Dark Lyrics


1. Lady Killer

Found the scissors with open blades.
All her garments were burnt.
Recalling pictures of olden days.
All these feelings return.
If you're breathing you better pray, and in the shadows remain.
I'll be stalking you night and day.
Till you've shared all my pain.
Now we step into the fire.
I swear you will pay lady killer.
Bait the killer and lie awake 'till the morning unfolds.
Now he's feeding on my mistakes and the trail has run cold.
All the violence that fills the world.
Leaving nothing for shame.
This is what some are capable of.
Such things I have learned.
Hear my vow and fear my vengeance

2. Raccoon Eyes

When I choose my role in the forest of my soul, I would be the mountain, I would erode. I'd block out the sun, get the water in the river to run, and you could climb, a mountain, on which the face that you know, eroded faster. You made it to catch the avalanche that erased it. When I spit my bile in the valley of all time, the forest fells my fire fountain for mile. I'll reshape the earth, the cause of my birth. The future's mine!

3. The Firebird

Keep your voices quiet, ears are all around. If we hide each other, no one will be found. I can hear them talking. Lie against the ground. It's almost over. Just don't make a sound. Waiting for the morning. Waiting for the sun to rise. High up in the tower. Chained and bolted down. Looking through the window. Her eyes are on me now. I can't escape it. I can't make a sound. Fly the vulture hunter. Scourge upon the town. On your wings of thunder. Bolting through the clouds. Be drawn together. Lightning strike them down.

4. Murphy's Law

One life nearing death finds a way to remain. Kept on a digital viewing screen, life sustained. State you prime directives, eat your baby food. Scum-filled city streets afaraid. Blow those crooked fucks away. Trapped inside this empty cage everything still feels the same inside. Slate clean, memory finds a way to reveal. He proves it's not his mind, but his soul that makes him real. Here's your prime directive: Justice is revenge. Guard down, pump him full of lead, that's some fancy shooting kid. Hold it, didn't catch your name. Though he'll never be the same, he'll try. He'll never run away.

5. The Gem

Back across the ocean. A dark thought that lingers inside you. You left a crack in the doorway. What motivation propels you? If that seal is torn, our fate is certain. Lay waste to all the earth. We disappear. The one who ends all life becomes the hero. Ring down the curtain. No more illusions or lies. Our vile nature for hiding. Has opened up with the skies. The ages are ending. Gone is the passing of time. Watch the angels descending. Gone is the holy divide.

6. Communicating Via-Eyes

Last I recall I lost the road
Blind by the night and walking aimless through the cold
Paralyzed with fear, the sound of howling draws near
I wasn't killed but I was mauled
And came to my sense in a hospital
Now I find there's something wrong
I fell down my face grew long
The wolf calls unto me, and I feel it now
Wanting to burst out
I'm being punished by the moon
It pulls me down, I'm a cursed man now
I see a path lit by candlelight
Shadows move through the trees in the night
I'll hide in the forest just off the road
And a violent end, I'll tear your guts out
Blood awash upon the moor, stick to the road
Eyes that never see the light cry no more
Sun in the morning will rise, my conscience cast aside
Back to my wearisome walkabout
Oh, thirty days, I'll have to wait it out

7. Lunar

Eleven fold she watched him go, never to see him again.
With countless strides, he'll lead the march, turning mountains to dust.
Why should we waste each others breath on those who choose to run?
If you can't stand to take this heart into your hand, just let it go.
On this moon the flames will rise without her by his side.
Cuts his hand and wipes the blood on the skull of the dead.
There is no line between the weak and those who choose to run.
If you can't stand to take this heart into your hand.
If you can't stand to take this heart into your hand, just let it go.
Pick up the pieces and end what you've started.

8. It Baffles The Mind

Three years pass, the tournament's begun.
All the masters of this art have come.
Beast and human from the highest rungs.
Battle hard until we're left with one.

Ohh, it baffles the mind.
Ohh, surpassing us all,
Ohh, it baffles the mind,
I don't find it surpasses me so I'll fight,

Lightning flashes through these final rounds.
Power surges blasts of fire rain down.
Movements so fast, near the speed of sound.
Fight while falling till they hit the ground.

9. Sideways Attack

You are strong and you might assume.
That your skills can overtake me.
I've no time to waste, draw your sword.
Say goodbye, your life is over.
I'm a demon.
I walk the road through the river of fire.
The truth believed in betrayed.
My revenge, I long for the day.
Strangers pass by me in the street.
All they hope as they avoid me.
No remorse and I've no regrets.
Let them fall all around me.
Carried south on the river.
Blood was shed in the north.
Scattered bodies like windfall.
The disgrace is my cross to bear.
It's the force that motivates me.
Stand and fight me or step aside.
You will die if you attack me.

10. We Ride Tonight

Wherever you go.
Wherever you come from, our bodies in tow, hearts pound like a kick drum.
We carry a ghost.
We're never alone.
Skin through to our bones, roll hard like the railroad. Stand clear.
One false move, you lose.

We ride tonight, our burning eyes seek the morning light until we die.
We ride tonight, a thousand eyes, all our paths aligned we ride tonight.

Wherever we go.
Wherever we come from.
Rise up from the sand all covered in whale's blood. Latch onto a host.
Now head for the coast.
Drain the carrier's brain now we're in control.

11. Trapped In Space & Time

I sit alone in a field. It's hard to filter the things I feel. I'm like a skull with no eyes. I'm trapped in space and I'm trapped in time. Every day that you're gone. I drag myself to the street. There's no escaping my own defeat. My bearings all but unknown. I'm in my house but II can't find home. Five long years, I've shut you out, all of these tears falling. Five long years, to end this drought now I can hear you calling. What I can't have I can dream. But theres a tear across every seam. All that was silver is chrome. All that was spirit has turned to stone. Someone led me from the light. I'll regret it all my life. I cut you out of the deal I never thought it would be this real. I'm lost inside this design. I'm trapped in space and I'm trapped in time.

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