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1. State Of The State

Take him down take him out
Blind his eyes shut his mouth
Screaming sensations governmental creations
And you are part of the plan the outrage continues
Anarchy state of the state
Leaderless legions thrive on hate

Fatal rejection, suicidal connection and you are part of the plan
Shouting out slogans, politically frozen and all in the name of god
Anarchy state of the state
Leaderless legions thrive on hate

2. War And Sin

Simple things for simple minds harmless thoughts mental crimes
Psychotherapy for the masses without reason without rhyme
A primal scream to clear your throat searching hard for the antidote
Aggressive desires oppressive environs the reason the fault
Exploited beyond compare misguided fair is fair grinds me to a halt
Bear down drive hard cry rights war and sin

3. Last Breath

Pain and torment coming your way
The reapers hacking down your door
A shroud of silence darkens your soul
You have no place to run or go
Take your last breath

Reeking sweat drips from your brow you feel your time is near
A faint murmur rings in your ear you know your time is near
Whirling and spinning your body slams down your course you are headed for doom
There is no answer to what you will take your body has rotted to waste

4. Scream Til You Bleed

Bashing and thrashing
Fight to the front to see
My house of horrors
Scream until you bleed

A time for enticement
Spawned from the demon seed
A time for excitement
Scream until you bleed

Now you have seen it
And still you do not believe
That I still want you to
Scream until you bleed

5. Kill The Light

Sunrise alone again I close my eyes curl up tight protected from the ultraviolet light
Dangerous rays deliver me the darkness the sun it hurts my eyes
Symptom of a sickness few can understand horror land

I cannot take much more of this senses screaming dangerous
Pale skin turning red kill the light kill it dead
Sundown and growing stronger I am the shadows growing longer
Reign forever rule the night sunrise coming kill the light

6. Poisoned

Drink of my cup sample my mead
Golden loaves fulfil a need
Gorge yourself until you are sated
Taste the ale taste my hatred
Arsenic hemlock belladonna

Lie still the deeds been done
The battle is over it has been won
Take your place amongst the dead
I will like the throne in your stead
Arsenic hemlock belladonna

Can this Norseman be kept down
Or will the toxins seize his crown
Lifeline pounds a beat of fury
Arctic blood he will rage in glory
Arsenic hemlock belladonna

7. Ignorance Is No Excuse

Ignorance is no excuse arrogance is not the answer
To open eyes alone is worth the price to be paid
Ignorance is no excuse

Afraid of something so you kill it
Strapped to a table you dissect it
Fear of the unknown will be your downfall
Apathetic pathetic take all the lies
Half truths falsifications we see through your feeble whines will not fall by the wayside

8. Megaton

Mutually assured destruction a chess game with millions of lives
Elected officials misguided truth trumps lies

Capabilities of carnage a ridiculous capacity
To bring on nuclear winter sanctuary
See the people scatter watch them disappear
Frozen whine and cower feeling what grows near
Nowhere to turn final destination blowing through the air

9. Mr. McCreedy

My name is Mr Creedy welcome to my home
The macabre and bizarre is all I have ever known

Closed shutters hide broken windows weeds overgrown
Dangling branches cast strange shadows creak and moan

My name means nothing nothing to you
But wait and watch my friend I am almost through

Blackened darkness fills my world I am calling to you
My existence cannot compare I thrive on you

10. Shot On Sight

Love thy mother obey thy father betrayed by brother
Deceitful son shot on sight
Reign of terror watching each move
Do not move in haste step back you will lose shot on sight

I was born a king I was born to rule
I have enslaved you all you were the fools
Now you disown me and I am dethroned
But I took your lives and burnt down your homes

Keith Alexander (R.I.P. 2005) – Guitars
Rob Graham – Vocals, Bass
Steve Alliano – Vocals, Drums
Rob Graham – Vocals on tracks ## 4, 10

Thanks to nirajpandya for sending these lyrics.

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