Dark Lyrics


1. The End Of Decency

2. Total Castration

Force fed into the mind
Spread out till everyone goes blind

Insane conspiracy, desolate lost identity

Infect, catalepsy, despondency in agony

Blindfolded misery, shattered infamy as

Concept eradication
Infect future generation
Impact world domination
Last step total castration

Carving the flesh like a carpet of meat
Up from the hole through the balls to the dick
Impale the cock and the rest on a stick
The wound is menstruating now that it bleeds

Forced fed into the mind
Spread out till everyone goes blind

Insane conspiracy
Desolate lost identity

Discrete cock amputation
Mistreat nature violation
Defeat female domination
Downbeat and termination

Now follows the female mastication
This is the new gender
Total castration

3. Drowned And Pound

It’s always been my desire, to be cleansed
All the filth to transpire, in one breath
I wanted to fuck her, cool and fresh
Candle light romantic tunes, in the bath

How could I’ve known of my fetish
A passion that I can’t confess

I stroke her genital, massaged the neck, then erected
A sudden urge to end her life, vile infect

Grapped her hair, pulled down the head
The limbs go stiff, after they splashed

How I love the graving, when pressure stops the heart
Blood spurts out of ears and nose then, the eyes go blind now the fun will start
Grief, loath, remorse, self disgust
Hate, pain, despair, but it can’t be stopped

Inverting the brain, driving me insane, murder as a gam
ruthlessness is guiding me, stalking through the night
bloodlust as my guide, visions of delight, everyone’s a target

So many caught but it’s never enough, tied stones to the chest
Thrown in the pool, my underwater love nest

So soft and wet, when they disperse
Redefinition of perverse

4. Don't Expect Mercy

In my childhood I have been abused
Always excluded, sexually confused
So to bother kids became my fate
Dominate, castigate and mislead
Violate, all the lust I can’t take

First it was enough to haze
Then disgust turned to hate
Ambuscade, at schools I wait
Blood, sweat, tears, ejaculate

She lies to my feet, alive I guess
A knife in my hand, my cock in her ass

You think it’s over, but I’m not done
Don’t expect mercy, until I cum

I’ll teach her a lesson for life, today with my knife
Into the darkness fade her cries, I cum as the light leaves her eyes

Life will never be like it was before
There are things out there you can’t ignore
You will never forget, I know it’s tough
Broken mind, virginity trashed
Flesh is slashed, adversity makes me laugh

5. Buddan

Mit ana Kistn Bier und an halben Kilo Gras
Setz i mi ins Auto und geb Gas
I foa zum nächsten Puff und tritt die Tür auf
I sog: „Oide nimma’n in Mund und ziag die aus!“
I spritz ihr ins Meu, sie kotzt ma am Schwanz
Zwei Fäuste im Oasch, die Oide die kanns
Sie leckt mir die Eier, ich piss auf die Tittn
No a violent action bis schreit und dann ficken

Des Hacklagwannt bleibt heut daham
Weil heut geh i buddan
Mei Chef der schreit mi heut net an
Weil jetzt geh i buddan
Die Oide fickt si heut alan
I geh ins Puff buddan
Gehts scheissn olle, i sauf mi an
Und dann geh i buddan

I nimm mei Krochn weu i fühl mi krank
I hob ka Göd mehr drum foa i zur Bank
I geh duat eine und sog zu den Ludern
Suachts es euch aus, sterben oder buddan
I budda zwei Weiber und daschiass zehn Kiwara
Dann sauf i von mein Bier und schleich mi nach Guadalajara
I steig aus da Machin, natürlich voll im Suff
Bestell ma a Taxi und sog: „Richtung Puff!“

Anal fistfuck, milf, gilf, cunt, slut
Smack my bitch up, rancid brutality

I bin scho wieda mal geil
Suachts mi net, I bin im Puff

6. Fuck Feminism

When my father died he told me son
Never mess around with a breed called women
A filthy excuse of human

Crown the cock, enslave the cunt

What we see in them no man commits, an ass, a cunt, a pair of tits
Beat them up and pierce their clits

No pleasure, just suffer

Useless flesh around a cunt named women

Beat your wife even if you don’t know why
She will know it for sure, I tell you try
When you go to your wife don’t forget the whip destroy
Her flesh and her fucking will

Fucking is all you are worth for
Just get in the kitchen and clean the floor
Unequal rights is what I stand for

Crown the cock, enslave the cunt

On their knees they all should pray
For hypocrisy they all should pay
Women deserve to be treated that way

No impact, no respect

I know you’re innocent, but i wanna cum
At your execution you shit fucking cunt
Women should serve our dissipation
And if they don’t they deserve castigation
This is a fucking men’s world

7. Daddy's Home

Abomination unleashed, you deserve a live that’s pleased
Every notion to empower, I’ll devour
Every climbs of hope torn to pieces
Violence as a tool to secure total dependency
My will be done, forever slave
Make Albert Fish smile in his grave

Trapped in their minds, the will is broken
Crimes that shall remain unspoken
Branded for life, as my design
You will be forever mine

Perseverance shall abandon me, brutality breaks free

The only purpose of a man is to leave his traces
I will spit your pathetic morals back into your faces
No reason can be found, make a choice, it’s live or die
There’s nothing to regret, nature is cruel and so am I

I need no excuses, I’m all yours to blame, beat you into the hole from which you once came

The door is broken, shattered glass everywhere, the smell of whiskey is in the air
The stench of sweat and tears, is drawing flies
My knuckles are swollen, blood drips from my hands, like semen from my cock
The scent of misery and fear is what you owe me, you wretched spawn
Daddy’s home

Not passion leads me to the crime, but my nature
My way is clear and I’ll never regret, my pleasure
I will not give up my inclinations and I’ll never hesitate with my decisions

The existence of a god is an outrageous absurdity
Only the social boundaries are against me

Ancient urges of my fathers, will accept this inheritance
Follow in my footsteps when I’m gone
Like father, like son

8. From Ear To Ear

This is my destiny, my last will
When I’ll leave this fucking earth
No denial, no regret, curse my birth
Just make this life something worth

When it’s time, for you to die
You’ll say goodbye with a smile

Blood is everywhere guts flying through the air
In my eyes you stare, my shotgun doesn’t care
You will feel my knife inside your wasting flesh
See you dead is all and everything I wish
Organs stopped to work, you suffocate dismal
Bowls of blood will squirt, that’s what I’m living for
Soon my work is done, you fucked up piece of scum
Cutting out your tongue and finally I cum

I must confess, deep in my heart
That when men die, my dick gets hard
Fuck you all, I don’t give a shit
On all your graves, I will spit

9. Full Spectrum Tortured

Indifference, spread like disease
Stripped of all sense, and morality
All meaning of life, had been destroyed
Replaced by sloth, emotional void

Full spectrum tortured, crippled and blind
Vestige remains, unidentified
This wretched existence, has come to an end
Embrace salvation from my hand

Bound and gagged, stripped and slugged
Eruption inside the head

Sorted tools onto the desk
Drill, saw, knife, nails, pliers, shred

Suffer till your final breath
I give you a slow and pain full death

Break all bones
Eyes, ears, nose mutilated
Arms, legs, tongue, genitals amputated
Eaten to complete the master piece
Rest in vomit, shit and piss

Full spectrum tortured, epiphany
Cleansing through pain and misery
A memorial raised of feces and gore
Wasn’t this worth living and dying for

10. Deflowered At Birth

“Not a single virtue outpaces so many vices. I don’t worship any,
I hate them all and it’s not only about doing evil but never do any good.”

Sowing seeds in anguish, in filth rotten flesh and scat
Flourished into a fetus, by the garbage of life it’s been fed
With all might it tried to strangle, itself with the umbilical cord
But destiny won’t be avoided, deprived of its last resort

Pain strives through the womb, promising another rape
Broken, throbbing, embrace misery, as the legs agape

Mouth opens, the uterus vomits
A gush of blood, spat into darkness

Come take a look at the defiled fetus
In disgust you puke and turn your eyes away
Left alone to die, screams resound in darkness
Drawing all the beasts, what an easy prey

Finally you will face the fact, how good your abject live is
Hatred, wealth and poverty, all will be appreciated

Innocence, if there is a god
Lost, he must be a sadist
If there is salvation it will only be in death
What we cannot hate, cannot be loved

Gash rips open, vile penetration
Unheard, screams for salvation
Frantic genital amputation
Cursed to exist, suffocation

The spirit is willing, the flesh so weak
So easy to beat, so tender and sweet

Through pain and blood conceived to earth
Deflowered at birth

11. Whip Stroke Frazzled Flesh

Go down and suck my cock
You fucking stupid slut
Why do you never do what I’m telling you, stinking cunt

You slut, don’t leave me a choice
I’m feeling like in trance
I can’t stop hitting you and you’re asking for more

Shut up don’t scream, tears are allowed
Enjoy the pain
She wants me to hit her again
Tortured for days, hidden from light
I’m horny again
I open her bleeding mouth

The bed is blood red
She’s nearly dead
Her flesh is frazzled
She screams in pain
I look in her eyes
It’s really strange
Her last words were
“Please hit me again!”

Oldboy — Bass
Alko — Drums
Amon — Guitars
Mephisto — Vocals

Thanks to donalko for sending these lyrics.

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