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1. Gates Of Gehenna

Flaming fields-reflection of hell
Still winter reigns our hearts
The presence of death
Broken skulls beneath your feet
Vital violence- eliminate the enemy
Savage the survivor- blood flows from torture
Wasteland running red with war

Battlefield- the breeding ground of slayers
Freedom- the state of security no longer exists
Thunder- the sound of the apocalypse
Revenge and destruction
A season in total darkness and confusion

Intrunding territory- execution and extermination
Roaring guns-seeking weakness- visions of the end
Humanity falls in ruins
Burning flesh- bleeding body
Empty veins-the ruining of hearts
No one dies alone

2. Unmarked Graves

Suffering-makes my eyes bleed
Clear out habitat- creatures pushed towards extinction
The screams are hidden behind walls of silence
And the facts are covered so the truth won’t be seen
Subverted lies show the decay of sense and reason
A facade prepared to hide the truth

Behold a graveyard filled with unmarked graves
Dead victims without names

The water we drink is contaminated
The air we breathe polluted
My hands hold dead soil in which nothing will ever grow
And when I reach for the sky it’s already burning
The blind lead the blind towards a forsaken horizon

Behold a graveyard filled with unmarked graves
Dead victims without names

Angels will tell about this day of glory
Of this culture decline
When they have no longer to suffer in silence

Force this degraded culture out of the shadows
Shove the malice back down this throat
As it kills- so shall it be killed
This is were your selfishness ends
This is were you die

3. Venom

The reaper of souls- harvested by evil
Phantom freedom- the rapist of truth
Embody stupidity as sanity is burnt to ashes
Reality torn to pieces- the ruin of mortality
Death bound with damnation written in blood

Venom rushing through a body of downfall
Servant of addiction exploits your weakness
Blinded the infected- insanity will arise
Minds of decay followed by demise

Symptoms of suffocation kept silent
Enslaved mind- polluted heart-fanished brain

4. Possessed By Death

The laughter of Lucifer
Roaring across the hellbound earth
Echoes of warning
No longer in possession of our own destiny

Water turning venomous with every fearful thought
Air turning grey with ashes from the flames of hell
Breathing disease as the sky turns red with hate
Death climbing the throne of life
Restless evil screaming for destruction

I hear the doom marching towards our world
Ryranny raid our minds
We are possessed by death
Is this the fall of heaven or the rising of hell
For we have suffocated long before this

In the shadow of the burning light
Fueling the hellfire with evil hearts
The smell of blood- inhaled by the mournful night
Domination of pain- the path of eternal suffocation
Hasting into the condition of unreal

Eyes of the dead-behold the path to your grave
Cold steel against our throat- the endless war within
Hunger for hope torn asunder- your destiny is fulfilled

5. Imprisoned Freedom

In this blinded world i’m afraid of tomorrow
You can’s see yourself because the mirror is broken
Shattered remains reflect the product
Of your constant consumption
This sadistic culture has shackeled resistance
And forced us deeper into desperation
Abandoning reason as we accept treason

The clothes on our backs-sown by bleeding hands
The flesh you eat- grown on stolen land
This foul stench of deceit will not die until we are free
There is no time for reconsolidation
We have imprisoned freedom

I can’t digest and I can’t accept the worlds unleashed
When you preach about what is wrong and what is right
When lies are justified through modified divine rights
Left to find new ways to regain our freedom
Guerrilla warfare-the last hope for liberation

6. The Last Day

Believing we are reaching for the stars
We are staring straight into the abyss
In our strife to divinity
We’ve become deaf to the trumpets of apocalypse

Eden forever tainted by the touch of man
Innocence and purity lost to the powers of chaos
The arrogance of humanity
Catalysing the destruction of creation
For which we will be condemned to eternal damnation

Seeds of destruction sown through history
Ripe for the harvest of our destiny
Let there be no mercy shown
When dawn has set upon the last day
Fight fire with fire and destroy this world of decay

Burn the parasites of society
Those who feed on other’s misery
In their frenzy blinded by their greed they pay no heed
There will be no salvation for their way of life
The last day will bring their demise

The day will come
When the last drop of blood has drawn from this earth
The day will come
When the wicked will receive their punishment
The day will come
When angels swing their unforgiving blades of justice
The day will come
When death rides among us

7. Endless Evil

Demons dwelling in the depths of consciousness
Ready to strike my inner weakness
Seizing the chance to exploit temptations
Campaign of elimination drains my strength

Mislead into darkness- actions controlled
Mind and body slowly decay
Unable to separate right from wrong

Serpent lies embrace my thoughts
Mind tortured with inner chaos
Scarred by endless evil

Once again I stand alone to face the demons

Separate reality from fiction- ensemble the truth
Annihilate the weakness- the captor of sanity

8. The Ultimate Price

Blood dripping from an open sky
Hailing down on burning landscape
Feeding the fire- breeding desperation
Shadows follow the storms

This must be the day when angles destroy
With flaming swords in their hands
Forging our damnation that will be earth’s liberation
Striking in despair as laments from the tongues fill the air

Insanity- the end is near
Humanity- the devil you fear

Time of descend is upon us
Justice will be received as justice has been given
Oblivious to our children’s heritage

Apathy came with a price
So let this be our sentence
The ultimate price

9. Skulltwister

Slaughter impurity
For evil hides in its depths
Exorcise and cleanse- the crushing of Satan

His wrath will freeze your blood
Burn your soul with the flames of hell
Guiding you into the storm in moments of weakness

Weapon of purity
Seal my soul with the hate for my enemies
Arm my mind with the lust to kill

Here lies the weapon
The sword that divides us from the rest
Kept close in times of war- forged in the fire of vengeance
Salvation disguised as steel- with death in every strike

Break the bones- rip the flesh
Of those who awoke your hatred
Blistering evil- behold this weapon of purity
Fractured corpses will be left to rot
Guilty blood will drip into a burning sea of torture

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