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1. Deathwish

If I could drive a stake right through your heart, I'd watch your light give way to dark. This soul assassin has once before graced a distant shore like a flashback of Vietnam. You've got a deathwish, that's why I penned this one. So, don't fuck with my fight or flight cause it's a flash­back and it's Friday night. Alright! The fact is I alone possess the pride of many and I confess to having knowledge of big secrets which haunt my life. Deep inside the mind, it's a flashback!

2. One Shot One Kill

I'm pensive and nervous, and I'm generally under duress. Seems you caught me at a bad time, cause I'm just a fuckin' mess. No time to play the victim, no broader worries other than death, because a dark heart and a bright mind are the keys to success. Despite the broken dreams, in bits and pieces, I'm fairing well as far as I can tell. This time, I swear I'll give this all that I got. Sometimes in life that's all you get is one shot (one kill). I take a sip of the good stuff and I really really try to relax, but my mind keeps slippin' away as if perpetually under attack. No sleep for the wicked they say, or is it rest? Same thing I suppose, but who gives a fuck anyway! I'd rather off myself than merely exist, and I'll go quickly if you get my gist. This time I swear I'll give this all that I got. Sometimes in life that's all you get is one shot (one kill). One shot, one kill.

3. Southbound

I've been stone cold righteous right from the start of this. I felt lucky just to be a part of it, but times changed and so did most, so I went Southbound along the coast. Stayed East 'cause that's my home, that's where I shit and eat and where I'll die alone. The hard lessons learned right here were not for naught, now that the end is near. So stop, look, listen. What that's sound? Well, it's your death knell ringin' from underground. It's a one fits all, and it's all for what? We'll use the last nail to keep the coffin shut. True blue, yeah that's how we do, we stick our necks out and give you a point of view. But then you turn your back and disrespect and like a total stranger you disconnected us. We pay no mind and we forge ahead, and put the blinders on bur heads instead of us giving a fuck (so now you know we don't). So don't expect us to care because we won't. Southbound!

4. Problem Reaction Solution

One for all, all for one, with self determination and righteous indignation. I gotta mend this broken dream, so I try to swim upstream while drowning in disbelief. No place for the self employed, where life was once enjoyed. The future null and void. Our system's so corrupt that it's wholly lost our trust, and in fact it's plain unjust. When I look back I can figure it out, that it's all been scripted. Now it's about time to break free from your fucking cage! Tell me who your your god is and where is your rage? It's a problem reaction solution scenario. In this environment, all of us fair game, and this happens to be open season with no reason given other than because of the fact that our numbers are rising and they're fearful. So they question, what have we become? Destined for extinction with reckless fixation on colonization. So many have lost their way and all sense of humanity with no shame or humility. They rule with an iron fist. You will cease and desist or end up on their list. Cause these days you have no voice. To some it's all white noise. The choice: you have no choice! Despite the haze I can still see straight. I just took the hook out and I spit the bait. I wipe the bullshit from my eyes and get to reading in between the lies.

5. The Final Revolution

History repeats itself to spite our ignorance. No hope for tomorrow and there is no second chance. Sign up, line up for the next big confrontation. It promises to be the best thing for this nation. Oh, the sacrifices mode in the name of Cod and son on uninviting shores where wars were won. It's the final revolution, taking hold! It's the final revolution, god save our souls! Let's we forget that all gave some and some gave all to build this house of flesh and bones. Now watch it fall! In peril, the world shakes and braces itself for the end. With no regard for life, we're doomed to fail again. So the war was waged within. On familiar soil and then unfriendly fire rained down on us. The game begins!

6. Can't Stop The Pain

The pain strikes back in so many ways that you can lose track of the hurt. For money ain't no object to us. Heads up, cause we're on alert! We lead the way like a Judas goat down a path of complete destruction and hate and infamy. We are the voice of a generation and that's ok 'cause that's our way! Yeah, that's ok, cause that's our way! Yet the vulgar many try in vain, but the truth is, they can't stop the pain! Sometimes I feel like a slave to all of this and like I've done my time But then the power of unforeseen forces lifts me up to new heights, and like a sovereign nation, I defend my right to exist. So give your undivided attention, scream loud and raise your fist because today who can you trust? What's good for them ain't good for us!

7. All Systems Fail

They say that Rome didn't fall in a day. Well, I wonder how long that it took for the bloody claws. Of an empire to suddenly get unhooked from the backs of those who relinquished their power to bring great change. All dissidents were extinguished, most of them at close range. So let it be known, let it be said that most of us yearn to be led. The axe falls slow as we fall in line. Horrific for many of us to live in the age of disgust where truth's suppressed, history redefined. In time, all systems fail, in time. Martyred by the idealists of our age, we're forced into war. Time and time again we pay the price, but they'll reassure us the sacrifices made weren't made in vain. I count the bald faced lies from those who seek to reign. It's just a matter of time, we'll turn the blood into wine and toast our leaders upon this day, to ring in a brand new regime who promise to bring great change and other things which they'll make us believe.

8. Want Some?

Can you see the hate and pain in my eyes? The way they seem to cut through you. The wrath of a billion tortured souls will come crashing down through this godforsaken place called earth and leave a void so well deserved. In this life you get what you give, so listen up! For if you want some, you better come quick and come clean before reality hits you like a brick. I don't give a fuck what was said. I'll listen to the voices in my head before I take note of what you say on this particular shitty day. Division has reached a feverish pitch and in the end we won't be missed. Consider it a blessing that god sent this great gift. For if you want some, you better come quick and come clean before reality hits you like a brick. For if you want some, get some!

9. Fall From Grace

Rule 1: Never look a gift horse in the mouth. But the fact you did says a lot for you and who you are. How the years go by and you still got it out for me. But that's you, and all your bitterness and fucking jealousy. You pat yourself on the back while I beat my chest. Now can you guess who's the best? I'll fall from grace and eventually all will fall into place. Eventually I'll fall from grace and eventually all will fall into place, eventually.

Rule 2: Never let the bullshit get to you. But the fact that you did makes it all the more true. Do you think at all of those you left in your wake? I guess not, but that's your choice to make. I bet you'd like to see me fall on my face, or from grace. Just try to knock me out of the race. I bet you can't, so you'll just talk your shit anyway. I built this fortress to be heard and to be righteous with these words. I said be careful what you wish for, and kept all abreast of what's in store. Then you came, you saw, you left.

10. Emerge

You see, I got a fuckin' message for you (and you, and you) and didn't I tell you I would see this through? Never claim to represent because you run when the shit goes down. Say goodbye to all of this: The pain, the tears, the shame, the bliss. You've been exposed for what you are, no heart from the very start of this. Unfazed, I will emerge unscathed. Unfazed, I will emerge unscathed back from harm's way. You gotta play it fuckin righteous if you want some respect. This ain't a choice to accept or reject. It boils down to the nitty gritty, the brass tacks of this fuckin' shitty city. Bow down to the powers that be and be the sucker, you mother fucker. You played the role to the fuckin' T. I should have known you'd turn your back on me.

11. Mass Extinction

With no place to run and no place to hide, we're shit out of luck and out of time. It's like hell on earth, where the parasites reside to feed upon our energy. We're like rats in a cage, shocked and amazed at the scale of what's been done to us. Where evil resides, darkness presides over us no matter what the cost. There's no order in the court and there's no justice for what they did. Behind the promises, the men who sold their souls for the highest bid. We're destined for mass extinction for lack of conviction. En masse extinction for lack of conviction. Full speed ahead into oblivion. We've past the point of no return. With so much at stake but not much to lose we try to get shit overturned. A fruitless endeavor of biblical proportion lies ahead. No dignity displayed by the masses cause most have none. I'm giving all, yet it seems to me that there's no order in the court. The futures bleak, the system stinks to high heaven and back and makes no difference what you think.

12. Under The Gun

Soulless and godless, we bum the candle at both ends as progress is being phased out. Our resistance is futile and so we bypass the future while we focus on the here and now. We long for the time when justice wasn't so blind. How we took for granted everything. Well, the time is now (if there ever was a time). It's all or nothing, sink or swim. Because the power within you is nothing without you, gotta keep movin' on (keep movin' on). I hear the grass is always greener on the west side of Texas, and the West was won under the gun. Lines in the sand are drawn with bloody hands. The message sent is loud and clear that the strength lies in numbers and the numbers are rising. Lord, take us to the promised land! With no end in sight, we'll fight with all our might to get back on our feet again. It only takes a minute to realize the urgency of what is at hand. High noon can't come too soon, so shoot straight and take 10 steps to the East. Boy I can't wait to end this big charade we played for life, and now I bid farewell for good and bless the cause for which we stood.

13. Lifes Hard - Live 2010

[Bonus Track]

14. Get Real - Live 2010

[Bonus Track]

15. Party In Paris

[Bonus Track]
[originally by UK Subs]

Gary Meskil — Bass, Vocals
Jonas Sanders — Drums
Marshall Stephens — Guitars (rhythm)
Adam Phillips — Guitars (lead)

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