Dark Lyrics


1. Can You Feel It?

So, are you sick of me yet?
Well I'm sick of you too.
Been flappin them pork chop lips for days,
so what's up with you?
Always so quick to judge
but last up to the plate.
Knocked out with a lethal dose of me
and a fistful of hate.
On reputation alone, I'll make it last for days.
That's more than what could be said for you,
all stuck in your ways.
I stick like meat to bone
right down to the deal.
None short of a cut above the rest,
oh yes, I'm for real.

Can you feel it?

You, stand up!
Come face to face.
Now put your fist head high,
and I'll set the pace.
I'll get the best of you
while you dish out the least.
You taste the blood
all while I unleash the beast.

I'll get right to the zone, where it really hurts.
Sometimes that's what you get,
you'll get your just desserts.
High time to pack it up, and pack it in.
Make sure you don't forget the man
who fuckin did you in.

Can you feel it?

In this life I lead,
won't strive for second best.
You burned me to the core,
then put me to the test.
I'll show no signs of weakness.
Plant my flag of hate
inside your fucking mind!

Can you feel it?

2. Left For Dead

Few face it, but times they change.
So you gotta go with the flow.
I'm uncertain to change my ways.
To scream bloody murders all I know.
Spit venom at every turn
and I could give a fuck what you say.
I lie bleeding to lick my wounds
and throw down mother fucker to get my way

God is on my side,
and this will cause you pain.
Watch our worlds collide.
Death's to fall like rain, and leave us
longing so don't fuck with ray head
I'll leave us all, all left for dead.

I seize weapons of choice.
I mislead as I see fit.
To sense fear in your voice is bliss.
Complete satisfaction's what I'll get.
I'll kick back and I'll watch you all
die like your fuckin diseased.
I'll throw nails to catch your fall.
Mace will bring you to your knees.

Hate begins to rise.
Blood upon your hands.
Right before your eyes,
next to god I'll stand and leave you
longing for hope, hanging your head,
I'll leave you all, all left for dead.

3. Godspeed

If you're in,
I want out.
Fuck you all,
good bye.
Such a shame.
It's been real.
Hope you all die.
Make a break for better days.
Watch the world burning below.
Vow we're not looking to make amends.

Let them eat crow!
In search of life on status quo, so Godspeed, go!
Our Northern Lights are getting low, so Godspeed, go!
Taste the pain.
Smell the burn of the first kill.
Watched your face enjoy the ride like a pink pill.
Never tell, promise?
Don't need to know nothing but the best.
Civilization, or social unrest.
In search of life on status quo, so Godspeed, go!
Our Northern Lights are getting low, so Godspeed, go!

4. Implode

Malicious intent, that's what he meant
when he placed a fuckin price on your head.
Plenty of proof to believe in all of the shit that was said.

Licensed to kill.
The crowd dispersed like game.
Superior skill took hold.
Time to free thy name.
Now we lighten the load.
Let the bastards implode!

Riddled your souls, all full of holes
with no sense of right or sense of wrong
Never remorse, what's the recourse?
Just send em' back to where they belong.

Back in the cell,
left to come into his own.
Far worse than hell,
with all the comforts of home.

Shall we lighten the load?
Let the bastards implode!

5. American Dreams

I say no to war, you say no to war,
and we go to war again
but the truth of the matter is -
it stinks like the shit that you are.
You've freedom to sell, you poisoned
the well from heaven to hell and then
you wonder why you can't fuckin think
for yourself anymore.

The end - does it justify the means?
Angst and disgust - American dreams.
I hate it myself - it's not what it seems to be.
I distrust American dreams

Your bringin me down, and bringin me down,
and bringin me down again
to the lows that were never ever
reached or dreamed of before
With weapons at bay, we're facing the day,
embracing the cause for dissent
then we'll justify our resolve well after the war.

The end - does it justify the means?
Angst and disgust - American dreams.
I hate it myself - it's not what it seems to be.
I distrust American dreams

American Dreams!

6. Cut Throat

Now, this is the end.
You cannot mistake this is it, it's over my friend.
Like they say, "it's been real".
Your questions, like me just get old, and that's how I feel.
Cut throat, then you run away.
No hope, just another death, and just another day.
You, you're making me sick and chances are you'll never know
just what makes us tick.

Now, you think it's ok
to use me, abuse me, talk shit and
send me on ray way.
Cut throat, then you run away.
No hope, just another death, and just another day.
I, I'm back once again.
For he who shall both do and teach is divine, amen.
Life has made me content.
My actions speak loudly, no need for further comment.

7. Aftermath

Eyes on fire, burning flames, seas of blood.
Skies of soot, acid rain, toxic mud.
Tortured souls in body bags, scents of death.
Melted limbs, blood on ice, and blackened breath

Last taste of war. forever more.
All life is gone, bloodshed no more.
Lifeless we lie under the sun.
Now all's said and done

Wasted days, killing time, fall from grace
Take the stand, who's your god, what's your faith?
Trails gone cold, end's in sight, lose your mind.
Seal your fate, leave us all left behind.

Life under siege, none lives to greive
All left to die, nature's relieved.
No place to rest, frightened we run.
When all's said and done.

8. Save Face

I am to me, not what you think, or what you see.
How would you feel if I would tell you to fuck off,
and the reason - for keepin it real.
Always the same. I am to blame for your sorrows after the fall.
Thinking of me not as human, but as a source for you to control.
So was it easy?
Was it easy getting over and lying to me more or less?
Or was it the case that you chose to save face.
Life's a stage, a play for your rage.
Never listen, it doesn't apply.
Never a thanks, so full of angst and you wonder why nobody tried
Rebel from hell, or can't you tell?
Plain and simple nobody's fool other than his.
Going places, wreakin havoc, and breakin the rules.

9. The Better Half Of Forever


10. Freedom Rings

Oh, freedom rings, and the press keeps bringing the news.
Black clouds hang over us keep us fucking singing the blues.
Texas tea means nothing to me.
Does it really mean something to you?
Indecision, so what do we do, what can we do, what will we do?
We can't do nothing, got our backs to the wall.
Gotta start from the bottom of this, if at all.
We seem so hollow, shallow inside, like pigs who wallow in their pride.
Bourgeoisie, for the red, the white, and the blue.
Soon they'll be coming for rat, next stop they'll be coming for you.
Work for nothing, it's all a part of the game.
Die for something, hope, hope someone will remember your name
always the same, who can you blame
From the rags to the riches, to the souls unsung,
we gotta get to the reason for this while we're young.
It's a new generation, damned from the start,
it's a voice of a nation, with no heart.
Don't cease and desist, for we can resist,
we've too much to lose, there's too much to list.
So don't fall behind, and just keep in mind,
that revenge is sweet, and justice is blind.

Freedom rings!

11. Lost Horizons

So here alone in place I sit.
All my friends ain't closely knit.
Watch the passers by all day,
wishing some would come my way.

Hit the bottle after work.
Just another hopeless jerk.
Find it hard to "just say no".
"Bottoms up", now here I go!

I've had misfortune in my life.
Good intentions don't make it right.
Seems all I've done just ain't enough.
I guess you've got to be made of stronger stuff.

Can you feel the pressure rising?
Will you make it all go away?
Miles and miles of lost horizon.
Left to take it day by day.

I've got to get my thoughts in place.
Mental baggage to erase.
Failed attempts to seal my fate.
Turned away at heaven's gate.
Lost my heart and lost my mind.
Best of friends I left behind.
Change of heart and change of state.
I'll change it all and I can't wait.

No fame and fortune to see me through.
Just petty stuff like me and you.
All circumstantial, no fuckin luck.
It's superficial, and I could give a fuck.

12. Fistful Of Hate

Hot damn, now that duke got his man
well it's safe to say his mind is at ease.
All told, he sold out the old
and smiled and said the public agrees.
Think tank fatty laughed to the bank,
a greedy mother fucker is he.
No brains, yanking our chains
and makin livin shitty for me

Got a fistful of hate!. Got a fistful of hate!

Bring down the resident clown
while he's sittin' at the top of the hill.
Drunk swagger with an empty head,
some said "this imp is run of the mill".
Can't stop a pig in the slop.
You've got to try and do what you can.
Raise hell, and I wish you well.
I stand to reason, I'm just a man

With a fistful of hate! With a fistful of hate!

Fistful of hate! Fistful of hate!


Gary Meskil - bass, vocals, keyboard in "Godspeed"
Tom Klimchuck - lead guitar
Eric Klinger - rhythm guitar, vocals
JC Dwver - drums

Guest musicians:

Stephan Weidner ( Die Bohse Onkelz)- vocals in "Godspeed"
Nick Warren, Krazy-K & Drew - vocals in "Cut Throat", "Can You Feel It"

Thanks to mortyr2004 for sending these lyrics.

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