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1. Weeds


2. Never Wrong

It's never your fault, you're never wrong you can't admit that you fucked up, always right, no room for wrong pass the buck every chance you get you're just too good to make a mistake it's never your fault, it's never your fault, you're never wrong drunk or dumb, it's no excuse, you're in control, it's all on you so tired of hearing how you're not to blame, you;ve got an excuse for everything just admit that you fucked up, you can't admit that you fucked up

3. Prepare For The Worst

It's my belief that these are the end of days, we've taken things too far we ignored the warning signs it's too late to turn back now prepare for the worst we take what we want and we never give back this won't last forever, nature will have her revenge prepare for the worst plague, famine, war, death we brought this on ourselves you can't run, you can't hide we brought this on ourselves

4. Heretic

You were created by man, but you've taken on a life of your own, egomaniacal, selfish fuck, neglecting your responsibilities millions rely on you, too weak to stand on their own but you're so caught up in the glitz en glam, you forgot what you were created for and i wish that i could open all their eyes make them see you're not worth dying for make them see that there's so much more i defy you, you'll never have control i deny you and your soul-controlling role and i'll breathe every breath as a free man and i'll curse your fucking name as often as I can

5. Vicious Skin

You bitch and you moan from your self-made throne the king of the wasteland, he feels so alone you make your threats and you talked so tough yet expected support when times got rough it;s a vicious skin that you wrap yourself in, but it conceals the fact that you're rotten inside scarred flesh to cover the mess, you've wasted your lifem now there's no turning back bitterness encrusts your heart, it only hurts when it beats slip away into hiding and spit hate from the dark scorched brain and diseased mouth a mountain of shit from which to shout but those down below, they dont want to hear how nothing ever changes year after year demand our respect but nothing to deserve it twist words into weapons leaving the swordsmiths deserted you've burned every bridge and sunk every ship you've been left with nothing so you curled up and quit good fucking riddance, stay gona this time

6. Rot Forgotten

So righteous in your mind, in truth so fucked warped your faith to absolve all wrong treat other like shit cuz your life's a waste in your hell is where you belong humand shit, a bottom feeder when you die you won't be missed no religion can save you now you'll rot forgotten

7. Bleeding To Death

They make their cuts so small, so small that we can't see these wounds, they may be small but still they make us bleed bleeding to death, as we slowly waste away we're bleeding to death, but no one cares anyway this loss of blood has made us weak, as we constantly mend wounds too distracted to fight the source, too confused to seek the truth bleeding to death, we are the sick, we are the lame we're bleeding to death, too weak to make a change we're zo caught up in our own lives that we can't see through all the lies if we don't learn to stay alert then we'll be left with only dirt we'll never see trough freedom's eyes and i can't live like that

8. Our Downfall

We are the walking dead, numb to the pain around us we shut down our senses and lock ourselves in cages we shut down to ignore the fact that life is most is pain too selfish to make a difference denial is easier than shame this will be our downfall, this apathy will kill us all within this ignorance and neglect the snakes and rats, they make their nests

9. The Kids Are Not Alright

What fuels our apathy when we stand up for atrocity? We're lied to every day, is this just the game we play? lost all hope in those who lead, they can't provide us with what we need fall for the same tricks every time, just fall in line, just fall in line if we can't learn from our mistakes then we must lie in this bed we make some say the kids will lead the fight, but they;re not alright, we're not alright

10. Weapon Of Mosh Destruction

You've got a head full of lead, no room for a brain so you don't understand why they all laugh at you the only way you can compensate is by pounding on kids half your weight big man, little brain big dummy, life of shame

11. Sand And Cells

We're not living in reality we're acting like we'll never die but the knife's at our throats and it's just a matter of time EAT, SLEEP, WORK, DIE life's to short to watch it pass boxed up like a rat in a maze working 'til we die, no way out of these endless days EAT, SLEEP, WORK, DIE it's so easy to start feeling so trapped but these are prisons we have built ourselves realize that this is hell

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