Dark Lyrics


1. Conceived Through Vermination

A furious storm of spasmodic contractions
Bringer of raging lust
Clear obsession
The perverse sublimation of flesh

Claustrophobic denigration of the mind

A journey through black filthy water up to the light of an opening

Horrid cosmic disharmony suspended emptiness

Sex... invention of a sharp veneral disease
Veneral disease

Borm from an astral malignant insemination
Indomitable venial pulsion generated from ruthless struggle of vermiformous larvae
That only wait occasion to develop
Chance offered by monster breeding pulsion that man calls love

They sneak into the impregnated womb
Into each orifice they drive the mind to distorted libido

The perverse sublimation of flesh
Claustrophobic denigration of the mind

A journey through black filthy water up to the light of livid orifice

Methastasis purulent ejaculation sprinkling bunch of decomposing eggs
Sentence of anonimous existence
Out of bowels and guts
There where there blasphemous juice now arises
Clamped in blanked of stupidity and selfishness
Two blind and miserable creatures
Drowned in the unavoidable
Mental prolapse will induce necrophilism unleashing
Degenerating anthropophagical euphoria

2. Portrait Of A Soiled Innocence

A mad hustle of swine like things
Resound all along the impressive hospital tower
They're swollen by greyish sections that come out in spurts

Gurgling from the womb just been mangled unto hideous form
But the spotless couch will soon vanish and sow is roped
In a sickening humour bath
It clumsily wriggless

The air is foul the heat is unbearable
Frantic and thumping hoofs noise
Procession of white coats

A sudden rip
Universe emerges from the livid orifice abyss
In a smelly placenta bed
Hybrid poison necrotic love beyond good and evil
There's only the flesh and the pleasure it give us

In a smelly placenta bed
An enormous hydrocephalus mass flounders
In his guano-soaked purity

Dismay rules petrified faces
Echos of agonizing wailings
Are coming out of a monstrous goatish cephalopathy
That clutter of stumps is a gross outrage of embriology

Consequence of bestial disturbance

Hybrid innate abnormality romantically
Know as love that induced
Cranial deformity
Fleshy mass induces lower limbs phocomelia

Defacing upper lip contorsion back bone distortion

Unnatural simmetry of eye sockets widely
Covered by malignant infestation
Tumoral excrescenses

In a smell placenta bed
An enormous phocomelicus mass flounders
In his guano-soaked purity

3. Dead Festering Drainage

Prominent epicarnal veins are the macabre labyrinth
Subtly devise by an insane demiurge
Beneath tense and thin membrane
Festering fluid flourishes

His bregma is streched and doesn't pulse
Protrunding frontal bones

Days marked by the abnormal growth of head circumference

Weird congenite phocomelia

Emphasizes knees anomalies
Wich suddendly ends in tiny deformed feet
Palmate hand are waving behind elbows

Macabre deviation of eyeballs
Transbregmatic ecographia
Brain tomography shows bunches of arachnoid cysts
Emispheres are small and there's no cerebral worm
In this hideous and degenerated version of human being

After inducing sleep
The head is completely shaved and latter wrapped in a sterile blanket
The peritoneal chateter is being inserted with strength
Into a jellish fat layer

Cranium trephining violates the dura mater
Expert hands dip into viscid pool
Tiny tube inserted with methodical precision
Between ventricles belinging to that submerged microcosm

4. The Bone Sculpture

Swinging changes of endocranial hypertensions
Mark out first week after surgery
Continous supervision of bregma
And cranial circumferences it's needed
Awakening binds him into a terrific agony

Even the smallest contraction
Mean as natural and desperate call for help
Is trapped by an infernal mechanism
Composed by pipes and gauze's ropes
Wich repress each movement
Even the smallest in order to aid the drainage of fluids

Sometimes men thinks they know how to chase evil away

The helplessness of a creature
Monstrous goatish mass
So fragile so innocent

Facing such a deep pain
Make him feel alone
Hurt and scared

And where you're feeling scared and hurt for a long time
Fear and pain turn into hate
Under that mask full of frills
Wich where organized with care and methodical hypocrisy
Cruel tiranny of cosmic laws reigns supreme

A rare form of syndromic craniosynostosis
Discloses a fruit that smells like evil

Out of a white curtain
That's hanging to hide that awkward theatre
Stands a shape with grim and clovering features
Which ominous shadow is underlined by feeble half light
He's got triangular shape
The cheekbones are flat the palate is narrow
The forehead is high and towers above the face
Until it reaches the nose

The blasphemous king reigns with supreme composure
During that disparaging sabbath

5. Obstinacy To Heal The Malformed

Dominating and mastering death
Manipulating suffering

Segregating an host into presumption
Ignorance chase after an illegal technically
Can take horror upon violence subjected childhood
It's a crime
A murder

Murder against a pitiful lament

From ashes an anguished convalescence
New victim of overbearing opulence of demon's metamorphic skills

Begins to wonder despondently
During his days wounded by sorrow
Inhuman pain of a plain death rattle
It puts ignominy of purity

Bone sclupture comes out
From the shocking reunion of deviated flux of organic fluids
Youth modelled on crushed bones
Futile medical care brought by an abusive technicality

Martyrize a body already plagued by deformity
Drolls like rivers of ink
Flowing on the aware grimace

The enduring of this vain treatment
Leads birth to a rough deontology
That shapes social outcasts
It's a pointless martyr planned with cruelty

Hiding behind deceiving tears
Just to feed primordial immortality cravings

6. Mortifying Carnality

The time of disdain
Has done its will

I was destroyed and ruined
And it's devastated me
Even though it didn't finish me

I was left mutilated humiliated
I've been mocked in front of an impetuous virility

Disgust alongside a cheerful youth
Those eyes filled with monumetal shame
Turned excitement in compassion

Violent and insatiable lust
Obsessed with sublimation of flesh
An opprobrious dark monstrosity
Turned perversion into pathology
While masturbating

Caressing genitals
I started squeezing out the juice
So ashame that I felt
As the first came out
I was buried in a rough display
Of subliminal existence

Intellectual vanity aroused by a chronic
Narcissistic neuropathy

7. Repugnance Enshrined in Deformity

The sheer spite lies within
The revolting physique
Pathetic... pitiful and cruel somatic traits
Decipting human cowardice

Blasphemy that once generated mankind
Re-embodies in eruption of degenerative features of the skull

Primeval blasphemous characteristics
Disdain induced by that appearance
Implies total negation of pleasure

Scorn and disgust feed the neuropathy
Evil enshrined by deformity
Pulled out by mental prolapse
Mental prolapse that induces necrophiliac cult

An unconscious masochism
Hailing from the disease torment
Is rooted lurking behind sexual sadism

Excitement through disgust
Fetish for mutilated organ masturbation
Excitement through disgust
Fetishism for organ masturbation

Experiencing an euphorical state of dementia
Psychophysical integrity
Gets shattered by
Disfigurement of somatic traits

Sentence of deformity
Cankered by a voracious and inexorable
Paraphiliac devotion

8. Ignominious Atonement

Ignominious atonement

A rabid bad omen takes its form
Through the commitment of a sadistic abuse
An authentic evil spell
That aims at creating pain
Mother alienated by paroxystic form of overprotection
Delegates to doctors the dismemberment of her progeny

Ignominious atonement
Unfathomable exhibition
Of human foolishness
Ignominious atonement

Hasty omnipotence

A father gazes at vivisection
Of his intimate sexual intercourse

Ignominious atonement
Unfathomable exhibition
Of human foolishness
Ignominious atonement

The remodelling of a son
It's a sadistic ceremony supported by a nihilist science
Which is fatally over whelmed by all that is incurable
But tries to get back at what's treatable

A man observes mercilless vicious reality
Through a cataractic veil
In the jungle of mental illness
The eternal sentece to vegetate
Among the reject triumph

It's an abusive tecnicality
Intilled with infernal insight
Savagery that doesn't allow to independently commit suicide

Ignominious atonement

Tears are now turning into scorching ink drops
Flowing on the disfigured face of a raving man
Who's now rottening standing

While the poison injection carried him to oblivion
He understood what they were feeling
And he didn't hate them

While the eternal rest was already crawling up to his guts

Paolo "Panino": guitars
Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone: guitars
Alessandro Cravero: bass, lyrics
Davide "BrutalDave" Billia: drums
Paolo Chiti: vocals

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