dream]


[II. On the shore]

There was a man on the shore. He had drifted far from his home,
and the waves took him higher and higher up on the beach.

The people of the little island took care of him because he hadn’t
died. His new home became the lighthouse, old and torn but beautiful.

Now he always sits by his house and looks out over the sea.
He had always loved the sea and it hadn’t taken his life.

[III. A sunny day – Many years later]

The sun rose and in the horizon he saw a ship sailing the sea.
And the only sound was a bird in the sky, and the waves softly
caressed the stones on the shore. He breathed the air so cold and
fresh and put his pipe gently in his mouth. The grass was green,
the sky was blue, lonely he was as he stood against the wall.

He took up his fiddle and started to play.
The bird came down and whispered in his ear.

The bird’s whisper “Aelin my friend, do you remember
those days when you were young and set course out to sea?
A very long time has now gone by, the sorcerer is gone and no-one
knows where he is. The people of the island took care of you,
but remember that your life doesn’t last forever. Your time has
come and you have to find a man who can take your place here.”

Aelin spoke “They saved me once and for that I will
be grateful all my life and ever after it. In four days from now
I will sail away because I have grown old and my beard is
two feet long. But here can find him?”

The bird said “Go to Calabor, on the other side of the sea.”

The bird flew away and left him alone by his lighthouse
out there by the sea. His fiddle’s tunes echoed away,
carried by the breeze (the eternal wind of the sea).

[IV. Over the sea]

He had to find a man strong enough to sit all time watching over
the sea. To be the island’s guarding angel, a sentinel with pure
heart and soul. On this island they’ve always had a lighthouse-
keeper to deliver them from evil. And now Aelin was old so he
had to go away and find a new one.

On the fourth day he set sail. Said farewell to the people, who
wished him luck on the trip. They put some leaves on his boat
to please the weathergods. The winds were strong this morning,
the tide was right and nothing could go wrong. Suddenly he
disappeared with his boat beyond the horizon.

When Aelin arrived in Calabor he went to a tavern to end his
thirst. He opened the door and entered the room. The people
stopped talking, turned their heads and stared. He looked at
the crowd when suddenly he saw a man dressed in white
walking towards him.

The man said “Greetings my friend, do you remember me?”

He was the sorcerer from the land of eternity. They sat down
talking and Aelin told about the man he was looking for.

Sorcerer “Now you are in search of someone, just like I was a long time ago.
I searched and found you, but you chose your own way. This is only a dream to make
you understand that life serves a purpose. You live and learn…and follow your destiny.”

Aelin “I understand what you mean. Take me out of this dream. I will come
home to you again. My parents are soon gone, we must go a visit them.”

[V. Awakening – Dream to reality]


[VI. Home again]

The journey back to reality was long. It was night when
a flash of light woke him. The snow began to fall, winter
had come, he looked around and suddenly he saw land.
He sailed towards the nearest harbour. Now he could
go and meet the sorcerer. He heard birds singing songs,
reflections of ancient past. And his fiddle’s tunes echoed
away, carried by the breeze (the eternal wind of the sea).

7. Aelin's Oath

[I. The light appeared]

Aelin “I’m looking for a man, he’s a sorcerer all dressed in white.
I wonder if you my friend have seen him? He is waiting for me.”

An old man spoke “I think I saw him a few days ago. He rode a snow-
white horse. You must go to the seven hills beyond the forests and plains.”

Now he went to the town and traded his boat for a horse that could carry
him far. He rode one day, he rode one night and finally he saw seven hills
beneath the sky. He rode towards the hills and found the sorcerer sitting by
a warm fire. Aelin sat down on the other side and looked deep into his eyes.

Aelin “I have found myself now, and I am ready to follow you. I can see the true
heart of magic inside of me. But before we continue with the sorcery we must go
to Alonvar. I want to see my parents one more time.”

They looked upon a rising sun that began to bring light to they day.

Sorcerer “Then we must go to The Mighty One where I will teach you
true sorcery. Remember Aelin, that it’s still a long way to go to win the powers
that can keep the light of life shining on our world.”

Before they rode away Aelin took an oath.
“The light of life will keep shining bright.”

[II. Epilogue – The last journey]

They arrived safely in Alonvar, and went to the house
where Aelin was born. He said goodbye to his parents
forever. He knew that time was short.

Hand in hand they went down to the harbour where their
ship was waiting. Wind in hair and with tear-stained eyes
his parents were left all alone (again).

When they sailed away their ship suddenly rose above the sea.
With the wings of a dream they were carried away by the breeze.

And Aelin’s last words echoed away
as they sailed to The Land Of Eternity.

Patrick Backlund ‒ Music
Göran Jacobson ‒ Vocals

Thanks to julesawdupin for sending these lyrics.

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