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1. Don’t Start

Desire to finish what is started, so it just never gets off the ground. Is this stubborn circle a good way not to fail, or just a means of trickery? Pressure coming from outside and within. Is it real or imagined? Just don’t even start.

2. Fuming

What I lack in speed, I make up with efficiency. Although the former seems to be what matters to you. And though I take up much less space, I’m the one who’s in your way? Guess my digital response to your one note protest is as primitive as my mode of transportation. Just press your magic pedal, and fume into the sunset. I don’t want to smell your muffler.

3. Get Back

Want to get back to where I started. When did my glass become half empty? Loss of control, Out of proportion. Now I just want to get it back. Looking where it can’t be found, with eyes turned out. Now I just want to get back. Want to get back to where I started, because I don’t know where all of this is coming from.

4. Ol' Factory

Deodorant and Alzheimer’s? Deodorant and breast cancer? Forget it. You’re over reacting. Research shows nine out of ten consumers prefer the smell of chemicals to people, which certainly makes it easier to sell.

5. Right Of Way

Always thought that one is one, but I guess that’s not the case, because now I know two does not equal four wheels. Better step aside - where you’re going is not as important as where they’re headed.

6. If Not Me

I’m gonna try not to let myself down. If not me, then who can I depend on?

7. Been Here Before

Not going to ride your roller coaster any more. You can do that on your own. Maybe I’ll be here for you if you ever decide to get off.

8. We’re Not In This Together

Struggling to remember how I felt at the time. An evolution of understanding that hasn’t progressed very far. Sickening feeling that I should have seen it coming. That I did, but didn’t want to see it coming. Does that mean I could have done more? I think your mind was made up. Another bystander. The movie you were playing, the songs in your head. This was no reunion. No stars were aligned that day. In a dream I saw you. You said you were all alone. Sharp these words; they stayed with me. In the end, I know they’re true.

9. Make The Good Times That Much Better

Time heals all wounds. And with time comes wisdom too. A transition is an end or a new beginning. Two lines run parallel, again at a crossroads. With strength not betrayed by major muscle groups, and courage not improved by miles. Why look back when we can look forward?

10. If You Can’t Now You Never Could

Pages gone missing, other just blank. Crumpled up receipts. Feelings thrown away. Nothing left to say, and it’s a fucking joke. Was everything just cliché? On the surface it seems to be, but I know it meant something to me.

11. Break A Leg

Squint a little so the edges blur. What are you afraid of? Gone the band shirts, pins, and patches. Just a sea of skin and hair. Sure they will judge you; it’s an extension of how you judge yourself. Your doubts and insecurities only give it weight. How about this once, just close your eyes, open your mouth, and let it all out?

12. Rewrite

Thankful for the power of erasers and backspace. Words written at a weak time, they are now meaningless. Those spoken can’t be taken back. Hope to plug the holes in the colander that lets everything wash away. Desperate to hold onto this hope. This rewrite. This second chance.

13. Mending Is Better Than Ending

Afraid of anyone looking to closely, too many chances to fail. A landscape full of tiny holes, undetectable from a distance. Upon closer inspection they might be big enough for a finger or even a hand to poke through, rip down. Rather than start over, better to keep patching it up.

14. Not So Posi After All

I know I must unfurl a finger. One by one. Knuckles white. But this is one fight I just can’t win. When it’s one sided it’s no fun and it’s not fair. So why can’t I just let go? I need to take a step back. I’m giving more than I get. Is it tradition or loyalty? Just let go.

15. Feminists, Don’t Have A Cow

Like apples to oranges, both fruitful. Two eyes, two ears, two ovaries too. That’s where we draw the line, and it’s the differences that give us an excuse. No words to resist. Can’t write without a thumb. How can she say she doesn’t want this done? And every thirteen months, until she’s no good, given what will only be taken away to the same fate, or a veal crate. All for the precious by product. If you wouldn’t want your mother, sister, friend, as a milk and baby factory, don’t let it happen in your name to a creature with two eyes, two ears, two ovaries.

16. Untitled

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