Dark Lyrics


1. Our Domain

Welcome to our domain...we're all of the same
Down here in Texas we have a great scene
Come on down and see what we mean
Because there are lots of great bands that play heavy brutal shit
Supported by our brothers and sisters in the pit
Experience...going insane welcome to our domain
Jason and the rest in Torment Defined
Are all about...black death metal grind
George and Sintury...Al, Shawn and Mortifix
Unchecked Aggression...as old school as it gets
These are just a few of the bands that you'll see playing around
There are still many more to be heard, to be found
Although...influenced...by other styles...of
sound...extreme...brutality...is what we sought...and we found
Still some assholes typically play the fool
So quick to pass judgment on any music that is new
Close minded sheeple swimming in a mainstream
Don't know the difference between heavy and extreme
Talking shit about a scene they don't understand
So unwilling to compromise or comprehend
Oh well fuck them cause the rest of us really know
There's nothing better than a Death Fucking Metal show
Baptized...you spill your blood
It feels so good...you just want more
Dedicated...forever more
Race...or religion...will never...play a part
Because...it's all about...what...is in your heart
So now it's time to meet some bands
Just one big family of freaks and fans
Supporting our scene to the extreme
Do what we say and you'll see what we mean
Grab some friends and spread the word
To one and all old and new
Support Death Metal with your life be good to what is good to you
Sean and Meatus...noise opera punk grind
Along with Viral Load will blow your fucking mind
Necrogazm, Trailer Thrash Texas fuckin' hardcore
Whitey and Demonseed...sick as fuck grind gore
Thrashin' Alan, Pablo, Dave, Raven
The best DJs on KNON
Charlie and Neverdead and 762
These are just a few more bands, we'll see you fuckin' soon
Welcome to Our Fuckin' Domain

2. Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm

Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Lick the pustulated chunks from your chin
Swallowing globs of herpes
Nothing tastes better than a menstrual slurpee
Suctioning her tampon through a straw
Lick until you vomit up a bloody fuckin' cotton ball
Violently her whole body slings
Because you and five friends just earned your red wings
Vomiting deep inside her cunt
While your tongue is on the hunt
Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Blowing bloody bubbles through your nose
Dick starts to quiver as it grows and blows

3. Beaten, Broken & Butchered

To sing about a human body being cut, bloated and disfigured...
Is to repeat, re-write, regurgitate the same thing that's been done
Take a look at every gore band and their lyrics to which I regard
You can only describe the way in which one mutilates and destroys
the human body in so many ways before the concept of this has been
done to death
This is not meant to lay blame or put down bands that write this way
For we are one I merely offer another perspective
The brutal death metal world will not grow if we don't allow it
Mutilate the mainstream while creating our own
Butcher the world that disregards ours
We'll replace it with brutal death metal
After it's been Beaten, Broken and Butchered
They think if they just ignore us we'll go away
They refuse to realize that we're here to stay
We will not stop until they're Beaten
Our force of brutality will leave them Broken
Once brutal death metal has conquered
The so-called mainstream will be left Butchered
Fuck the system as we know it
With their double standards and shit
Use common sense, not what they use
Only method they know is accuse and abuse
Don't stop until they're Beaten, Broken and Butchered

4. Keep It Fuckin' Brutal

Everyone who plays music starts out the fuckin' same
Learn to jam, join a band try to get out the name
Find a style that makes you smile, always go the extra mile
In this time you'll have to choose what to keep what to lose
You'll always have to sacrifice if you choose music to be your life
Fuck the trends, don't make amends
Cause brutality's where it all begins
Go through the shit knee deep in it
Cause you gotta hang in there when others quit
Brutal fuckin' death metal is your life
Bro's before ho's and includes the wife
It's in your blood flowing strong and free
Once you realize the dream then you will see
Music done with pure intense brutality
That's the shit the it's supposed to fuckin' be
Keep it fuckin' brutal mother fuckers
Don't compromise your music for others
This is the shit we're all like brothers
The brotherhood is strong and growing more everyday
One day soon brutal death will be the only way
Never forget where you came from
And all the friends you will get to know
Just believe in the scene
And everyone who comes and supports you at each and every show

5. All You Can Fuck And Eat

All you...can fuck and eat
Ordinary average guy
Just lost his job and his mind
Driven by hunger and a need to copulate
Enters a restaurant to exterminate
Innocent people, family and friends
Have no idea their life's about to end
Pulls out his gun people run
Slaughtering victims to him is fun
All you can fuck and eat
Bleeding and dying are everywhere scattered
Hopes and dreams forever shattered
Pouring gravy on someone's thigh
Have a slice of eyeball pie
All...you can...fuck and eat
Human flesh...what a treat
Walk among corpses...penetrating orifices
Shooting his cum on the dead
Sopping up blood with his corn bread
Feeling no remorse for those he's killed
Hideous appetite, at last full-filled
All...you can...fuck and eat
Human flesh...what a treat
On those he desecrates
In his mind he sees no wrong
Pulls out intestines with salad tongs
Pouring fresh gravy into the ass
Of a mutilated corpse bloated with gas
If only he knew that the people inside
Were his family, surprise surprise
Forever he'll carry his guilt inside
For he took the life of his kids and his wife
But you see it's not too horrible
Cause never knew his family was cannibals
Eating out is so fun

6. Inevitable Fate

Inevitable Fate
I've got a story your ears must hear
This tale is of birth, life and death
One you might recognize before you go
If you think you can escape the truth
You're only fooling yourself
You begin in your mother's womb
Spawned by your father's load
Conceived in love or a moments lust
Ashes to ashes dust to fuckin' dust
As it flows...into the egg
It feeds the...necessary things
Spit out of your mother's womb
Your life has now begun
You've risen from your tomb
As you grow in this world of shit
Trying to make sense of existence
You must learn along the way
Your only chance is your persistence
Spit out of your mother's womb
Your life has now begun
One thing you will do is die
Only choice is where you go
All you need to do is try
One thing you will do is die
Inevitable death is what you face
Inevitable fate is what you create
We all play the game of life
It starts without instructions
During the passing of time itself
We all learn the meaning of destruction
Surrounded by evil - you don't know
Headed to a tomb - Once again
You can't stop it - It's time to go
Your existence will end
We all play the game of life
It starts without instructions
Those with courage to decide
Are those that will succeed

7. Questions Never Answered

Questions Never Answered
Every minute of every day occurs a birth and a death
Sometimes happening in the same breath
For every beginning, there is an end
Yet no one ever knows how, why or when
Only luck or fate will decide the last time that you will rise
No guarantees in your existence will you define your own
Two faced society really doesn't care
Horrific tragedy causes only stares
As many ways to die as there is to remain
Only those of seeming importance remembered by name
How ironic for we're all the same
Yet even in death life goes on
Some will celebrate, some will mourn
Yes even I question my own time of demise
Born in 1969 lived and loved and then I died
So live your life good or bad be it happy or sadder
Cause at the time of your end will it really matter
Questions...Never Answered but meant to be asked
Only others will know when your time has passed
So live your life good or bad be it happy or sadder
Cause at the time of your end will it really matter
Shall I be remembered by name
Or be lost to oblivion...QNA
[In memory of Kenny Ray Enos]

8. Destined To Fall

Sheer brutality is what you feel
Your withered pride makes you neal
You will know who has won
Like the eve of the day they lost
You too will suffer the Holocaust
Destined to Fall
Like those before you
Written in blood
Blood of humans
Spoken terror became reality
False prophets speak of death to me
Torture and pain that you'll suffer
Wilted pride from words of evil
Your death will be painful and slow
The time will be here soon
For all of us to be judged
If at that time you've not chosen
Your destiny will be forced upon you
We are all just pawns in a game
Our possessions won't go with us
To the almighty we're the same
In the end...you're the blame
You are Destined to Fall
Like those before you
This world we live in
Surrounds us all with sin
Your life is a test of faith
The decisions we make
Will decide our fate
...Destined to Fall
...Destined to Fall

9. Tortured By Deceit

Need to die
You're tortured by deceit
Some bitches are just like the mother fuckin' government
Only existing for their own fulfillment
All their lies and deceit you'll never see
Just another victim of emotional hypocrisy
Viscous...fuckin' liars
Know way deep down inside
That they...will always have...the upper hand
Blinded...by feelings you have deep down inside
Only...when she is gone...shall you understand
Sadly you succumb emotionally...to that which you believe
Without a doubt in the minds of others
You're tortured by deceit
It's hard to make a living when they're takin' what you're givin'
And you're heart just isn't willing because they use you up -
Keep coming back for more
Why...can't you see...they're only here to bleed...you financially
Because...after they have bled you dry... They'll no longer care...if you
live or die
It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself
Depending to love to sustain your health
Soon you'll see through all the bullshit and lies
Now it's your turn to ignore their cries
Stop letting women suck you fucking dry
Play the game - take them for a ride
Close your heart and be out-spoken
Cause a bitch is just another fuck token
Now that you have set yourself free
You'll no longer need
To feel the love of some fuckin' bitch-whore
She's Tortured by Deceit
Laugh...when they start to cry...and they wonder why...
You no longer care
Finally...you begin to see...through loves hypocrisy...
No longer are you blind
No she's the victim of your stability
Without a doubt you see
She knows now who really is the one
Tortured by Deceit
Viscous...fuckin' liar...has now realized
That she...has all but lost...the upper hand
Blinded...by emotions...that you convey to her
Now she fully understands
She no longer matters to you...you've become a man
It was all just one big part of your master plan
Tortured...Tortured...Tortured...Tortured by Deceit
Tortured...the bitch is fuckin' tortured...
The bitch is fuckin' tortured...
The bitch is fuckin' tortured by deceit...

10. The Shit

Cock Sucker...
I fucked that part

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