Dark Lyrics


1. The Valley Of Shadows & Death

What a sad day this is, I have come to realize my own demise. For once I walked on that narrow path, leading towards the light. But now my time has come and on the other side I know what is right. He lived and died an innocent score but in my life I had it all. For when
those 3 days past, He rose again I turned my back. Yet to comprehend. All the pain that He suffered, not a single hate only love was shown that day. I wish things were different so on my knees I prayed. Lord have mercy on me, for you I’ve betrayed. And at that moment, I
felt a beat in my heart He said stand up my son. I want a brand new start / “I give you a new start.” What a sad day this is, I have come to realize my own demise. Leading towards the light, I now know what is wrong and what is right. So I find myself standing before you
today. Because salvation was shone my way. I’ve been born again and so I cry out to you my friend. Trust me now I know the way. The day is still early. It’s not too late. DON’T LOOK BACK MY FRIEND! I BEG YOU! DON’T LOOK BACK!

2. The Dark River

Infinite time and space could not exist on, such a premise as this. You cannot count backward into infinity. Let me tell you about divinity and how such a being created you and me. When there was nothing, lying dormant were our souls awaiting a Savior. To revive the
spirit inside us. We were nothing. Frail beings falling hopelessly into the abyss. Falling hopelessly into darkness. WE WERE NOTHING. No purpose, no meaning and far from anything perfect. Everything we’d come to believe, stolen from history. A past that retraces our
steps, our every move, our every breath. Every sin that we soaked in left us separated kin. Yet He had mercy upon us. Devoid of any memory that shames us, He presents himself as a friend. One that would never frame us, yet we frame him. We were purchased at a price. One
that took his life. This time hung up on that cross we know so well. He asks that we would be forgiven, something I could never ask for and yet it is given. I do not deserve what I receive and it haunts me in my sleep. Will I ever understand the grace afforded me? I look
up at the stars and I see the glory of God beaming down upon me and I know. I was meant to be. Count the stars with me.

3. The Interpreter's House

I’ve broken bones and I’ve been the first to throw stones. I’ve been bashed and broken, I’ve had my heart stolen. And I’ve been torn down and I’ve been washed up. I’ve felt pain like you wouldn’t believe. Scars won’t let memories fade. Amidst a jungle of thoughts,
memories that won’t be erased. My mind yearns for a better day. My stomach turns for you to know the way. For so long I wanted to do this on my own. I thought I, could walk this journey on my own. But I learnt never to walk this on your own. This world will get the
better of you if you continue on down this road. I don’t know your master plan, all I know is you are the great I Am. You know where my faith stands, you know where my faith. Surely inside this chest lies love in the form of a heart. Surely inside this chest lies love.
Deep down inside my very being lies my destiny. You hold the key. Unlock me and see I’m living for eternity, it’s just over the horizon around the bend. FOR NOTHING WILL LAST IN THE END!

4. Vanity Fair

Sometimes I'd wished I were blind. For the things I've seen you'd think were make believe. Have you had those thoughts creep in your mind? There's no room to move in this polluted mind of mine. When darkness clouds my eyes, help me to see what you see. Because right now
in this life, I'm being force fed lies.
Right in front of me and all I see, and all I see, and all I see is VANITY. I know that good itself does not dwell in me, we are the sum of our thoughts. So how do you add up? SO HOW DO YOU ADD UP? You know you're living a lie, that's bound to your heart. You will sink
to the floor of the blackest oceans. Eternal darkness. Think twice before you cast your eyes, upon the throne of the earth. It will bury you. It's time to die to ourselves. In order to live for another. I'm internally bleeding. You can't see it but it's true. The life
inside me has been renewed.

5. The Slough Of Despond

I don’t want to open my eyes, to the reality that faces me. Or the world that confronts me but I will. I will arise fearless and front the challenges ahead of me. To strive for perfection is where I long and only in your presence do I belong. Take my hand and lead me
through these darkened streets away from the paths I once tread. Take me away and rebuild my broken soul, every piece of me that shattered so long ago. Here we go again. Another journey I embark upon. This time I will bring every thought into captivity. Guard your minds.
We need to be stronger, not just believe what we see. Guard your hearts with integrity. This world won’t get the better of you and me. I’ve found the answers to life’s mysteries. It’s been a long road but we will continue to strive forward, towards our goal, our final
destination our home. For a long time I fueled a war within my mind that never slept. Day after day only repeating. Constantly defeating me. Look inside to see the void needing to be filled. Until that darkness fled at the sign of the light. That found it’s way into my
life. It took me back to the start and I knew why I was a live. Open eyed to see a new world. One full of hope, one full of light. We have been called for a such a time as this. Now is our chance, let us rise together. To see the victory. Fight the dark with the light
inside us. Through Christ we hold the key. THERE IS NO EVIL THAT CAN STAND AGAINST US!

Liner notes: These lyrics are stories of the journeys we have lived and the paths we have travelled as a band corporately and also individually as the writer. They entail pains, heartaches, trials and difficulties but also a brighter side of hope, forgiveness,
acceptance, a future and most importantly love. We value you as our friends and thank you for taking the time to read these lyrics.

Thanks to wobrien5 for sending these lyrics.

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