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1. Le Supplice des Aloades

By the Styx this pact is sealed
Otus and Ephialtes
Sons of Poseidon
Swore to seduce the goddesses

I shall take Hera,
Goddess of fertility
For I want her to bear my progeny

I shall take Artemis
As my legitimate queen,
Because such is the power of my desire

Arrogant and proud
The giants left
Bound by their brotherly love

None was harmful to them
Except the fratricidal arm

By the land and the sea
They sought their promised
Looking for the divine Artemis

By the land and the sea
They finally found her
And ran towards

The divine figure suddenly
Disappeared in the woods
Under the guise of a sublime white deer

The brothers, splitting their ways
Threw their forceful spears
But haste only made them found each other hearts

As life ran through their wounds
Thanatos, son of Nyx
Took their soul
Across the stormy Styx
For breaking their pact
And coveted Zeus daughter
Across the stormy Styx

Tied by snakes to a column
For the eternity
An owl hooting unrelentingly in their ears.

Disability to see their beloved
Eternal punishment
Endlessly mulling their deadly gesture

2. Niobides

Niobides, born of royal blood,
Daughter of the great Tantalus,
Proud of her numerous offspring,
Held these words...

"Prefer the god that you can see,
Rather than revere the unseeable ones!
My beauty and fertility
Surpass that of the Goddess
Leto, mother of the twin gods.
Haste yourself!
Praise me!
Or my anger is upon you all!..."

Indignant, the Mother of the Gods
Apollo and Artemis
Address them...

"My children, I have been harmed...
This mortal forbade my altars
And does not vow you any respect."

"Cease, said the God of Light, those laments that delay the punishment."

Near the walls of the city of Thebes,
The seven sons of Niobides
Proudly overlapped their steeds.
Unaware of their impending death
And Apollo; and his avenging arm!

The awful slaughter began.
No male offspring survived.

Pierced by murderous arrows
Seven bodies lays
Below the sun.

"Leto, feast on my sorrow
Your son killed me seven times!
But still I am the greatest
After so many funerals!"

This excessive bragging
Was fatal to her daughters.
The vengeful goddess,
Made each of her fall
On their brothers's deadly wounds,
Withdrawing unfairly
Their final breath.

"I admit, you have won.
You are the greatest of us.
Now let me rest, please,
For I have lost all my offsprings..."

Muted by her sadness,
Petrified by what she had done,
Slowly, her tender skin turned
Into the coldest stone

Her veins became ivory
Her tears, marble.
Her last breath was trapped in her

3. The Plague

My name is Aeacus
Sovereign of the city of Aegina
Son of Zeus's adultery
My state is doomed by Hera's scourge

Many suns have risen
Since the overwhelming mist appeared
Four times the moon rose
Four times the wind didn't blew

Campaings were the first
To be decimated by the miasmas
Exhaling it each time closer to us

Aegina was besieged by disease

Now it has penetrated our doors
And seized the whole city

Everywhere the eyes land
Everywhere is the desolation
None has hope for salvation

Half dead citizens wander in the streets
The arms outstretched to the vault of the sky
Shouting prayers that remain unheard

And here I remain
Despising this life
Eager to share the fate
Of my fellow men

Everywhere one can see piles of cadavers
Marked with the seal

The seal of the disease
The one which putrefies the insides
The one which decimates entire families

See the temple of the great Zeus
How many sacrifices
Were made there?

How many times the father died
Praying hopelessly at
The feet of the altar?

I saw scattered bodies on the sacred threshold

Cadavers lie unburied
Many are burnt at the same time
On the funeral pyre
With nobody to cry their ashes

My people have been cruelly slaughtered
As I pray stricken by so much pain
The thunder struck as an omen

4. A Forbidden Symphony

A strange music crosses the ceiling
It charms me, hypnotizes me
I follow the vibrations
Up to a dark staircase
Just a step towards madness

In front of a rotten door
The sweet lullaby flows
Through the tarnished lock
Will you let me in?
Should I get in?

The screams of his cursed cello
Sing the swirling symphony of desolation

Mister Zann, play for me
Show me what I can't see

Which secrets are you hiding from me?

Mister Zann is playing a forbidden symphony
To save his life
Mister Zann is playing a forbidden symphony
To save our lives

What are you staring at?
Who is hiding?
Behind the window?
Will you answer me?
'Cause I feel your insanity,
It's coming, I can hear it
It's done, we are doomed

The window breaks
My vision gets lost in an ocean of galaxies
The void devours my soul
A demonic wind rushes into the room

Mister Zann, play for me
Show me what I can't see

A tornado of agony takes me
My eyes roll upwards
My body breaks
Losing me in a symphony of madness

Mister Zann is playing a forbidden symphony
To save his soul
Mister Zann is playing a forbidden symphony
To save our souls

Mister Zann, play for me
Mister Zann, play for me

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