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1. All For One

[Lyrics: Anonymous]

I must go walk the woods so wild,
and wander here and there
in dred and dedly fere,
for where I trusted,I am begild,
and all for one.

Thus am I banisshed from by blis
by craft and false pretens,
fautles without offens,
as of return no certen is,
and all for fere of one.

The ronning stremes shall be my drinke,
acorns schall be my fode,
nothing may do me good,
but when your bewty I do think,
and all for love of one.

2. Ozymandias I

[Lyrics: Percy Bysshe Shelley]

I met a traveller from an antique land, who said:
"two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert...
and on the pedestal these words appear:
'my name is Ozymandias, king of kings;
look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
nothing beside remains.
the lone and level sands stretch far away."

3. Vogelfluc

[Lyrics: Her Bernger von Horheim]

Mir ist alle zît als ich vliegende var,
ob al der werlte und diu min alliu si.
swar ich gedenke, vil wol sprung ich dar.
swie verre ez ist, wil ich, sost mirz nâhe bî.

Starc unde snel, beidiu rîche unde frî
ist mir der muot: dur daz loufe ich sô balde:
mirn mac entrinnen kein tier in dem walde -
daz ist gar gelogen: ich bin swaere als ein blî.

4. Blac

[Lyrics: Anonymous]

Blac is the colour that is good,
so say I and many mo;
blac is my hat, blac is my hood
blac is all that longeth therto.

Summe men sayen that I am blac -
it is a colour for my prow;
ther I love, ther is no lac,
I may not be so white as thou.
blac wol do as good a nede
as the white at bord and bedde;
and therto also trew in dede,
and therto I ley my lif to wedde.

Wind and water may steyne the white,
iwis; the blac it may not so.
ther is the blac is all my delite;
I am iholde be skile therto.
pepper withoute it is well blac,
iwis; withinne it is not so.
lat go the colour an tak the smac,
this I sey by me and mo.

5. Dulcis Amor

[Lyrics: Carmina Burana]

Que te caret hoc tempore,
fit vilior. o dulcis Amor.

Ecce florescunt lilia,
et virginum dant agmina
summo deorum carmina.
dulcis Amor.

Veris dulcis in tempore
florenti stat sub arbore
luliana cum sorore
dulcis Amor.

Si tenerem, quam cupio,
in nemore sub folio,
oscularer cum gaudio.
dulcis Amor.

6. Cupido

[Lyrics: Carmina Burana]

Stetit puella rufa tunica;
si quis eam tetigit, tunica crepuit.

Stetit puella tamquam rosula:
facie splenduit et os eius floruit.

7. Flow

[Lyrics: J. Dowland]

Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!
exiled for ever let me mourn;
where night's black bird her sad infamy sings,
there let me live forlorn.

Hark, you shadows that in darkness dwell,
learn to contemn light.
happy, happy they that in hell
feel not the world's despite.

Down, vain lights, shine you no more!
no nights are dark enough for those
that in despair their lost fortunes deplore;
light doth but shame disclose.

8. Flamma

[Lyrics: Carmina Burana]

Tempus est iocundum, o virgines!
modo congaudete, vos iuvenes!

Flos est puellarum, quam diligo,
et rosa rosarum, qua caleo.

Tua me confortat promissio,
tua me deportat negatio.

O, totus floreo!
iam amore virginali totus ardeo;
novus, novus amor est, quo pereo!

Tua mecum ludit, virginitas,
tua me detrudit simplicitas.

Veni, domicella, cum gaudio!
veni, veni, bella! iam pereo!

[English translation:]

The time is merry, oh maidens!
Rejoice now, you lads!

The most beautiful maiden is what I love,
the rose of roses what I lust for.

Your promise comforts me,
your rejection drives me away.

Oh, I all bloom!
I'm burning for the maidens' love;
I'm dying for the new love!

Your virginity plays with me,
your candor keeps me away.

Come, young lady, joyfully!
Come, come, gracious! I'm already dying!

9. Amor Volat

Amor volat undique;
Captus est libidine.
Iuvenes iuvencule
Que secuntur merito,
Si que sine socio.
[Taken from Carmina Burana]

Amor tenet omnia,
Mutat cordis intima,
Querit Amor devia.
Amor melle dulcior,
Felle fit amarior.

Amor simplex, callidus;
Rufus Amor, pallidus;
Truculens in omnibus,
Amor est placabilis,
Constans et instabilis.
Amor regit iuvenes,
Amor capit virgines.

Frigidus et calidus
Numquam tibi socius!
Dormit dolens sepius
In natura frigidus;
Nichil tibi vilius.

[English translation:]

Love Flies

Love flies everywhere
Captured by pleasure;
Boys and maidens
Who rightly follow it
If someone is alone.

Love possesses all things,
Transforms the intimacy of heart
Searches for wild paths.
Sweeter than honey
Becomes more bitter than gall.

Love simple or clever
Sanguine or pale
Cruel towards everyone.
Love is merciful
Constant and unstable.
Love rules the young
And captures the maidens.

Cold and warm
Never your companion
Sleeps very often painfully
Cold in its nature,
Nothing for you is vile anymore.

10. Ozymandias II

11. Indiscrete

[Lyrics: Carmina Burana]

Bacchus sepe visitans mulierem genus
facit eas subditas tibi, o tu Venus.

Ecce deus opportunus,
nullo tempore ieiunus,
ante cibum matutinum
ebrius eructat vinum,
cuius mensa et cratera
sunt beatitudo vera.

Sic religionis cultus
in ventre movet tumultus,
rugit venter in agone,
vinum pugnat cum medone;
vita felix otiosa,
circa ventrem operosa.

Venter inquit: "nichil curo
preter me, sic me procuro,
ut in pace in id ipsum
molliter gerens me ipsum
super potum, super escam
dormiam et requiescam."

Quidam ludunt, quidam bibunt,
quidam indiscrete vivunt.

Bibit ista, bibit ille,
bibunt centum, bibunt mille.

12. Noit Et Dia

[Lyrics: Cantigas de Santa Maria]

Por que nos ajamos sempre, noit e dia,
dela remenbranca,
en Domas achamos que Santa Maria
fez gran demonstranca

En esta cidade, que vos ei ja dita,
ouv'y hua dona de mui santa vida,
mui fazedor d'algu'e de todo mal quita,
rica a mui nobre e de ben comprida.
mas, por que sabiamos como non queria
do mundo gabanca,
como fez digamos hun' albergaria,
u fillou moranca.

E ali morand'e muito ben fazendo
a toda-las gentes que per y passavan,
vo y un monge, segund'eu aprendo,
que pousou con ela, com outros pousavan.
diss'ela: "oucamos u tedes via,
se ides a Franca."
diss'el: "mas cuidamos dereit'a Suria,
log'ir sen tardanza."

Log' enton a dona, chorando dos ollos
muito lle rogava que per y tornasse,
des que el ouvesse fito-los gollos
ant'o San Sepulcro e en el beijasse.
"e mais vos rogamos que, sse vos prazia
ha semellanca
que dala vejamos da que sempre guia
os seus sen erranca."

13. Remember Me

[Lyrics: Dido's lament from "Dido and Aeneas"]

When I am laid in earth,
may my wrongs creat
no trouble in thy breast:

Remember me,
but ah! forget my fate.

14. Rose In A Mor

15. Lasse, Grant Doucor

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