Dark Lyrics


1. Confrontation

You repulse me
Speaking your words of peace with our enemies
Lying bastard
Lead the innocent with hopes of unity
Separate the masses
Divide the populace
You... Keep feeding a fire that is already out of control
What does your faith think?
Do they condone your treachery?
This cannot be
What gave you the right
The right to speak for me?
You talk down on the motherland
Blood stained money crossing hands
Allied with the devil
To infiltrate us silently: chipping away at social infrastructure
Eroding confidence where progress can be seen
Continually re-igniting a diatribe
An atrocity that's been dead for nearly a century
Your life is filled with greed
Articles of faith, the seed of blind salvation
Impostor to Luther King, man with the true views
Entice the commonality, until they turn on you
Profit from the anger
Fill your pockets with an oppression
That once plagued you
Homilies deceptive
Fanatical lies
Anti pathetical work the work you do
You will not stop until the races are at war
Total supreme division the end you have in store
Hate those not of your kind
They are the tyrants who oppressed you
This cannot be...
You... Insult the intelligence of mankind
You... Are the antagonist
Preaching your hate
You are the real racist
Who killed Malcolm X?
Your life is filled with greed
Disciples of your hate
The seeds of man's extinction
Impostor to Luther King
Man with the true views
Hide from your words of hate
When we all turn on you

2. Downsized

Unchain my neglect
Compel myself to submission
Sentence me to death
Break down all my self-esteem
Crippled mentally
My thoughts run black again
Involuntary slaughter
Of all I used to cherish
Social segregations
Have brought me near remission
Falsify illusions of a misguided generation
Abandonment of your world
Sentiments of your family...
Turn their backs in embarrassment
Why should society dictate
Communities crumble in apathy
Sometimes I just want to kill myself
Close myself inside my rage
Take it out on someone else
Therapies for all my pain
Philosophies taught by the enemies
Deep inside is where it hides
Feel it take your every breath
Learn from me I’m already dead
Split myself in two
Try to please each side somehow
Personalities, conflicting crusing me to run
Futile, I stand alone in tension
The torment of worthlessness compulsively haunts my soul
Manic, each day I deeper blemish
Each day I fall deeper in dispassionate acceptance
I am void, I am bound
Comatose in thought, bound and gagged
Now I am your pawn - feel free to make me suffer
Now I want resist
I will return into the black again
Crippled mentally
I admit to this hell that I live
Disparity's stoic entrapment
Has made me yearn for the end
Pacify objections of a man who was created to bleed
Sentiments your family
Turn their back in embarrassment

3. System Of The Animal

Abstinence to heal impurities
Deserted child, the prodigal son
A chemical well-being thrust upon you
Inherit yourself, cause you're the only one
Agitate me and i become
A beast that breathes no air
Repress myself
Instinctive reaction
My eyes roll back again
Catastrophes agonize
The system of the animal
An outcast
A freak to what the rest call the norm
So misguided.
The path you choose will only lead to the end
Slowly fading out the picture.
I have lost my grip
The system of the animal
Not here to please anybody else's needs.
I have lost my sense
I am tired of apologizing
I have no remorse for human mistakes
I am tired of trying to be
A perfect mold in their eyes
Content in my vice
Drawn to the lewd
My pain will suffice
The path that i choose
Freeing myself of all these obligations
Closing my eyes
To the world alone

4. Closure

Feed my worth, fill my hunger
Cure my needs, heal my anger
All is lost, and all is broken
For what I chose, my life confusion
A void surrounds me
Causing incapacitations
Feelings of nothingness
Tie me to isolation
Day after day I waste my life
In search of answers to my perversions
Fall from within
My cruel anxiety
Shame unforgiven
My virtual slavery
Unbridled release of this anguish
In a final act of pure obscurity
Desperation overcomes
Ending in a paradox of competion
In my head the voices call me
I smoke my weed, and god, I love it
I know I am right, I know the answers
My fate serves me, my own disaster

5. Purging The Nemesis

Worthless, insolent misguided
Fools continue to breathe
Exhausting all life from us
Spill our blood in their barbarity
Return to the days of an elders past
When lives were there for the taking
Symbol of hate enscripted
Upon the tomb of each man
The wanton desire for others possessions
Will ultimately lead to the end
As avarice is unavoidable
Instilled in the man to shed their own blood
Assaulting the peace
Instilling the fear
Haunting each woman and man
An inbred, dapraved instinct
No right to still be breathing while others lie dead
No just spending our money to provide them a bed
They already proved that they really don't care
Just herd them like cattle and turn on the gas
Let them die
Purging the nemesis
Deter the rash of cruelty
Eye for an eye
The punishment to fit the crime
Maybe they will get the message
That we have had it
Never get the chance to hurt again

6. Day One

If you could see
Through my eyes
The things I’ve done
Throughout my life
But you keep trying to be like me
You're a cheap imitation
Get off that trip
Take your place now
Where were you on the first day?
You know deep inside
That you would be worthless on your own
I am the teacher
You learn from me
Come now, son
This is your final lesson

Where were you on day one?
I never saw your face on day one
Remember where you came from?
It is easy to forget
Were you there on day one?
I never saw your face on day one
Leaving you behind son
Your mask is off forever

Throughout the years
I learned to ignore your kind more
You seem to open up hostilities
You opened up
You opened up life's fucking door to hate
It's useless trying to be like me
Fall to the possibilities
That the single minded find
Erupt from beneath this obedience
Somehow appease that swallow, subordinate mind
What really makes you think?
That your face is fooling anyone of us
What really makes you think?
That your life, constructed on a lie
To be a shallow, spineless waste
I am the teacher
You learn from me
Come now son
This is your final lesson
I am your great mentor
The reason why you breathe
I am your only true inspiration

[Repeat chorus]

7. Unscathed

Close my eyes to make it go away
Avoiding the inevitable depiction
Wound up so tight, stressed to the peak
This status is in crisis to far beyond belief
Breaking the rules, crossing the line
Out no one sees
Take for themselves, abusing the rest
Manipulation of our weakness
As the blind lead the blind
Profit from our naive ways
What I can't see won’t hurt me...
My tolerance is expended
All trust is lost as greed prevails avarice replaces it
Buy a judge, kill a friend
Bury it forever
Lawless society is what they teach
The struggle for polier
Dominance is what they preach
Continue our apathetic ways
And live the life of a thief
Preside for another day
Hide a crook behind a white collar
The ones we trust we suspect the least
All confidence in the law is wasted
Militias in the right will slowly lead to anarchy
I emphasize with their cause
I can relate to that rotted horrid taste.
When you've been betrayed
There's no equality
No respect
I never shall believe another single word they say
We have all right
Because we will be by your side
Dancing on the law just like you...
Walking away. Walking away unscathed
You... Walk away unscathed

8. G.F.Y.S. (Go Fuck Your Self)

You stand so tall in your arrogance
Your nose held high
Your heads rising into the air
You're so blind you're slowly drowning in yourself
This god-like attitude
Is becoming way too much for me to bear
You think you're some gift to humanity
Some kind of fucking prize
That should bring us down to our knees
The time will come
Reality will cut you down
Put you in your place
You'll always be a punk

A self-centered, egoistical
Self righteous little prick you persist to be!
The hammer of discipline coming down
Will make you see
I'll make you pay for the years of misery!
You're no god!
Mean absolutely nothing to me
You waste of space, why don't you go fuck yourself
I have no time to deal with your stupidity
In time comes revenge
So go fuck yourself!

Pleading to me the shoe's on the other foot
Now I'm on your top, your face underneath my boot
Brought down, experience this humility
Look who's laughing now, ha...
Where did it get you punk?
You think you're some gift to humanity
Some kind of fucking prize
That should bring us down to our knees
The time will come
Reality will cut you down
Put you in your place
You'll always be a punk

[Repeat sub-chorus]

How do I wait...
To see the day you fall
False dreams
How do I wait...
To see the day you bleed
In time comes revenge
We get just deserved
In time comes revenge
We get respect

Chris Basile ‒ Guitars
Ryan Harrison ‒ Bass
Rob Maresca ‒ Drums
Keith DeVito ‒ Vocals

Thanks to michael.assante.ny for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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