Dark Lyrics


1. Our Parallel World

All Is under the attack of false
And I can't exist for a while
I'm pressed by vice to receive the fall
In order to degenerate my life.

Everything is in danger construction
The imperfect society is incorrigible
It's a main purpose, it's destruction.

The civilization is neglected by trash
But we have no way backward
This is the end in embraces of the God.
And he can't help us.

2. Unknown Person

Suddenly I've seen the shadow
In the darkness on the wall
It's time for him and here he is...
But nobody can see his shrewd sight
The hopelessness has come and the fever
Has filled the world.

He try to say something...
And give the chance... In your fortune.

Unknown Person...
He comes suddenly...
You see him right along
He is in every secret
Awake! And you'll see him.

It's difficult to change something
He'll define you choise
What will this figure carry itself?
Been as a shadow forever...

Unknown Person...
He comes suddenly...
You see him right along
He is in every secret
Awake! And you'll see him.

But the lines disappear, the sunrise will begin
Going away, he didn't leave his steps
The sunshine has entered the window
Dissipating all the signs of Unknown Person...

3. Fire In The Midnight Dark

Settings fire in the midnight dark
You try to recognize the contours of a way in dark
But there is already another time
To go at random and to disbelieve not why
Only you really exist.

But in yourself you are broken.
The all are passing it that miracle
And you ask yourself - I broken?
To go in a way you take with yourself
The faith, that you must go from all
To promise, that you'll be searched then
That you never lose.

But there, you are standing on the crossroads
All decisive, what is in this for yourself
And above all, it is hypocrisy
The lie, what gives dark for your mind
Or, leave with yourself
Come into the fight, and try an idea
What takes place in the other days
It's you - for everything being broken.

4. Falling Leaves


5. Hostages Of Nature

In the stream of the last days
The people are fighting for never ideas
Who Is right or who Is fault
Where is the truth all men want realize.

And we are flying in the stream of times
On all closed it's eyes
So often forgotten that
We all are hostages of nature.

6. The Hill Of Hope

Everytime climbing here again and again
On this hill, warping by the dark woods
Everytime my road is more difficult and in vain
But this point is nearby and no wayback wards.

From this point you can see a real mirror
Of this abstract worlds
You'll recall the time, when you were in
The depression of soul
You'll recall the days, when you were a lucky man
You'll recall everything and your lucky days
But remembered - you must forget.

Well, I'm here now, I've come in order
To turn down all types of moan
To cross the line of renunciation
And I can see that omen.

On this hill it's the symbol of hope
Slow-witted and victory
And standing here you can feel
That the grieve is run away...

And a light of hope is reigning
At the moment you have left this place
You can take the feeling...
How you've dissolved in the stream of life.

7. Oblivion


All music & lyrics by PROMONTORY

Eugene Biryukov - guitars, vocals
Alexey Styopin - bass
Vladimir Ivanov - drums
Eugene Shyokotov - keyboards

Guest Musician:
Pavel Komlev - lead guitar parts

Produced by PROMONTORY & Vladimir Leonov
Recorded & mixed during 9-13 of Nay,
5-16th of July, August 1997
at VP Studio, Smolensk.

Thanks to sather for sending these lyrics.

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