Dark Lyrics


1. The Shape Of Things To Come

Open your eyes and close the door
We've had enough and we won't be taking no more
Don't turn around until you're home
And leave us to ourselves to be with your own
We built this house for us to share with those we trust
At times too much we give the world in which we live

Brainwash with a Mega dose of TV
The bleeding hearts convince us to be PC
Their sentiment just don't mean shit to me
So lock me up and throw away the key

Beneath we're all the same
Don't be so fucking lame
Our minds are duly raped just to change the shape of things to come
Get lost - there's another town to taint an another will to break
But worst of all it's all our fault

2. Gone Fishin'

Drown us in sorrow
Feed us more lies
Wake me up tomorrow
Strap me up to the nines

Senseless reason
Nervous twitchin'
Tis the season
Let's go fishin'

Acts of defiance done to you by me
Suffering in silence as far as eyes can see

No death 'til dawn
I awaken
All are forwarned
Last breaths taken
Break it down

3. Down For The Cause

I cried a thousand times for those who lost their lives up in NYC
Friends underneath remains from such a dirty game
Looks like world war 3
Picking up the pieces while we try to make some sense of it all - can we?
Dont't you try to underscore the nature of it all with your sympathy

I'm down for the cause
The cause is down for me and I'll fight 'til the last breath for life and
Blood upon your hands will run but never fade and restless you lie awake in the
bed you made
I'm down for the cause
You and all of those like you have cut this place in two to divide and conquer
We - blind to those who hate can hope it's not too late

So complacent we are
Can't understand the past
The peace was not to last for to each his own
play biblical charades with military aides in the danger zone

4. No Way Out

Douse the well with poison
Call me when it's done
Make sure there's no choice in all matters yet to come
Follow me through darkness and trust my evil lead
Bring death to those that shun us and swallow every seed

And over the fields we will run
Blind to what we've become
Face your fears and have no doubt
There's one way in - and no way out

Venomous, courageous, carnivorous, and free
Those that dare engage us get stripped of all their being
Hate divides all nations in this genocidal age of gross annihilation and
homicidal rage

So this is how wars are won?
Millions are ruled by one
Question all when in doubt
There's one way in - and no way out

Open the wound and let the blood run unitl you're dry
The system's immune
Drain the will to survive

5. Shreds Of Dignity

Once is enough
Enough to make all the crazed insane
Pretending we're tough we drive all night through the pouring rain
And for what?
A chance to gain us an ounce of respect?
All that we got are faces to save and some pride to protect
And now ... we got such a long way to go

Places to see
Fewer - the faces you know
Time is at hand with never a moment to question or doubt
Vent all we can the need to discuss ehat the plan is about
Dues and the debts
The debts are cleared and the dues they were paid in no regrets for the grounds
that we laid and the points that were made
And now ... is nothing more left to be said?

I'm hating myself for blaming the thoughts in my head
Never again shall they leave us for dead

6. Walk Away

Took to the city - the band were late
We could care less cause we can't wait
Got fucked up and so were they
Man they sucked - but that's OK

They do it all for the money
Got lots to show
Keep the cash flow comin'
Who needs to know
It's all right
It's OK
Play, fleece and walk away

Same old shit yet another town
torn inside out and upside down
The ones you got to know so well
Got much to learn but more to tell

They did it all for the money
And not for the show
To keep the side show runnin'
Just pack some things and go
It's all right
It's OK
Play, fleece and walk away

7. F.O.A.D.

Your empty words don't bring me down
Why did you think they would?
This revolution starts right here and now
And I'm in your neighborhood
It wouldn't serve you well to get the nerve to tell me face to face
Assassinate my name, initiate the same from place to place

Alas the stage is set
Revenge!, remorse?, regret?
Deny, deny, deny
Fuck you, fuck off and die

Bet you made a fortune in fucking lies
I'ts how you sell yourself
Best proceed with caution
Don't close your eyes
It's to protect your health
Hated with a passion
Yeah - this is you and I know you talk you're shit
Now I'm on a quest to snuff you fuckin' out cause I'm so sick of it

We're no what it's about
So let the truth come out
Deny, deny, deny
Fuck you, fuck off and die

8. Lock N' Load

Arrogance is all around us
How can we relax?
All our friends and foes surround us to stab us in the backs
Your minds and worlds we'll rock to take us to the dusty road
But now's the time we lock and load

False compassion makes me sick
Determination makes us tick
Like a bomb that's sent to blow you a kiss from G.I. Joe
Throw brad and the geese will flock where hearts and mines explode
The perfect place to lock and load

9. Casualties Of War

War and pain fall down like rain
Morbid thoughts enter my brain
Time to kill - thousands I will
Goals to reach - trenches to fill
The world will be no more
The casualties of war

Blood is shed - millions are dead
Sounds of death rip through my head
Minds i rape - chances I take
Bones I break - choices I make
The world will be no more
The casualties of war

You chose to talk the talk
I'm known to walk the walk
You dared to cross my path
And now you'll feel my wrath

10. 24/7

Man I feel like shit today
I gotta make it all go away
Take your bullshit outta my face
Before I wreck this whole damn place
So leave my home and me alone
Boy I hate this fucking scene
And I know you know what I fucking mean
You crucify me all day long
And tell me how you're right and I'm wrong
To make you feel complete - so real
Well I've been around and I'm well aware
So don't you think I don't fucking care
I live my life the best I can
Gonna put you on the five year plan
So leave my home and me alone

11. Justice Must Be Done

Let the scales of justice fall to the ground
Search for place to worship - none found
Let the nation seal our fate
And seek to build their welfare state
So pinch yourself if you don't believe your eyes
They beat you down with a system they've devised
Shut you up and cut you down to size
And all that will remain will fucking die
Drain the seas of good intent
Justify our time they spent
Lax beyond our wildest dream
Fall beneath the cracks and seams
Spin yourseld a vicious circle
In which you can protect and house your kin
No collective thoughts of where you've been
Utilize your strength from within
Justice must be done
Breaking your will with callous decree for what you believe
Pleasure to kill those who betray and those who deceive
What can be said? What can be done? What should we do?
Justice for me would be an injustice to you
Justice must be done right now

12. Kill Or Be Killed

These times are changin' so you keep up or fuckin' die cause war is contagious
Gotta tell us the truth, don't fuckin' lie
As our foes surround us the system stabs us in the back
No help to help us defend in case of an attack
Yet the beast within shall rise from sea to shining sea
It's a call for their demise by hate - eternally
It's kill or be killed

So who can be trusted if we're represented by the past?
All options exhausted
Conclusions jumped too far too fast
What's to save us if religion sowed the seeds of war
God forgave us for the past atrocities ignored
Now the evil one shall die but who the fuck are they?
No need to question why we're bitter to this day
It's kill or be killed

Thanks to Hausman for sending these lyrics.

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