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1. Irrelevant Thoughts

Look, Listen, Learn

All I've been taught
All that confused me
Irrelevant thoughts
All just to use me
For society's will
Denied my own person
But there's still a will
For my very own lesson

Now I know nothing that my mind can't create
Now they'll know something of the mind they create

Look, Listen, Learn
It's time they learn

Rite to my will
Rite to my impulse
Territorial rites
Right to your downfall

2. Unconditional

Unconditional soon to be damned
An individual high in demand
Institutions fill the begging hands
Clean the ashes where we used to stand
Uninvited with open arms
Complacent walls keeping out all harm

I'm bound, unbound, unwound

Unconditional bad for good
Clutching glad hand misunderstood
A tight cold grip, eager to pull
With a little luck
Fake out the rule

3. Positively Blind

Positively blind
You can't see you're opaque from the light
Looking at the bright can be negative
Road turns only right and runs narrow
You're detoured out of sight
But the first one to arrive at the conclusive

Unaware of signs before you, ignorant of times
Choose to undermine the clear truth
Everything must shine in your life
Polishing your pride
No one can belie optimistic proof

All of those so proud
Just forget about it
Your future's further in doubt
All of those so proud
Won't improve upon it
Their future's further in doubt

4. Prove You Wrong

Diggin' for answers you fall in a hole
Lessons of nonsense shall cast the first stone
Pontifical preachings past now quick to forget 'em
I'm depending on no one I distrust and oppose

Prove you, prove you wrong
You can bet on it, I'll prove you wrong
Prove you, prove you wrong
Depend on it, I'll prove you wrong

Quest for solutions
You ain't gonna get one here
Why waste my breath upon the ears of the deaf man
Skeptic acceptance caution
Fraudulent cause
Dependence on no one best distrust and oppose

5. Hell If I Could

You wanna know something
Well I'd give you hell if I could
Still I try so hard not to care
Sold on the excess, chasing the tail to the cage
Joke's on you, you're sliding, of not far to go

You wanna know something
I'd give you hell if I could
You've not far to go
I'd give you hell if I could
I swear you've know far to go

Some are so sad
They pray the bad go away
I itch and sore and still I can't complain
Singing have gun will travel
If all looks so stupid to me
Seconds stutter backward
And not far to go

6. Pointless

Hitman's got no doubt about
Position in the work place
A matter of investment
Ridding human excess
Dealing stocks and bonds of blood
Shotgun dividends
But you hold a gun that's smoking

So pointless keep pushing
Keep shooting so pointless

Head full 'o bullets
A soul that's been spent
That be the pension
In bizness dealt with lead
Kickbacks and cutbacks
They all stab you in the back
The bloody palms
Primed for greasing

7. Contradictions

Time for double standards
Now who shall be blamed
With the change of weather
Scapegoats are acclaimed
Acts of no reason: populous response
Opinions are like assholes
Everyone's one

All these contradictions
Are bound to confuse
What wrong will you choose?

Can I ask a question?
Or am I out of line
Some more lip service
Will smooth it out nice

8. Torn Between

A conscience keeps burning; fiery hell in
Your mind - transgression, deception, personal
Thought crime
Led into temptation, continuance sin
Punishment time, punish the mind
Guild embedded in

Tearing Torn Tearing Torn between two poles

Human animal flesh and bones
Spirits, auras and souls
One undone, one's enough and one only knows

Tearing Torn Tearing Torn between two poles
You're never whole

9. Brainwave

Latching onto the crowd
They never ever did it that way
Guided by a brainwave
Follow the light shunned by the herd
All the postures being played
So many proud do it that way
Coppin' on the new rave
After the fact a bit too late

They want to fit in so fucking bad
On all fours kissing so much ass
But the true will stick it through

Not fit in So be it

You can call some insane
But some use choice and do it their way
With a message to prey
Unity power within their range
Wounded in a fight
Better off dead and save your face
Too many on a straight wave
On a sick path, a clueless trace

Not fit in So be it

10. Territorial Rites


11. Get A Grip (On Yourself)

Did not have the money round to buy a Moray Thou
Been around and seen a lot to shake me anyhow
Begged and borrowed sometimes I admit I even stole
The worse crime that I ever did was play some rock and roll.

But the money is no good
Just get a grip on yourself
But the money is no good
Just get a grip on yourself
And you should know

Suffering convictions on a two-way stretch inside
The air in here is pretty thin, I think I will go outside
Committed for insanity and crimes against the soul
The worst crime that I ever did was play some rock and roll.

Now I find from week to week the sentence sticking fast
Turn the corner, rub my eyes and hope the world will last
Stranger from another planet welcome to our hole
Just strap on your guitar and we will play some rock and roll

12. Shouldn't Have Bothered

It is a reason why I got control
It's the treason, better off alone
Got an answer; individual creed
Got advantage, don't really need 'em

Shouldn't have bothered
Reaching out to fools

They're the patients, conditions; worse
Got the patience, it's in the works
Their impressions are such a waste
My investment is my own fate

13. No Way To Deny It

News of senseless agression
Journalistic sensation, quick reasons to mention
Paraded so soulfully
Stated so righteously
One vision to convey
Nothing more to say

The cause - no way to deny it
Ignore it it won't disappear
No way to deny it
The wrongs - no way to deny them
Ignore them they won't disappear
No way to deny it

News eating the nation
Editorialization (quick reasons to mention)
Concluded too easily
Repeated in history
Someone's got to pay
Nothing more to say

News of constant deception
Censored reception
Quick reasons to mention
Soudbites - all too clear
Left rights!
The end is near!
Someone's got to pay
Nothing more to say

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