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1. Hannibal

[Music: E. Vizla, J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

Across the sea his ships set sail
The wind was sharp as dagger’s blade
Heart cold and dreadful, mind contemplating
The thoughts of vengeance and of conquest

The frozen Alps, with many hardships
To challenge his unyielding army
His voice is roaring through the air:
Endure, withstand, don’t turn away!

The mountain pass is steep and deadly
And savage blizzards blind the eyes
From cliffs, the men and elephants are falling
Their bones will freeze for centuries!

Hamilcar Barca, the Suffet of Carthage, ordered his servants to summon his son to swear a solemn and terrible oath against the Roman enemies:
When I come to age, I shall pursue the Romans with fire and sword and enact again the doom of Troy.
The gods shall not stop my career, nor the treaty that bars the sword, neither the Alps nor the Tarpeian rock.
I swear to this purpose by the divinity of our native god of war, and by the shade of Elissa.

The son of Baal will turn the tide
Against the Jaws of Roman wolf
His legacy is graced with pride
His star of fortune glowing bright

The new day brings the rays of sun
Upon the armor, horses, weapons
Make haste, the lines must close!
The wolf awaits, his fangs are sharpened

The fight was hard and many died
The wolf was beaten, yet unbroken
Withdraw he must, his country calling
To fall with him, to dust, to ruin…

The jaws of wolf have turned the tide
Against the son of Baal so mighty
Yet in their nightmares Romans shiver
Of dreadful name of Hannibal!

2. The Black Army

[Music: E. Vizla, J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

Dark days upon my dear kingdom
Rumors spread as fire in the reeds
My people stricken by cold anguish
The smell of burning floats above our fields
To crush the Turk with iron hands
Our knights will ride, when midnight strikes

The army gathering like storm
Sent by the Raven king to war

They coming hateful in their bloody thousands
With weapons sharp and deadly, (devoid of mercy!)
And many nations have already fallen
Before the might of Ottomans
The enemy’s advance is to be halted
Black ravens soaring high this day

United under royal banners
Earth shaking when they charge!

The terrifying screams of both men and horses
The clash of swords and commands shouted
Many died this day and many fled the field
Ambitions drowned in sea of blood and chaos

The ravens soaring high this day!
The Black army’s marching onward!
Fear will darken the invaders minds
Crying to the heavens, hope abandoned!

This fight is over, let the weapons rest
The sound of trumpets rings through air
Blessed was this day with luck and glory
Immortalized in chronicles of old

Yet be not blinded by the splendor
Of victories and mighty deeds of war
For enemy is always there and watchful
Their wounds will heal, they’ll come again!

Yet ravens claws are sharp and swift with anger
To face the Turks, the Poles, the Holy Romans
On land and sea, with guns and armor
Sent by their Raven king to war!

3. Bringer Of Fear

[Music: J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

The sound of oars in the darkness
And of harsh voices from the mist
Something is moving in the night
Distant fires glowing from east

The sea-worm will rage and the ocean will rise
The wolf will howl and the winter will come
Those who have fought and died with warriors honor
will stand with their gods for their final glory

The ship made of the nails of the corpses
Naglfar, the bringer of fear
Going to war,
The final war
To end it all in flames
Strength and courage
The final sacrifice of blood
My vengeance is dreadful.

The madness of fire will swallow the world
and the chaos will come as the battle is fought
Heroes and gods, monsters and giants, everything falls
The age of great deeds will gone forever!

4. The Longships Are Burning

[Music: J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

The longships are burning and the flames go up high
To the sky the smoke rises, and memories turn to ash
The waves are silently mourning the fallen and lost
Forgotten in foreign lands, not praised in the sagas

The longships are burning and the age draws to a close
Burning together with their gods, the heroes of old
Deeds of valor and of cruelty are engraved in the rune stones
Fading as the years pass, gnawed by the rain and the wind

The longships are burning and shadows of fire are dancing
Seen from afar upon the cold waters of darkness
The black mountains stand guard to this funeral
And the ghosts of the past howling among their spires

The longships are burning, and soon it will all end
A sorrowful parting, a fatal knowing of destiny
Still grief is greeted with laughter, bravery not forsaken
The glowing embers sink down but the song is lifted to skies.

5. Swordwraith

[Music: J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

My voice is singing from the grave
Upon the winds in autumn rain
Can you remember me, do you recall
How did I fight, how did I fall?

I am no more, my flesh is dust
My armor is adorned with rust

As pale remembrance of days old
The bony hands still grasp the sword
The mortal glory, songs of praise
Has laid me to my silent rest

The wreath upon my chest will wither
And farewell candles be extinguished

I was your father, son and brother
A noble man and nameless stranger
My blood now feeds the earth below
My spirit howls in Northern storms

In darkness, fear is creeping from my tomb
The writhes with swords there lurk in gloom
And songs of mourning wont cease soon…

6. Vella Reķis

[Music: E. Vizla lyrics: E. Vizla]

Uguns liesmu drūmais spožums atspīd pāri gadsimtiem
Stāstot varas darbu teikas spoku stundās bailīgiem
Reiz kas bija, kā vairs nava, bet kas aukstus sviedrus dzen

Zeme dreb zem zirgu kājām
Mežus tumsa ieskaut sāk
Bargais kungs no kara mājās
Līdz ar savu draudzi nāk
Pāri upei bēga zviedri
Viļņu putās kvēlo asins
Velna Reķa melnā rokā
Zviedru karaļkronis mirdz!

Gūstekņi tam treji simti
Visus vergu gaitās dzīs
Lai par saviem asins darbiem
Atmaksā līdz mērs būs pilns

Celt tiem šķūni pavēl Reķis
Sausais koks jau nojauš galu
Bailes virmo tā kā sveķi
Šausmās aptumšojas prāts

Kliedzieni aiz slēgtām durvīm
Bargais kungs vien ļauni smīn
Šķūnis gaudo uguns liesmās
„Redz kā manas peles pīkst!”

Un pēc gadiem Jaunpils muižā
Tumšās naktīs spoku stundās
Melna ēna liesmu gaismā
Atsauc senu dienu bailes

Kliedzieni caur akmens velvēm
Velna Reķis ļauni smīn
Sirdis izdeg šausmu liesmās
„Redz kā manas peles pīkst!”

7. Sorcerer Baron

[Music: J. Krivāns lyrics: E. Vizla]

He is riding again, the devil's apprentice
Upon his black stallion, the mad sorcerer lord!
His hand holds the whip, his voice mocking us
Our suffering grows, our land weeps of his works

The lord of our land has made a pact with!
a pact with the devil himself!
Through evil magic his power is strong,
everyone fears him!

Our sweat and blood he drinks as thirsty mad dog
Beating and enslaving us, trading with our souls
His wealth is great, gained by means unholy and evil
Locked away in secret chambers beneath his walls

The lord of our land has made a pact with
a pact with the devil himself!
Torture and death awaits those who rebel,
everyone hates him!

No good death awaits you, no peace in the afterlife
As you made us suffer, you now will suffer forever!
Those who serve demons will be devoured by them
Those who drink blood, in blood will be drowned!

Your screams of death will roar from your castle
The sorcerer's agony is the most horrible torture
Your ghost will haunt the halls of your home
To bring fear to the living on dark Autumn nights

The lord of our land has made a pact with
a pact with the devil himself!
Torture and death awaits those who rebel,
everyone hates him!

We will drive an iron spike through your possessed heart!
Our prayers and curses will burn and prevail against you!

Your accursed head will rest between your feet
Your coffin we bind in strong copper chains!

Bring the word to the people,
the vengeance has come
The lord of our land has been taken
to hell by the devil

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