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1. Capitascism

The sword beats to the left
And lets fascism grow
Hear the crowd scream" HAIL!"
And only few scream" NO!"
But when the brown weed has grown
And greedy reachs for the ultimate power
The millions will die again
In chambers with a gas shower
DVU NPD FAP crush them!
Neo-fascistic bastarg pack
We don't want you to rule
We don't want the old times back
Even if you scream and drool
You spit on our democracy
But you'll pay, wait and see
Our goverment does not really protect us
Well folks, then it is: God helps those who helps themselves
Capitascism is always the same
Destruction of the moral, that's your game
Capitascism perverted and extreme
Pinch yourself and realize this is no bad dream
Capitascism paid by the industry
Corrupt and avaricious, can't you see?
Capitascism there's only one solution
We will have to start a worldwide revolution
We will break the chains of rules
Kick the asses of our leaders
Untill they scream for justice
What justice?

2. Sliced, Hacked And Grinded

Sliced, hacked and grinded
By a mortal undead
Chosen for dinner
Pay it all you sinner
Atomized cellular tissue
Death wants to kiss you
Life will leave your brain
Enjoy the bestial pain
Brutalized being
Lecherous watching tattlered guts
Hacked into thousand pieces
It's really a tittilating sight
Grinded genitals
Lovely stench of putresence
Desintegrated brain
Comminuted corpse
As the body is thrown into the cloaca
You know it was a sacrifice
To ssacrac, the Gods of gore
Still chewing with great relish
Stomped into the ground
You know it was a sacrifice
To ssacrac, the Gods of gore
You know it was a sacrifice
Sliced, hacked and grinded to the bone

3. Nothing Has Changed

The buildings are made of gold
The sun shines bright
Out of a blue, a clear blue sky
The streets are clean
The people laugh
The animal are free
No hate - noone cries
No industry polluts the water
The sea is filled with movement and life
No more distrust
No more disgust
And no more war
Peace forevermore
The goverments scrap all the useless weapons
They are not bribale any longer
Everyone is happy
No more pain
But suddenly it's fading away
I wake up it's 12 o'clock

4. The Most Repugnant Antagonist Of Life

Avarice around the world, in every town
You find these men, they sell you
The things you need
To be free, if you're insecure
You take them, and think you're free
But you're not, it's a halucination!
And afterwards, when the effect is gone
You will see it's all the same!
Why do you think, that you need these things?
What is wrong with you? Man, look at yourself
This shit slowly makes you daft
You live in the vacuum-world
Look into the future, is it really dark?
Don't be afraid of what will come
You have to learn to be your own master
Now, you have to learn to escape the desaster
Go, take the stape - give a shit
About friends who won't learn
Spit on it and let it be
You will feel much better, you'll see
Don't you feel that you're important too?
That you have people who love and care about you
Come, take the hand that reachs out for you
Turn your back to the drug, and be yourself!

5. Quasimodo

Finally it's over, a hard week of work
He's coming home, the telephone rings
It's his best friend, it's time for a party
So let's move and have some fun
What an orgy, music is good
Alcohol is fleeding, half-dead neighbours
Chaos - sex
Booze - women
But all this girls are killing hisprick
Blonde, brown, red: "We don't want your dick!"
Slowly his body is starting to change
A hump on his back, his face is deformed
Panic on the party, he's chasing the girls
Years of abstinence...
Too much for a man!
He's howling out: "All I want is sex!"
All he wants is pussy, is that to much?
Running aimless through the streets
Up the steeple crying loud:
"No cunt - no tits
No screw - no love!"
No girls want him, is this life?
Breakneck leap, flying free!

6. Urm The Mad

Urm the mad is coming
The leader of our reign is here
Urm the mad - urm the sad
Urm the mad - urm will be king
Fly into the castle of darkness
Bring light into the land
Urm the mad - urm the mad
Urm the mad is coming
The leader of our reign is here
The cloven one will rule
He's the bastard son
Urm the mad - urm the mad
Ruler! Conquerer!
Now and here
In these times of fear
We need urm, urm the mad
Urm the wise and just
Urm the mad - urm the sad
Urm the mad - urm will be king of this world!!!

7. Decadence

Rotten world, empty words
Noone cares, decadence
You are blind, cause you can't see
That decadence surrounds you
You are blind, cause you can't see
The dying world around you
Luxury befogs the sight
Laziness paralyzes the brain
The papers lie about tomorrow
Believe or face the truth
On the street people die
Wars and hate passing by
You are so blind, cause you can't see
The greedy arm of profit
You are so blind, cause you can't see
The chains that hold you cown
Luxury befogs the sight
Laziness paralyzes the brain
Nice commercials dull the mind
But you don't care, cause you're so blind!

8. Atrocities

You see what I mean with totally pain?
They're not worth to breathe the same air like us
Revenge! Crush the enemy
Kill them slow, burn the scum
The streets are filled with entrials
Take scalps and cocks as trophys
Love... Mercy... are just two vidiculous words
Show them your hate: disqust - abhorrence
Atrocities... What a world?
Realize the real warfare
You can't escape, we are everywhere
Wake up and see: a gun in your face
Stomp out their teeth, let it crack!
Rape their women, slay them
Let them drown in a sea of blood
Over and over again: no mercy!
You see what I mean, with totally pain?
They'll never breathe again the same air like us

9. Molotov Cocktail

Burning bomb - anarchy
Burn what's wrong - burn the pigs
Red banners and black stars
Molotov cocktail
Fight the rich
Spread fear and pain

All music by Protector
All lyrics by Martin Missy
Recorded August 1989 at Phoenix Studios, Bochum
Engineered and Produced by Jorg Stegert

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