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1. Find My Heaven

When the thunder rolls, lightening in the sky
Do you carry on regardless even though you all may die?
And when the sun burns down, draining you of life
Do you crumble in the desert; do you fight to stay alive?

So we ride over the mountains
Over the mountains that stand in our way
We will fly, higher and higher
Searching for destiny.

Where will I find my heaven?
Can it really be here on earth?
How can I know what's waiting?
How will I know what's meant for me?

When the devil calls, devil calls your name
Do you run like little children, running from the game?
And when the evil lies buried near your heart
Do you turn against your people, tearing them apart?

See the shadowland, hidden from the light
Feel the terror rising on this cold deserted night
Broken promises, not to be fulfilled
Never trust a demon, never fall under his will.

2. Galaxies Unknown

We all travel light and space
To find the answer to the question
Save the human race.
Far out to galaxies unknown
We'll never give searching
Always thinking of our home.

The sands of our existence running low
There's only one direction for us all to go.

Into the sky, high above where the eagle flies
We journey to find a new home
Beyond the stars where a new life will wait for us
Somewhere we all can belong.
Our world is dying as we speak
From policy and government
The future's looking bleak.
We all must stand up for what's right
The poor are getting poorer
And the planet won't survive.

Tired of the fighting destroying our world
Now is the time to be strong
No turning back, we are leaving today
Hoping to find our own way.
We cried an ocean full of tears
For those we left behind us
When we made the journey here
I hope that somehow they survive
The odds are stacked against them
In their Quest to stay alive.

3. Hold On To Love

This all happened many years ago
When you and I first met
We were strangers from different towns
The scene for us was set
Pretty soon we were hanging out
Spending time as friends
Didn't know what it's all about
The signals that you sent.

Closer now, don't think I will ever leave you
Never, ever say goodbye.

Hold on to Love, don't let it slip away
Hold on to Love, we'll take it day by day
When hearts are broken you will find
All that you had has been left behind
Whoo-ah! hold on to Love

You were there when my best friend died
To ease me through the pain
But you never seemed to realize
Was you that kept me sane
Looking back on everything that was
So many years ago
Do you ever think of all those times
When it was me and you?

4. Diamond Sky

I'm searching for glory and truth
You know it's not gonna be easy
Maybe I'm dreaming, but life is so cruel
The power is leading my heart.

Draw in your mind a utopian world
I want to break free and escape here
Don't wanna hide in the shadows no more
Follow me, it's not too late.

Now try to believe me
From now on you've all got to listen to me
We never will fall
Forever we'll be free

Fly over the sun, find a way out
Higher and higher
We'll ride together as one
Back to the Diamond Sky.

Show me the way that you try to survive
What is your only desire?
See the destruction around us tonight
Spread all our faith through the fire.

Fly over the sun, find a way out
Higher and higher
We'll ride together as one
Back to the Diamond Sky.
Fly over the sun, follow the light
Holding your life
We'll ride together as one
Straight to the Diamond Sky

We'll climb all the hills and the mountains
Right now through the clouds we will find
The saviour that keeps all our lives
Leading us to the sky.

We are the ones that will save human kind
Fight for a place we can stay in
Send me a sign if you still wanna try
Look for the truth once again

5. The Message

I saw you turn and walk away
I never thought that day would be the last day
We would ever meet.
Looking back on all we had
We had each other and that was enough for us
Didn't need any more.

Now it's time to leave again
Time to travel many miles
I will think of you tonight.

And I wake up all alone
A message on my phone
Saying you've left me - for another guy
And you say I'm never home
I'm always on the road
But I still love you more that you'll ever know.

I guess we never really knew
How things would change for the and for you
Couldn't see it at all
Said you wanted me to stay
I heard your words but there was no way
I could give up my dream.

6. Soulfire

The light around me turns to grey
I'm falling
Memories of yesterday

Something's changed but I don't know why
And I don't know where I should turn
Re-arranged all the sands of time
Blood in my veins stars to burn.

Soulfire, burning forever
Soulfire, a flame in the night
Guiding the way like a lamp in the darkness
Soulfire always burns in sacred light.

See the remnants of forgotten dreams
Places I was sure that I had been

7. Children Of The Dream

When I was young, spent my time just dreaming
Moving on to find a better life.
Seen enough of sorrow to last me all my days
Heard enough of how it doesn't have to be that way.

All I ever wanted was to keep the dream alive
All I ever needed was someone to be my guide.
How was I to know where the road of life would go
Could I make the journey on my own?

We're all Children of the Dream
That lives in us unseen
Forever young.
We're all Children of the Dream
Wherever we may be
Forever dream.

As I grew up, start to see how life goes
Reality that childhood has to end.
Funny how those teenage years seem long but pass on by
Funny how the memories resemble someone else's life.

All is lost, innocence is gone forever
Hope the dream will never end.

8. Strike Force

When you feel in danger
Everyone's a stranger now
What more can you do?
When you feel uncertain
Behind a twitching curtain, yeah
Where else can you go?

All alone, there's no one left for you
Fear unknown, they're coming for you too.
Close to tears, the ending of the years
Who is gonna come and save you now?

Send for the Strike Force to come and deliver you now
Call on the Strike Force we'll come and put right what went wrong
It won't take us long !

If you feel like lying
Gonna end up dying soon
They will hunt you down
Don't you know the answer?
Will you take a chance right now?
There's nothing left to lose.

9. Another World

Another time, another space
I don't know if you'll hear me calling to you
Through the night, this endless night
I don't know if I'll ever find my way home.

I see around me only emptiness
I don't know where my world has gone
It feels like I just don't belong.

Now we live in different worlds
Far across the universe
No return, I'll journey no more
Try to put right what went wrong.

Blazing spires and rapid fire
I see ruins of a temple before me
Inside out and outside in
Can this be what is left of the world that I was in?

Searching high, searching low
Finding the way that will take me back to you
Choice is made I cannot leave
Sacrifice myself to this world of sin.

10. Magic Never Dies

It started long ago, when stories still were told
And heroes still defended their world
The centuries went by and all the stories died
And no one knew that magic survived.

The last of the mage line
Conjured a spell that would live forever
A chant and a rift in time
He journeyed into the unknown.

Whatever the future may bring
The magic will remain in all of us
Whatever the danger we face
Together we will all be strong enough
To find our salvation in life
To follow the ways of old
You can be sure in the one thing we know
Magic never dies.

The kingdom of the night, against the mages might
Has battled since the dawning of time
With darkness all around, a ray of hope is found
To save us from destroying our world

The world will be at peace, the west and in the east
When people learn the ways of the light
And stories will be told, just as in days of old
And magic lives in all our souls

11. The Longest Night

We've come so far again
No chance to turn away
We've come too far to falter now or be afraid.

Way beyond endurance is the place that we are thrown
Hungry and weak
We are tired and alone.

We must go on - don't listen to the devil's song
We must go on - to build the Promised Land again.

The longest night - shattered by the morning light
Breaking through the darkness with the power of hope inside me
The farthest land - conquered by the heart of man
Tearing through the darkness with the power of hope to guide me.

Desolate and barren is the place that we now dwell
Torn apart and dying now
The final living hell.

He may wait for us to fall
But we won't bow in fear to his demands and calls.

We may run to distant shores
But we will not kow-low to his desires or petty laws

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