Dark Lyrics


1. Methocha

Wandering deep into a mental endeavour
Through the windy kingdom of the mind
A river of thoughts from a thousand cold streams
Always presumed futile, never rational

No sense of direction or time
Starving for a flash of coherence
Worlds are born and die in an instant
What goes down in the mind, stays in the mind

Bizarre mirages and a rotten ambience
A study of the sinister and macabre
Visions unfold in unspeakable horror
Viva la esprit, viva la revolution

In moments the apparitions annihilate
Whatever gained is gone and stays gone
The dream is over and the ideas dead
The methocha consumes me, absorbs me

The dram is over and the ideas dead
The methocha consumes me, absorbs me

2. Dead Syphon Focus

The spiritually dead species
We hold you in great envy
The drums are calling us
We cannot resist

A grand design, our finest creation
We created you, gave you life
But we cannot control you
Cannot wield you

Please don't lead us
Into an even greater darkness
Awaiting the fast rising moon
Calling for the great march

Do not speak of him
Never take his shape
Never assume his form
A statue of derision in art

His cause is not yours
We are for him a special cause
Ignorant, deceptive
We are

You disappear from view
What madness is this
A disturbing pale space
A shore for dead thoughts

Who dare create such a thing
No mind no spirit no heart
Can imagine such a place
Such a sense of abhorrence and awe

3. Eyes Of Mimas

A most depraved and vicious tongue
Misfortune finds him in eternal loops
A true cynic a bona fide misanthrope
There is no reward, salvation nor hope

The integrity and conscience of man
A torment placed upon him by himself
Let his bells of truth and wisdom chime
His words will echo in the dark hall of time

His eyes smile while his soul howls
He is for whom the clock ticks
He is for whom the world turns around
Send in the jester, send in the clown

4. Orbital


5. Destroyer

Creature paramount
A malice construct
Precision mechanized murder
Send forth, the destroyer

Carved in steel colossus
A lapse in logic
Nemesis of flesh
Rise again, the machine

Bringer of fate
A storm of blades
The calculus of genocide
Engage, metal behemoth

Wielder of plasma winds
A system in extremiis
Twisted automatous wrath
Descend, almighty destroyer

Apex of control and power
A cybernetic triumph
The rage of the machine
Ignite, steel demon

And destroy them all!

6. Phobos Anomaly

From that moment until now
I feel drained and weary
Disheartened with no sense of purpose
Blackened eyes, I can see clearly

Flowing through all ages
For not to be there ever again
Shards of an experiment failed
Desperate tears now, moments of zen

A ripple in the endless silver sea
An image of my soul's reflection
Such an unpleasant and painful truth
It was a sham, my on projection

Abnormal like a Phobos Anomaly
On ever-changing paths seeking a cure
Though I thought it would change
The world became distant, reality obscure

Cast adrift into the soul sphere
Winds of time lifts me ever higher
Towards the spark that ignited it all
It stares into darkness, breathing fire

A burst of thunder in the skies
To herald the end of my era
One last grand marvelous homage
To this, an existence ephemera

My time here is over now
Enter the hall of Eidolon Ultimate
I hoped it would not be like this
It is all shrouded, and infinite

7. The Labyrinth Of Infinity

The demon sheds his skin
His star does not dwindle
A menace to graceful amity
A Rasputin murder legend

Cascades of venomous doctrines
The poison complex dissolves
Rise up and renounce
A collapsed and dying star

Bereft of all coherence
Affixed to disgraced icons
Convicted to dwell within
Blizzards of the insufferable

Limbo hath no agony
Like the void
Of sub-mortal existence

Our spirits collapsed
The elements recombined
Into a titanic pulse
Of energy

For our sun
To implode into dusk
And from the ruins
The blackbird arise

Before infinite justice appear
And our species defend
To have gone in circles
In the labyrinth of infinity

Yet again

8. Blackbird Abiogenesis

A desperate cry and humanity's lament
There is no-one to see, listen or repent
No guiding paths - only traces in the frost
Never to return - for we are truly lost

Fading away into the crimson dark night
Gone is our star who shone so bright
And all we forgot - our knowledge and all
Even we must dwindle - and then fall

No shed tears, elegies or woes
For our journey to the white meadows
So ends our time in this world - for alas
All things must pass - our lives, the hourglass

Svein-Ivar Sarassen: bass
Étienne Gallo: drums
Erlend Antonsen: synthetizers, vocals (additional)
Attila Bakos: vocals (clean)
Leif Johan Strode Godø: vocals (harsh)

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