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1. Sermon Of Mockery

Kneel before he who has killed his only son
To absolve you of all your sins
Die in your holy state
Wake in a womb of pain
Find him impaled in his truth
Nailed hand and foot
We spit on your bloodied remains
Defile the Host of Christ
In denial of your God
Worship in prayer we desecrate
Curse him in our unholy chants
Altar, virginal sacrifice
Satan's sermon of mockery
Mongrel Lord cleanse our souls
Conjure sights of holy doom
Hung on high, taste his death
Swallow flesh in communion
Torture the few who will turn
toward the light in vain
Tear through their souls
Damned to the void
This throne of hate is a gift to
Those who would serve
Eternal life, eternal pain
God, forsake him
Corpse of Christ, black with sin
Drink the blood of Christ
Pledge is death in Hell
Sermon of Mockery

2. Resurrection

3. Abominat

4. The Uncreation

5. God

6. Demigod

Freed from the mouth of the worm
Bewitched by your blood
Drawn by pandemonium
I come for your soul
Corrupt sacred blood of life
Mephisto commands
Exalt his name in my ways
Spawning souls unclean

Horned Gods, arise
Profane names, spake aloud
Maleficent, death orgy
Pious life, crucified

Ancient serpents now awaken
Come, do what we wilt
Gate of darkness torn by chaos
Unleashed blasphemy

Entrails of man
Rivers of blood
Skinned sacrifice
Altars of flesh

Drag you below, torturous sights
Corpses lay strewn in my abyss of filth
Carved by my claws gutted and drawn
I trod the skulls and bones of victims past

Devour souls not of us
Sate our craving for your flesh

Demigods of timeless horror
Wakened through your anarchism
Quench our pain of eternal thirst
Feed on the souls of you mortals

Your body now devoid of life
Soul is entwined through my hands
Lifeforce now bows to my will
Come taste immortality
Being now vibrates with power
Devoured souls enlighten
Manifestations of Hell
Corrupted unholy host

Infernal abominations
Embellish my realm of shadows
Partake pain of my desires
Abandon hope, ye who enter

7. Inhumanity

Falling through a rip in the fabric of time
Dimensional gate cracked to release the unholy
Thrust into this world from ethereal existence
Feeding on the pains of a decadent human race
Worms unleashed...
Chaos calls...
Souls cry out...
Burn useless race...
Supplicate... die
So he comes existing on tear
All of your dreams are real
World to feast on, world to unmake
Mankind shall all be destroyed
I love the pain, misery and death
I love this world, war and disease
Wasted land, dying breed
Age is at hand, mass genocide
This fate is yours, your souls entwine
Crawl to me, sinful horde
Immortal one now walks to this earthly plane
Forgotten dead all rise to hear his summons
Friends of war
Drowning in sin you embrace insanity
Realize the end come and you are godless
You will die
Anguish in your fear
Suffocate in pain
Watch your fate unfold
Give your soul to me
I have won

8. Liturgy Of Impurity

Mary, whore to demons
Prostitute to the enslaved
Infertile, mother of God
Bearing, child unborn
Fetus, cloaked in darkness
Bloated, unclean savior
Jesus, evil birthright
Bastard, father unknown

Afterbirth, seeds of Satan
Baptized, drowned in torment
Deformed, born of a dog
Offspring, offering of blood
Tempted, by your Master
Denied, doomed to your cross
Betrayed, sold for pleasure
Feeble, savior of none

Tortured slave of mockery
Before me false messiah
On your knees in fear
To the Prince of Darkness

You dare deny the truth
King of the Jews is a myth
Nailed to your cross of lies
Thorns of hate upon your brow
Mocked as you hung in pain
Plead to the one who is not
Risk your life at his word
We now rejoice in your death

Bow before me
I am the true God of all Gods
You will obey
Your image of truth will enthrall
Speak through the light
But you will lead all souls to Hell

Virgin Mary violated
Conceived you, a son of Satan
Crucified for your denial
Where is he who art in Heaven?

Disciples deny you thrice
As the hands are washed of you
As you take your dying breath
True ancestry dawns on you
I await you at your side
I come for that which is mine
Martyr of unholy ways
Resurrected through my will

Extinction, of apostles
Genocide, of divine
Created, in blasphemy
Destroyed, by your truth

Tortured slave of mockery

Darryl Wagner ‒ Vocals
Mike Andrejko ‒ Drums
Chris Basile ‒ Bass
Tony Caravella ‒ Guitars
Guy Marchais ‒ Guitars

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