Dark Lyrics


1. A Losing Game

I stood beside holding her hand
Feeling helpless and alone
As I watched her life drain slowly out of her eyes

A shadow came in human form
Made false promises to entice me
I was blinded by the sorrow that filled my soul

Bring them in the game
Shift the course of human lives
I must stray them from their path
Unaware of the dead end

Keep this dream alive
Give another chance to find
An escape out of the dark
Lost until we meet again

False faith took control of me
I fed lies into their minds
Trying to prevent her life's certain decay

Power to corrupt their fate
Too heavy a burden laid upon me
But I was too late to realize my mistake

With each false step I drown into frustration
Despite my efforts nothing has changed

A barren hope an endless separation
All seems lost without you beside me

2. Convergence

Awaken from
A deep and strange sleep
I feel like I am reborn

I try to gather myself
All my memories erased

I wander through the unknown sunless days
Got nothing from the past to chase
Powerless I watch mankind's Fall
The only man to witness all

Everything seems so normal
Yet my world’s time is in reverse
When both timelines converge to one
The end of days is realized

I have been brought back to life
I don't know the reason why
Just a watcher of the end
As destiny descends

My hope slowly dies away
Nothing will survive
Just a watcher of the end
As destiny descends upon us

3. Forced Evolution

Memories have been wiped clean
Left just an empty shell
A body with a clean slate

Assign a personality
There's nothing out of reach
Your heart's desire made flesh

Visions flash before my eyes
Feelings trying to break free
Vivid traces of past life
Gradually resurface

Buried within us defeated and broken
Our bound soul lies sleeping
Slowly dissolving into the darkness
Remains lost but not gone

The warning signs from our abuse
Crushed underneath our greed
Forever sealing our fate

Highly advanced technology
Spiraled out of control
Now I fear it's too late

Instincts take over determined to wake the
Human will to survive
Forced evolution rising through the seams
Of flawed technology

4. Moral Decay

Seems like I always was aware
we had a purpose in our life
from which we were defined

Only now I realize
we were force fed our fate
in a prison in disguise

What if we could cure all disease
extend our life on earth
If we could look death straight in his eyes
and have a fighting chance

To find the right answer
you have to cross the line
They ignored all morals
now there's no turning back

They gave us a chance to learn
what it feels to be human
what it means to be alive

But still they all failed to see
the error of their ways
their deep moral decay

Accept to treat real humans
as disposable lab rats

5. Subconscious Eyes

Am I trapped?
A black shroud around me
Fate tried to enclose my life
Am I condemned?
I can't see your colours
but neither can you see mine

In darkness I was born
My perception I've reformed
The odds I have defied
My sight won't get confined

The image seems so real
Through every single feel
The world I realize
Through subconscious eyes

Although I have
No light perception
I can still see your face
A different way
To interpret the darkness
To sense what the eyes can't see

Close your eyes
Reveal my world
Within the dark
It will unfold

You have to let
Your senses flow
Then you'll perceive
with subconscious eyes

6. Incised Path

Can't control the strain
Can't defy the visions
I can see your life fade away

Seems to be so real
The scene within my mind
I shudder at your final scream

I have foreseen your ending come
Your last play in life will stay undone
No way to escape the incised path
Inevitable outcome

You're the next in line
You're the one who's chosen
Premonition shows the sequence

Faith controls the cards
Take a chance to shuffle
The prize is prolongation

Life's course is predefined
Death will collect you when it's time
Don't try to evade your end
Inevitable outcome

7. Distance

A crowded place
Faces race around me
They all are my friends
Still I know no one
I'm in seclusion

A realm of pain a cease of life
I'm feeling helpless to fight
A confined touch behind the mask
A picture painted gray and black

We're on our own
Distance grows between us
I disappear Embraced by fear
In isolation

After each word that I hear
The silence seems to grow
After a faint light shines through
A face still won't show

An image of what once was
Drifts further each day
Time washes the color away
Memory settles in gray

[Solo: Kimon]

I lay awake for the first time
A heavy mist surrounds me
A brief clarity that's slipping away
As I feel the truth pierce through me

I seek your hand a distant flame
A path for me to follow
A cry for help unable to
Cut through the dense silence

8. Reflection

Last thing I remember
Pure madness in his eyes
Cold steel piercing through me

Memories frozen in time
Absorbed by the reflection
Eternally confined within

Share the pain with me
Release the fear

I try to stay awake
Help myself towards the light
But the darkness is too strong
I'm giving up the fight
I quietly disappear
A scarred entity remains
And hides behind my empty face

The prey stands before me
Stares straight into my eyes
It still cannot see me

I feed the blinding rage with fear
And reach for redemption
But each time slips through me

A world filled with decay
Where time exists no more
A sad reflection of the past
Where I stay awake forever

9. Hold Close The Flame

I see the look inside your eyes
And I know you're lost forever
I see now that I'm to blame
And I fear that you feel the same

A journey deep within our dreams
A world that we could share together
I only wish that I had known
You lacked the strength to come back home

Addicted to a reassuring lie
A prison of lost memories
I reach out to you I'll show you the way
Don't run away

Don't run away from the fire
Burning wall rising higher
Hold close the flame
Endure the pain and burn that will release you

Illusion takes over your mind
A world devoid of all that pains you
You found a place you can't break through
And locked a truth that you once knew

Don't fade away in the silence
Overcome your own blindness
Hold close the flame
Embrace the pain and burn that will release you

A false reality growing inside your mind
Clawing at your flesh as you try to escape
The denial you feel slowly dissolves the line
Between dream and reality

Thomas Kouris — Bass
Timoleon Valsamakis — Drums
Kimon Zeliotis — Guitars
Michael Aggelos Kouropoulos — Guitars
Takis Nikolakakis — Vocals

Thanks to rodcym for sending these lyrics.

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