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1. Bellum In Abyssus


2. Parasitic

Fetid simulation
Of this wretched congregation
Disciples of the fallen and the heretic will rise

Narcissistic nation
Severed tongues of blind dictation
The serpent spoke this unto me through gilded light and lunacy

Taste the fury
That feed the devils inside
Fueled by torment,
Sin, sex, sickness and pride

Parasite submission
Parasitic condition
Parasite slave culture
Parasite it's over

3. Better Than Suicide

This cancer eats the filth away
Ran from slits so deep so dirty
Fed the vile the children's bane

Yes this pestilence this lovers dream
The flesh this plague assimilates
The end of all: this slate wiped clean

Eclipsing devotion with shallow disguise
They prey on the fruit of the one they despise

Better than suicide

Disorder guilds the human filth
Wrecked from fair perversity
The wicked frails at touch the ill

The children frisk in killing fields
Dark rivers of corrosion flow
And meet the shores of throes un-healed

4. Anaesthetic (For The Pathetic)

Suffered a legion of blood and despair
Naked and twisted scratching in this empty skin
Perverse and destroyed
A forgery of what used to be
Drowning in the absence
Of self sustaining chemistry

Do I fade away
Do I gasp for air
Do I live out a life that was preset
Even if I struggle to the day I die
Do I waste my time

We'll just live out our lives anesthetized.

Delay, decay
Filling up the cavity
To staunch the sickly feeling of death (of death)
Killing me the tragedy
This torture scene is purity
You will see inside of me
The growing of this malady

5. The Room


6. Flesh Harvest

They have no more power
They have no room to deflower

To end the fear to end this pain
We must cleanse this earth with the sulphur and rain
Still you're all waiting for perdition's son
Who needs your fucking god when I've got my gun?

Forget flesh harvest

That which brings us to our knees will separate our fantasies

7. Scar Of The Deceiver

Poisoned by your creed
Kill the faith to cure the sickness
Down on your knees
Prove to me you'll die for your belief

And when I purge all the morals you breed
To be clean to be clean
For the coming collapse of your dream
Your scattered bones will build my effigy

I wear the scar of the deceiver

And in the end when I've turned your lives to dust
And obliterated every trace of you from my mind
I'll be free to make this world my own

Don't cry to me, this is what you want
This is what you asked for
This is your prophecy
And I've come to see it through

8. Crwn Thy Frnicatr

You ripped the soul from the child in me
Bow down to the land of the free
Bow down to the world to the world that made me

Bury the nails into the one like me
Consecrating the lies exalts false prophecy
Tearing apart of man and all his goals
Offers benediction and wills to plague your

Soul is made
In god the taste
Of sulphur and rain
The Christ now turns on man
And brings him pain

A gun to the temple of a world enslaved
By the ties that bind us to a faded hope
Ensures the perversion that you try to hide
Will become as dust that will fade in time

To take
This world
Of hate
Of torture
Our fate
Will rest in hands
That sew the seeds of rape

9. Visceral Holocaust

Transcending life through sleeps decree
This I wear shall taste debris
Through rancor find serenity
Visceral holocaust to see

Insipid dreams were flowing red
A sea of sin from cattle thats been bled
Unbeknownst until the end
With their backs to life they'd rather be home instead

Unto the beast an image made
Of broken flesh culled from the sharpest blade
They say we men are wretched things
So full of hate lost hope and broken dreams

Infected skin
Serrated grin
Where was life and where does death begin?
This hallowed sin
Wont spoil within
Reveals a path an exalted life to live

The cold the steel the razor the blade
The tighter the noose the faster we fade

10. Proficiscor Of Terminus Vicis


11. The Purging (A Revelation Of Pain)

This life will see the feathers fall, and wont we all?
(so graceful)
While our dreams descend these begging hands still cry of wanting of needing
The blackened nails drove deep within still have us bound
To a tribulating ever waiting no way out save the blood on my hands

Deceiver, receiver
Creeps and crawls to and from the reaper

One day I'll be just what you said I could never be
One day I'll leave you far behind just like the time you left me

These eyes has seen the bad ones
This flesh has suffered underneath it all
We can't all be just like the good ones
Suffered, I suffered for you all
I'll be the one to take the fall

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Thanks to xeroxedsoul666 for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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