Dark Lyrics


1. The Pig Keepers Daughter

Keep the frothing pigs at bay

Like a cherub tramping through perverted lather
There walks the orphan sold as my alluring daughter
Suck the pig (suck)
Suck the pig (the)
Suck the pig (pig!)
She's refuged in these arms
Dangling these lusting

Puppet strings in a
puppet show for these
Swine foaming with appetite
Keep the frothing pigs at bay

Rapists blanket her sleep

Hollowed bedrooms bought and sold
Backhand my good girls
pig fucked by hundreds
Sounds of the squealing rabid swine
Round up my street light
Stable sisters as pig feed for alley troughs
Rolling in filth
No human involved
No human involved
No human involved


Lost in the backseat service blindly staring into headlights

Down her eyes bruise lower
Colours than hell could
Next, next,
Next please
Next please
Next please

Stand before this drive by auction
A stiletto cankers and bones
Swallow the gutters

Like an angel trampled as the perverts gather
Here lies the rag doll whore unstitched by loving father

Gazing into heartless
Eyes as to love swine
Next, next,
Next please,
Next please,
Come and take me next

While this grunting animal face
Sweats and drool drips down!
Like angel tears raining on to daddy's little girl
Suck the pig
Suck the pig
Suck the pig

2. 2

Dear brother symmetry conjoined
like a birth right parasite
our likeness of hearts is far too close

Chained by life
Chained by life

Dear brother symmetry beside me conjoining,
sustaining the smaller, weaker draining leeches!

God's art
in the form of monsters
God's art
in the shape of two

Sever bonding minds
beyond these cursed parallel souls


Head fold dissected
Less parasite extracted
Scars scalpel the tombstone
and leave dear brother symmetry
alone, he haunts our conscience
Leeching my nightmares

3. Scissor Fuck Paper Doll

Good bye scissor fuck
Idol paper doll
Stenciled into shape
Loneliness escape
Lies tab fold dress
Decorate your mess
with sparkling fools gold

Heart pit-patter skips
Paper cut my lips to kiss salt

Fuck me, my fake

Your soul spins on axis self centered like a whoring tornado
Your soul spins on axis self centered like a whoring tornado

Scissor fuck paper doll
Scissor fuck paper doll
Scissor fuck paper doll
Ripped to Shreds

Like sniffing fairy dust high
to fake the feeling of a rhythm to your folded heart
My big lie

This fog surrounds me
'til I'm choking and desperate
Reaching out to extinguish these feelings
Reaching out to a sincere mirage

Keep stuffing your face
Keep stuffing your face
like a vulture on suicide
Keep stuffing your face

Folding, creasing origami into
dotted line orgasm guide
me falling for this bitch
this drug
this curse
this emptying clasp
this delusion

Your soul spins on axis self centered like a whore

Scissor fuck paper doll
Scissor fuck paper doll

4. Whore Meet Liar

I swear into your eyes with
loving lapse of time we fuck as liars

Imagine nothing more than
you and I and alibis

Lovers hold liars

Be with me when you breathe
In your perfume's liquored stowaway

Be with me when you sleep
With your clandestine heart's imposter
With your clandestine heart's imposter
In your wedding bed

You swore into my eyes listing lustful vows and lies, you
fucking liar
Fucking liar

I need you more than some
cheap bar room whore's number
Under a matchbook cover does

Forget me not
I remember everything you said
You said you love me
You said you need me

Forget me not
Like scripted lies being well rehearsed
Forget me not
Like lipstick on your collar
Forget me not
like some cheap whore!
Forget me, you fucking liar

You said you love me
You said you need me

Forget me, I'll fucking kill you

You said you love me

Hold me closer, you fucker

I will never leave you
just disclose and betray you
'til' lovers can't believe you
And only I will love you

5. Insects

The buzzing sounds of the requiem
note for note
by maggot wings

The humming grows surrounding
this after score
composed in question
by those intentions
spiraling down the creator
between heaven and hell

Thousands of eyes
My child
Covered in flies

Thousands of eyes
My child
Covered in flies
Watch you
Thousands of eyes

The buzzing wind of maggot spawn
abreeze this soulless shell

Death infests you

The stirring swells amongst the trees
Flies will feed
Trickling mourners
rejoicing your funeral

Rejoice and eat up my winged children
Eat up
It's all yours
Feast and be merry
Breed upon this feast before you

Exploring tasted dead
Twitching hands laying eggs
Buzz of the orchestra to the conducting carcass
conducting the funeral feast

You're dead

Your dead!

6. Imogenis Puzzle Pt. 2


7. Play Some Skynyrd

Hands over ears I am more than annoyed
Ten songs
Forty fucking breakdowns
Who the fuck handed you that guitar?

If you want to suck
Keep it up! Keep it up!
You're doing nothing but wasting your time

If you have to do
What is been done! What's been done!
There's so many fucking better bands to cover

Strap up
pluck that D chord
and 2 step
some Sweet Home Ala-fucking-bama

8. Kill Us

My love
My bride
Asleep in this bed
Dead till she's loved inside
to caress this wilted flower

Take me in angel legs
deeper than your fucking grave

Ah, I hold you close
There's something so romantic
in not living a fucking day without you

Still dead eyes
Reflect love

Still bodies
Quench my thirst for
Intimate hold

I hold you all to myself
Strangle whole your closeness
Not even you my caged corpse

I crawl across this coffin
Over top this bodies handles
Lips taste gently across skin
Like wax drips down a dying candle
Like time inhales each expiring moment
Like life's movement is hunted and swallowed whole by death
Oh, I'm so craving you here my darling
I'm craving to taste you at the transformation
Oh, I'm craving you here my darling
To taste this wilted flower

9. Siobhanis Song


10. Happy Valentines Day

Lost inside the mocking walls
of this fucking joke
between your heedless ears

I could try to talk for sake of
meaningless time
spent walking into
stubborn walls

I swear sometimes you don't even
understand fucking English

Homesick, my words explore
from left to right searching for
Reason's impossible entrance

You've got more issues than a
year's subscription to
Straight Jacket Hourly

Every time I hear you nagging to no end
I want to shoot myself for even knowing you

Like some bipolar Valentine
Huffing love potion and turpentine
Your eyes twitch and say "Please be mine."

Happy Valentine's Day
You sick and twisted bitch
Happy Valentine's Day
To my ex, the alien

Repulsed and drained
from this wreckage

Save our ship?

There's no compromise
that sweetens dear shit

You can't save this fucking ship!

And if the sun could shine through
And if the light revealed true
Your words would gouge my eyes

Every time I realize your nagging to no end
I'd really like to fucking strangle you silent

Your secrets rape the sun

I can't fucking tell you
How many times I have sat,
elbows to knees,
head to palms
and lost my mind trying to figure out
what the fuck is wrong with you
and despite every attempt
to make sense of this
I can only find myself writing you off
as a hopeless fucking lunatic

You're a fucking lunatic!

Lost inside the mocking walls
of this fucking joke
Between your helpless ears

I with open eyes
Don't sympathize
The shape of you
We're fucking through
You fucking whack
To which you lack
A fucking clue
That you hate you!

11. Our Puzzling Encounters Considered

Construct this jigsaw
Laced with your true intentions
I can't figure out
Who the hell or
What the fuck we are

What is this?
Love poems with Cupid as a martyr?

Collapse under the crushing wonder

Core curiosity
Drives my stomach eating itself alive
Discovering sweet
in the heart of a chameleon
My starving
stomach eats itself alive

this puzzle
Relying on projection
You can't figure out
who the fuck
or where hell we are
or how to even care

Thanks to sandy_gal_merg for sending these lyrics.

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