Dark Lyrics


1. Drenched In Gasoline

Stalking you
Knowing your every move from the start
Solid, are my plans from the notes i keep of you
Soon you'll be with me my love
Never to return again
Rotting, mine forever more
Can't you see, that we were ment to be
Your all alone, i creep up to your doorstep
No one sees me waiting patiently
For you to answer the doorbell
And except my surprise, traumatize
Bash the fucking teeth out of your mouth
Scratch and claw as if i mind the pain
Take you to the basement where i'll
Carry out my plans, your slow death
Drenched in gasoline
Now you'll-pay
Now you'll-suffer
Burning stench of flesh
Burn in hell [4x]
Kick to the face, put out the fire with my
Custom baseball bat
Wrapped up in barbed wire, rusted and weathered
From the resident before fucking your crispy corpse
Abstinence in life, but not in death
Battered, burned, and lifeless your reality
Bur n in hell [8x]

2. Gallery Of Horrors

Come and take a tour of my gallery of horrors
Morbid works of art displayed for your enjoyment
Heads sewn together at the neck
With the eyeballs hanging out of their sockets
Mutilated babies nailed to boards
Cunt lips sealed in jars of formaldehyde
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Sculptures made of shit and human hair
Torsos with the legs stapled where the arms should be
Observe the fountain filled with children's blood
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Bodies ravaged by insects hanging from chains
Female virgins fucked with a chainsaw
Rotting their way straight to hell
Straight to hell [2x]
Gallery of horrors [2x]
Death and mutilation is what i love
Sick and twisted to the core,i'm totally insane
Soon you will be witness to my new addition

3. Bodies On Display

Impaled are those who are opposed to me
Shackled are those who are soon to be
Displays for all to see
In my kingdom of infamy
Striking fear into the heart of all
Expect no less then death
Reign of terror abysmal
Nobody here to stop me from the methods i condone
Stopping the seeds of treachery
Crush them before they grow
Conscience set aside, cross me and you will die

4. Collection Of Butchery

Collection of butchery in my tool shed
Female heads and entrails hang from the ceiling
Rats feasting on chunks of skin
Shit and blood stains smeared on the floor
Mangled corpses lay all around
No one can here the screams
Of the victims while i slay them
Echoing endlessly within these walls
The sight of blood making my cock erect
Grabbing the nearest head and fucking the eye sockets
Fucking it vigorously
Driven to this life of horror, murder, and dismemberment
The only thing that i can ever love
Drowning in this sea of perverse debauchery
Doing all i can to fulfill my needs
Indulging in dead women
Fuck the brains out of their heads
Feasting on their cunts
Let this be a lesson to them

5. Remnants Of Insanity

Come inside and make yourself at home
As you can see i've all the tools we need
Prepare yourself you can't imagine the horror
Nobody knows of the secrets that dwell within
Cut and rip and stab and tare
Enjoy the pleasure of death
Hang the bodies in the air
Gasping for their last breathe
Cup the blood into my hands
Wipe it all over my face
Cleanse the town of vermin whores, die
You thought you were safe
I confided in you stories from the past
Little did you know i confide in all of my victims
Die, die, die painting the wall with the blood
Of these whores
Painting the walls
With the blood of these whores
Satisfy me
Cut and rip and stab and tear
Enjoy the pleasure of death
Hang the bodies in the air
Gasping for their last breath
Cup the blood into my hands
Wipe it all over my face
Cleanse the town of vermin whores, die
Lacerated, covered in blood from head to toe
Objective complete
Another down so many to go
Hang lifelessly, remnants of insanity

6. Covered In Excrement

Willfully painted with feces
Smear it on your body parts
Choking you with my cock
Vomit on my genitalia
Now your ready for my meat, ram it in your ass
Grudge fucking you from behind
Blood drips to the floor
The stench of excrement lingers in the air
Visions of me killing you, fulfilling my needs
(strangulation while fucking you from behind
Die as i cum inside [3x])
You had no idea of what was to come
Dead and covered in shit, face down on the floor
Laughing hysterically as i piss on corpse
Good for nothing worthless whore
Rotting in hell forever
Slicing your cadaver up with a rusty strait razor
Rubbing my cock in the bleeding cuts
Taste the blood as it trickles off my hand on to my tongue
Necrophilia, fucking the dead is the only way to sooths the savage beast

7. Bleed For Me

Grad you by the throat
Bash your fucking face
Throw you to the ground
Fuck you up the ass
Bleed for me you fucking whore
Fucking fists of fury
Ripping out her womb
Shove it up her ass
Refreshing rectal blast
Bleed for me you fucking whore
Bleed for me you fucking whore

8. Severed Head Memento

Prisoner, now your mine to feed my sick desires
Dismemberment is what i have in store for you
Not before i rape and beat and sodomize
Traumatize, tender meat for my feast
For my feast
Force feed feces, gluttony
Enraged with sickness passed down to me
Beating you about the head and face, feel my rage
Viscous strangulation
Watching your life expire
Your placed on a meat hook
Now it's time, preparation for my feast begins
I salivate
Severed limbs
Draining all the blood from your body
Smearing it all over mine
One last kiss, before i rip your fucking head off
My memento
Gut you like a fish, yanking all your bowels to the floor
I cut them into tiny morsels
Tiny morsels for my feast
Cooking all her innards to a lightly crisp perfection
Gorging my filthy face
In your death i have life
Gazing at your severed head in the middle of my table
Anticipating more hunger that never ends
Hunger th at never ends

9. Held Captive For Torture

Mercy is for the weak
Soon i will begin your demise
Caged up like a rat
Specimen for morbid acts
Waiting patiently
A far cry from when you arrived
Sleep now, you must rest
There's no way your god can save you
Death is certain
Wake up, time to die
Fulfill the pictures in my head
I smell your fear
Laughing as you piss yourself
Throw open the door, sodomizing innocence
Gnash my victims back
Psycho bliss euphoria
Consuming me
Shredding up my reasoning
Watching as you bleed profusely

10. Dead In The Alleyway

Random acts of violence
Surge of adrenaline
Random acts of violence
Cleanse the soul within
Deep animosity
Waiting in the alley way
Butcher knife in hand
Random bitch snatched from behind
Drug into the darkness
Now you will bleed for me [2x]
Sever the neck
To the spine
Your left for dead in a pool of blood
I disappear into the night
Deep animosity [2x]

11. Merciless Homicide

Eager inside
Anticipation is killing me
I've seen this before but it was just in my dreams
Unleash death mercilessly, homicide
Sodomy, i fuck your limbless torso and
Carve up your chest
The clotted blood gives texture to your death
Can't cum inside, i'll save that for your face
At last the wait is over
Grab you by your pretty hair
Pull your face close to me
Watching as the camera stares
Releasing all my man seed
Man seed
Fucking frenzy
Commence to gouging out your eyes
So lifeless and so blue
Erect again
Time to try out my new fuck holes
Embrace the ecstasy
Rise satisfied
Content with my work
Insane butchery
Morbid masterpiece

12. Shit Body Painting

Frolic in the bathtub
Putting on a show
Smile for the camera
Dirty fucking whore
An innocent porn takes a turn for the worst
Introducing shit and piss, vomit and mucus
Is he held at gunpoint against his will?
This fucking bitch is in control
Smearing him with shit for a thrill
Shove the fucking whipcream tube up his fucking ass
Shit it out into her mouth,chocolate sundae suprise
Rubbing it all over her face, as well as his
I take it she's done this before, shit body painting
Is he held at gunpoint against his will?
This fucking bitch is in control
Smearing him with shit for a thrill
Shit body painting [2x]

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