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1. Heart And Steel

[The King:]
"We are here to celebrate
The gods are my son
For the holy crown of time
We sing ancient songs"

But the wind's voice howls
And the storm is raging near
Then a lightning falls
And a ghost appears

"Here I am I understand
killing the pain it's now my aim
I will fight day and night
Heart and steel my kingdom's will"

The black sorcerer talks to me:
"You're the chosen one
You must set my spirit free
From the curse upon me
Evilness will come
From the deepest sands of time
You can save your world
If I'm by your side"

2. Guardian Soldiers

In the dusk I lie I can't move I feel buried here
Tryin' to get out I fall and see a storied bier
It's a glorious hall with gold and treasures everywhere
In the distance shines a torch I'll try to go right there

I can see two men with strange clothes standing at the door
Speaking words in a strange language I've never heard before
They are watching me astonished it seems that they're quite scared
But at once they start to chase me I know they want my death

Suddenly I find myself in front of a wall of stone
There's no other way to go I know I'm not alone
There's a strange design of this wall that is barring me
Like a stair that leads up to the sky of liberty

So it seems there is a passage hidden here behind
That's the only chance of way out that I know I have to find
In a flash the soldiers have come and they throw their spears
I succeed in avoiding them and they strike a hidden gear

The guardian soldiers are at my back now they'll attack
Through lifeless dungeons few flames of light
Blaze in this night
Terrifying shadows in every site with evil might
Through deadly dungeons pursued by fear
They are too near

At last the old gear that blocked the wall has been released
With a rumbling noise the barrier now begins to lift

It appears a steep flight of stairs that's also too much sheer
I am climbing it very quickly to rush away from here
Now I'm getting to the top of it and a narrow room I find
On the ceiling there a trap-door I open it and climb

3. Warrior Soul

So I rise and find myself aboard
Of this massive ship
Everywhere I can see
Tough men at arms

There's another battle ship
It is so far away
But it's sailing on to us rapidly
Someone gives me one bow
Men are screaming "hail to Rome!"
We're ready to start the battle has come

By my warrior soul
I'll start fighting for
Everyone who's in this ship
I start to sing
My battle hymn

The wind is swelling all the sails
And the sea is so rough
Our mighty ship is getting near
The enemies' craft

At a certain moment
We hear a deafening noise
Ramming then was just the only choice
So begins the boarding
Everywhere fire blood and death
I will emulate the deeds of my father king

I will fight in the morning light
When the sea is reflecting the golden sun
I will fight in the morning light
I kill everyone who wants to bar my way
I will fight in the morning light
My warrior soul defeats every sword today

4. Innocent Eyes

How many soldiers march on the field so quickly
They seem so angry and wild
They chase a young girl that runs away
So frightened they take her prisioner!

"Stop Lilith Dove you Satan's whore kneel in the face of God
Guilt is in your name nothing left to say seize the witch away"

Tied up and hooded like a lamb she cries out
Words that I don't understand
They flog and chain her to stake like a demon
It's just an awful mistake!

Shameful lies darken her innocent eyes
Silent cries comin' from her innocent eyes

She must be saved! I take my sword to fight
I drown those hangmen in blood
But one dart shooted by a wretch hits my back
Is this my doom mistress death?

5. Black Sorcerer


6. Thunder Of Love

A long time ago I was a young princess
I lived in happiness
Guilty of being a victim of fate
Because I have loved too late

My father and king sold me as sacrifice
In honour of the evil ring

When I was here in this place called the crown
I saw nobody around
Only a man singing a litany
To wipe out my destiny

But I don't know I don't understand
A flash hit him and all the land

It's the thunder of love
That has saved my soul
Then I'm here in the crown
With no direction
It's the thunder of love
That has saved my soul

Then I'm here and wait for
My salvation

7. Fight In The Sky

I fly in a sky that I don't know
On a strange "steel bird"
I cry out some other creatures shoot fire
I can't use my sword

I must fight in the sky
Like a big dragon
I must fight in the sky
Fire with fire

Every "bird" starts up a dance of death
Around me in the air
I fear but I'm too quick and I attack
Using the gun

My "steel bird" is struck and I fall down
Really to fast to fast
The creatures behind the earth is too near
So now will I die?
But I must react now I take the gun
And so I shoot fire
I'll kill everyone the dragons are dead
The glory is mine

I come back 'cause I'm tired and confused
Towards the base
But now a dark smoke invades all the "bird"
I must close my eyes:

8. The Samain Tournament


9. Blood And Faith

The final tournament's waiting for me!
Another step in the circle of time
And so I get to the final trial
Another battle to win has begun

I kill my enemies but I'm too weak
The only law for me is to be tough!
"The only law for you now is fighting"
The princess' voice is trying to keep me alive

My mind is drowning deep in the darkness
My doubts have grown why does it happen to me?
My mind is drowning deep in the darkness
My doubts have grown is it the end of my dreams?

Blood and faith deep inside my heart
Blood and faith burning in my eyes
Blood and faith deep inside my soul
Blood and faith for my golden sword!

In front of me there's the last warrior
This mortal fight shows who's the strongest one
But I'm so tired and my fear is growing
Is it the last step of my glorious life?

"My lord search for the light!"
Heal me princess my guide
My task has reached the end
I can hear the call of my fate
It's not over!

My mind is growing out of the darkness
My doubts have gone I can't believe what I see
My mind is growing out of the darkness
My doubts have gone now I believe in my dreams

10. Crown Of Ages

Now my mind is clear
The light washed my doubts away
I've been used betrayed!
And how many lies I hear!

I will stop this game
Now I know the way
Time has come

But something holds me back
I fear for my princess' fate
Tell me lady
How can I soothe your pain?

Can I stop this game?
Let me know the way
Time has come

"In the crown of ages
Time contains its pages
Abusing its power a man can prevail
And rule us!
In the crown of ages
Time contains its pages
Let's break this power a man can't prevail
And rule us!

Don't be afraid my lord
My soul will be free again
When you'll break my chains
I will fly away! I'll go home!

We can stop this game
Yes! We know the way
Time has come"

11. Final Alliance


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