Dark Lyrics


1. Cannibalistic Postclimax Flesh Consumption

Penetrating constantly her vaginal slot
hunger gets my stomach I won't resist more
up and down she asks for more

I turned my cock in her wide ass
start thinking I want to eat her
I begin to bite her back while I fuck
then she turn her mouth on my cock and sucks
she drinks all my cum
and satiate her hunger
but i need to eat her boobs
I snatch her lips with my teeth
post climax human flesh consumption

Loving my Victim as violent she dies for satiate my compulsive hunger for her cunt and entrails

Seems she wants to lick my cock
and squeeze my balls then
I grab her by the hair and force suffocate
with cum and swallow
I feel sick with her nails my scrotum
she tear away and eat my balls

2. Sodomize Epileptic Chunks

Helpless victim paralyzed body
lying in despair no expression
just a cold dead drooling state
bound and gagged to the slab
forced to satisfy my will!

Mutilated of hands and feet
there's no way to stop me stripping her humanity
infliction torture for my lust
with my knife I carve her flesh to create new orifices
on her sweet pretty body
she's screaming and struggling in dreadful agony
as I cut new cavities only for give vent to my obscene perversions

Vicious need to defloring this maimed slut
from torture to rape
squirting my liquids in wounds I create
depraved perverted a monster as I am
but it's not over yet
my urge force me to violate her again and again and again!
sodomize her in never ending lust
extortionate distress instigate nervous wreck
traumatical paroxysm cause muscular spasms
stimulating me like I've never felt
trembling flesh warm bleeding on me fullfills my senses
that arousal is so unmatchable
I need much more!
feeling the almighty abusing of infirmity and defenseless

A new level of sadistic act and sick corrupture

3. Masturbating The Infibulated

Ancient practice
no more whores pregnant wombs
spit out wretched abortions
I will suture cunts
purifying humanity
how nice is it?
acting like an anti hippocratic surgeon
I operate day and night

Frenzy death anxiety
caused by fetus increasing
newborn squishes
though vaginal seam
blood and gore
masturbate the infibulation
i gorge with the abortion soup flowing down
then disgorge

I sprinkle my cock with this fetus juice fluid
tickling her intestines with my member permeated of her pregnancy
up and down through her rectum she beg for more

I start punching in her cunt
insanity overwhelms me
suture points entangle my foreharm
I tear away vaginal walls slipping on and off

Mutilated of her intestinal virginity she
feels in ecstasy then i go on
playing with her guts
entrails fucked til death
cum on dead tissues
pussy ejected from her pelvis
I can't stop my rage on this mangled corpse

Masturbating suture cunts
erasing the humanity
orgasm is the final torture
coincident with castration
tickling her intestines with my member
permeated of her pregnancy
up and down through her rectum
she beg for more
no more whores pregnant wombs

4. Syphilic Menstrual Rejection

In the sinister contracted bend cerebrum
shreds of living materia
deprives and drown under some delirant dispositions
of corrupted erotical kinky deviant fixations
caused by the shape of pelvic chunks
it's a boulder that smashes
last slags of precarious dignity

Can I smell you infected cunt?
and then I want to taste you rejection
creeping to the first of the vices
hands get down to heal
that huge cesspit between your legs
I want to taste it
I sink in your sex voraciously
I lose fingers in it
wringing I can catch some lumpy mass

Now moves on to pierce the bottom
of you degenerated carcass
blood is gushing arrogantly from big lips
excitement gets higher in disgust
while rummaging through my indecency
I want to get deeper

Long awaited syphilic menstrual rejection
flows over me

5. Wallowing In Aftermaths


6. Euphoric State Of Dementia

Carving out all my cortex
I pull it out with all the spine
extracting from my head
smashing my cranial cap
self induced lobotomizing
my brains flow out by vomit through my nose
I'm disgusting, I'm sick
A mess of flesh

No incisions, no scalp, no surgical tools
but I feel fine with it and I love it

Organic juices from the dead satisfy my addiction

Lethal dose of decayed pussies with menstrual sauces
of bile and puss from the victims

Female parts perfectly hacked for various purposes
severed heads served on slabs
fornicate with eye sockets

Furiously masturbating with the beheaded
vomiting till my throat splits in two than collapse
disgorging my whole innards

Drunk on death's fluids I can't stop wasting me
enjoying this mad feast
an excited state of euphoric butchery
unsatiating thirst for human wine bread and chocolate
heavenly sight of premature decompositions

Mental prolapse
in excrements demented thoughts

Playing with a horse's fuckhole
Stripping it's entrails through
with deceased animal chunks

7. Innate Butchery Aptitude

Innate butchery aptitude

Suffering my only need is for devouring
it make me sick
indulgence in bloody acts intoxicate me like a drug
I feel sick
primal instincts forced to occur
I can't control my own thoughts
I must please it
Murder is my infatuation

So I need to purse my compulsions to kill
consuming fresh human meat

Tearing flesh with my bare hands derives pleasure
wrenching chunks
Omophagic innate fucking depraved fervor for the carrion
I cannot command

Forbidden lust for gutting consumes my upset mind
remains and discarded with not go to waste for worms

I must get them to gorge

I'm love with dead body
Raping still warm flesh of the recently deceased
sends myself in ecstasy
Shredding in cannibalistic violence to sedate my mental obscene privation

8. Draining Necro Anal Disgorgement

Addicted to the excrements of the dead
post-mortem nourishment of secretions
coprophagical deeds
stay gutted corpses
prone on the table
ripped away from their place of eternal rest
I start predating the bodies
awful pleasure seeking draining rotten anal tract
rectal bleeding upon my tongue
bespattered intestinal juices
splattering cavities till last drop

Gorging shit and sewage of bodies on rot
I fill my mouth in delight
the stench is sickly sweet
my hunger is growing on

I grab handfuls of tainted putrid waste
wallowing in pools of steaming shit
munch the septic matter
hovering over the corpse in decay
forced in my throat
coughing up and choking

Decrepitated mental
compulsive fixations for human disarray
influenced my every motions
to slide my hands into the gastrointestinal tract

I drink blood and feces

Intoxicating me with this rank
rotting putredine
erupted from the dead
my decrepit procedures
of deviated autopsy
let me obtain all the food
that I crave with no effort

I feel sick, I'm fucking fixated
with taste this seepage
and i devour it entirely
puking and re-gorging again
I'm a fucking pervert

9. Living Decomposition

Sentenced to a motionless existence
grieving on a comatose state endlessly

Revolting and pathetic being without any perception
but my mind is still lucid
paralyzed languishing in complete atrophy
I have mouth but I cannot scream

Bodily covered with decubitus plagues
abandoned to degrade

Surrounded in disgust with insects and flies
they crawl on me
I can feel then, my wounds are pulsating
whole invade by grubs

Devouring from within
consumed rupturing innards
in bloated organ lacerations breeding

Limbs are crashing and releasing all the body fluids
gastric juices're erupting from my stomach
gastric juices're erupting!
I'm self-digesting from within
agonizing but still breathing I will wait my end

Wallowing in my grief
my last hope is to get killed rapidly

My mortal blow is so
so extremely close death is well accepted
breaking up my pitable existence

Paolo Chiti ‒ Vocals
Davide "BrutalDave" Billia ‒ Drums
Andrea "Ciccio" Aimone ‒ Guitars
Alessandro Cravero ‒ Bass

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