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1. Intro


2. Abortifacient Whore Lobotomizer

Squirting my semen in your face
Merciless I'll rape you
In front of your victims
They'll lapidate you

Suffer for your internal torment
Pray to die with your pain
Unborn fetus bites your organs
It fucks its uninherited virginity
With its mother's reversal cavities

Raped by her pregnancy
Vomiting over the baby cock
Unsatiable desire of penetration
She rip off the infants genital with her teeth
Mental induced to impalement suicide

With no vaseline rectal incursion starts
Vanquished whore you sucks

3. Molesting Vomited Decapitation

Repeatedly I wake up in a putrid dream made of gore
And I see the shape of her beautiful lifeless corpse

Devastating flashes of perfect murderous vision
I already lived it
But psychosis is unsatiable

Indolent molestation of the deceased

Her dead integrity disturb my serenity
Then I decapitate her furiously
Then mutilate with precision
Stabbing over the belly
Intense offal stench effluences by the intestines arise

Slowly I pull her head off the rest of the body
Slicing the face with my nails
And devour fresh festering derma

With a hammer crushing the skull
And ingurgitate all the rest
Brains and cartilage are fragrant
More tasty than skin

Decomposing process has begun
Rigor mortis has freeze the body
And excremental fluids copiously flows
Maybe my stomach is getting weak?
I'm vomiting all the flesh I ate
Maybe this is her deadly revenge on me?
I can't find her nose in my last retch
Vomited decapitation I'll molest

Try to re-compose the remains of the head like a puzzle of gore
I don't find her mouth to recollect it with the other parts
Another retch is coming by my vomit boiling
The stumps attaching, whaping a butchered trophy whore
Vomited decapitation

Chill freezing her dry tongue slipping on my dick
Squirts of vomit flows by her neck and another retch gets my stomach

Her mauled jawbone inexplicablement close down on my erection
Then I vomited whole my entrails

4. Zombie Oral Sex

Enter the white corridor to the abyss of gore
Horrible visions of slaughtered torso splattered on the walls
The victim try to scream till I dissect her vocal chords
Helpless she try to escape to torture

Putrid jets of bloodcum on the autopsy table
By gore rotted her vagina is sigillated
Every hole is mine her ass is secreting vomit
Gastro intestinal self disembowelment

Process of the amputation is too complicated to
Satisfy my urge to play with her innards
And change the light switch with her bosoms

Surgery of the death
Giving life to maimed body parts
Stench of friend human flesh

Connect to the spine
Severe sores on my gland by her teeth
Her tongue penetrate the urethral hollow
Nail my balls and snatch off from the scrotun
I love you in the suffering fucken zombie whore

Thorax now is opened
Now I violate her
Blood is gushing from the guys
Now I violate her

Putrid jets of bloodcum on the autopsy table
By gore rotted her vagina is sigillated
Every hole is mine her ass is secreting vomit
Gastro intestinal self disembowelment

Necromind in progress to the light connect her ass
Revitalizations of human immolation
Zombie oral sex make me sick make me sick

Severe sores on my gland by her teeth
Her tongue penetrate the urethral hollow
Nail my balls and snatch off from the scrotum
I love you in the suffering fucken zombie whore

5. Conscious In Rigor Mortis

Dead but you can feel my knife slicing your skin
I denied your eternal rest
I'm trying to cut your breasts but my hacksaw has broken against your body
Fucken rigor mortis
Feces flood out

Feed you with your excrements
And my semen I keep you undead
Rigid corpse doesn't bleed

Snatch your legs then your pussy lips

Feast or rape dual abuse on your body somehow you'll feel
I'm entangled in your gory cavity but I
Go on with your necrotomy
You're in infinite suffering
I see in your conscious terrorized eyes

No one can hear your laments
Rigor mortis
Broke your peace
Thoughts of eternal suffering
Festering out of your head
As I try to dissect
Your decayed organs

6. Fermented Entrails

Dissecting carcinomas in her ass with an hack
Starving of gory stumps
Fumes from dermatosis give off a violent rot aroma
Dissections won't coagulate 'til fermentation

Step out
To the secretion stops
her decayed vaginal lips seem talking to me then
Corpsefuck my will'll fulfill by my horny hunger
Of this headless corpse

Reek of rot awake this maggot feast
My stomach won't resist
Carving knife incise
Fo rguts my brain twitch
Her veins are pulling
The tumor's swelling
Sacs of pus explodes

Extract innards block

In this gory mess my necromind will soon collapse

Eat fermented bowles

Empty carcass revived
By my cock putrid sludge
I forced her to swallow
Cruelty boils in my veins
Amputated neck
Remains severed in half
Feasting on this festered

7. Necrophiliac Limitations

Necrophiliac limitations are the matters when the gore possession
Bring my self to fuck dead whores but missing are the elements
Young fresh dead flesh doesn't attract me now because I want to
Taste the pleasure of decrepit elderly anal vomit

Fucking her decayed womb the tang
Intense tang of scab
White haired slut copiously menstruating excrements
80 years old gorefermented cunt
Your rectal slime has flood the morgue
Floating corpses in fecal soup
How gory it is

She orally extracts

Orally extracting cervix with a retch
Vomiting her fetus out
Phlegmatic feast has begun

Compress the intestines
Like a meatloaf
Shredding up organic remains
Fistfuck her rotting holes
Necromind psychotic necrophiliac morbidity thoughts imposed

Break down dominating your consenting carcass

You are my tasty visions of gore
Give me extremely lust
When my cock is in your ear
When I shit in your tothless mouth

Raping at geriatrics
Form of respect for old age women
Wich like to get the cock between
The tumor swelled
Starving whores of deceased flesh

80 years old rotten clit
Your fetal scab is nice to eat
Your vaginal cavity is filled with maggots
And crap in stalactites
Orally extracting cervix with a retch
Fistfuck at geriatrics

8. Convulsive Incestuous Devourment

Bizarre parental gang bang like bovine
Reciprocal slaughtering
Maniacal Fraternal Obsession
Obese pregnant mother
Losing giblets out of cunt

Knives slashing genitals
Fetus bites placenta
While the cervix engrossment
Strangulate it

Purple was born
Rotting chunks of malformed fetus
Stickin in the daughter's cavities

Menstruate by nose
Strange reaction
Growing pussy teeth
Father's getting hungry

Pain inexplicable pleasure cause puke

Urethral dissected
Carnivorous vaginal apparatus fulfilled

Blood sperm vomit everywhere

Father turn his daughter
And suck her rectal soup unsatisfied

Contoured and festering he's rotting in disgust
He want to get revenge
Hatcher splits his daughter wide open ass
Copious falls of purulent hemorroidal fluids flows

Asphyxiating retch oagulate in his throat
Undead the convulsions getting on

9. Pursue The Suicidal Breed


Daily self slaughtering deprives me the pleasure to hunt tortue and kill
Weakened minds convincted in redemptions by suicide

Incapable to face the consequences of their impure actions
By now they can't explain to their filthy selves

Too easy to escape

Lived their lives with pride to being human waste

They deserve to suffer physically endlessly
Fucken scum suicidal race

Fargets whores and other shit're shameful to live or die
Stop this madness with infinite torture
6 millions not enough
My personal knochenmuhle now open the gates
I;ll turn your vile existence utile to necrophagic purposes

I can't tolerate the stench of your rotting flesh
Human rubbish
The only way to escape your repeated mistakes is fucken suicide
I'm youir passing savior kneel down to me and implore for death
I'll keep you alive feeding you with your own inner organs
To purify by flesh impure acts that you made
To satisfy my homophobic rage against your miserable existence

Guinea pig you like the cocks penetrating your cavities
Feel the knife quartering your rectum, do you like it?
Then sledge hammer on your teeth bastard!
More and more you must screm that you're proud to make blowjobs
And more you must suffer because of your inhuman abnormality

You whore open wide your cheeks to that freak
Who scorn the only real women use disdain the cunt
After all "The big sausage" is your life
You two aren't so different
If it's for money is better for you but anyway you're adducted to suck
You dirty slut you wanna kill your self because of your uncountable diseases
You choosen it
Then take my boomstick in your mouth baby
Asphyxiating by my sperm you call for death
This time I'll not grant your desire

Human discharge collection is still missing some elements
Ungrateful suicidal waste you coward you try to bring to dead your children
Time for shower demented ape your women cunts are torn by rape
With a cross their organs will be removed
And by acid you wash up'll be concluded

Self elimination = Final Salvation
But you have to pay for the ungratitude showed to your life
Suffering being slaughtered like bovines
You're annoying as a headache
Futile as insects as a dogshit under my shoe
Infinite torture will redeem your decomposing carcasses

BrutalDave — Drums, Vocals (backing)
Ciccio "Andrea" — Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
Alessandro — Bass

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