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1. Cerebral Reincarnation

2. Martyrs

Seal the fate on your demise, forlorn human species.
Life decays and death shall rise, pain is the salvation.

Spell these words of malice in the blood of those who perish,
For the only truth they cherish is the blissfulness of faith.

Seal the fate on your demise, human generation.

Behold this, for there will be no mercy.
Receive this sacrifice, and let the madness begin.

Everything they've built, destroyed. Torn apart from the inside.
All will fall upon this lie. For each and all of them must die

Show the world evil that it never knew existed.
All sense of mercy will be mutilated.

Chaos ensues, smoke and fire choke up the air
Deafening screams mingle with the gun fire
Endless ammunition, shredding flesh, splinter every bone
Slaughter and disfigure, trembling as they pull the trigger

How many lives does it take to be free
How much pain to face reality
How much more misery
To life in peace, finally.

Everything they've built, destroyed. Trapped by guilt inside this void.
Gratitude turned into greed, the decimation of the weak.

A generation segregated, trapped in fiction
All traces will be left exterminated

Descend into the mouth of the irrational abyss.
Suffocate the opposition, for ignorance is bliss until

The illusion bleeds to death
And then hope will collapse

You're not going to heaven.
No one hears your prayers.
We're not going to heaven.
No one hears our prayers.

3. Anatomy

Suppression is the premise for the menace to control the mind.
Compunction will not cease this.

Perish all that's cherished, to diminish and then left to die
Abstraction infection

The sickness raids the organism, searching for the precondition
Perforating with precision, procreated demolition

Infested and slowly grown, from mind to blood, from flesh to bone.

Contaminate the organs, disaggregate and wither, with the suffering.

Pressure and ulceration, consume every breath.
Violent deformation, a slow and painful death.

The only way out, is all the way through.
A garden flesh, a maze of tissue.

Cut through pain and violence
Cut through the fear and the silence
Cut from skin to the gut
Cut open your self up

Decomposition with startling precision.

Let the pressure tear the skin, revealing what is held within. Anatomy begins.

Mind, blood, flesh, gut

Slowly digging through the muscle, separating bones from gristle.
Let it splinter, gush and crack. There's no going back.

Lay bare what was concealed, the provenance revealed.

The only way out, is all the way through
The maze of existence, the burden of virtue

Cut the weight of the past
Cut the burden at last
Cut display your innards
Cut inside and outwards

The healing will strain, but it won't be in vain.
Through struggle and pain, only the scars will remain.

4. Wasteland

"In a world filled with so much pain, apathy becomes the only salvation!"

Not a single sound of life illuminates this earth
This place of infertility that now lost all its worth
Roots and seeds have all died off, their leaves have turned to ash
Seas and rivers dried out between rotten piles of trash

No rays of light upon this world, no sun, no tides, no growth
Eternal darkness, endless night, as below so above
The shattered remains will bear witness, for all comes at a cost
Only the silent winds will whisper of the life that's lost

Nothing will be left to fertilize this earth
There's no going back, trapped

I watch humanity drown in chaos,
Misery and suffering
I watch the world burn to the ground
And I feel nothing

Life is suffering. Get fucked!

All this filth, this bile, so sickening. Flood the mind 'til you can't breath.
Force fed misery, responsibility, inherited history, born guilty

Total domination is the constant exploitation for diminishing the mind

Leaving nothing but a wasteland behind.

How in the midst of all this sorrow, could any kind of hope endure
Volition as the last a resort, resistance is the only cure

Within this barren soil of death, a single seed may thrive.
When nurtured by the strength of will and genuine of sacrifice

5. Black Blood

A colossus of flesh and stone
Blood, air and soil, water and bone
Slowly ascends from the undertow
The nothingness, it will bestow

Descend into existence

Impregnated with the seeds of perdition
Sacrificing it self for nutrition
By her own blood she will suffer
The origin, the primordial mother

Giving birth in anguish, the contractions came too soon.
Violent disembowelment, which the infants will consume.

Thrive, jet there is nothing but disdain in their eyes

It's never enough, greed, gluttony and sloth

They drink her milk 'til it's gone, until she's all skin and bone.
Take everything for their own, give nothing back in return.

Pillage the treasures, excise the freedom that they despise
Betraying the sacrifice, rape everything that's life

More, more, insatiable

They've taken it all without any regret, no absolution and no going back
Retaliation for if you cut of the head, their blood runs black

Blood runs black
We're as good as dead

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