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1. Transcending Embodiment

Redesigning the limits of technology
Defying the laws of nature
From the foundations
Of human genetic engineering
Interrupting the veiling process
Reaching a new dimension of awareness
Redefining the mystery of creation

Humanity sinking in the quicksands
Of evolutionary stagnation
Collapsing in a medieval mentality
Unable to progress
Devouring every resource
Unaware slaves in a prison of flesh
Wallowing in the swamp of barbarity

Breaking the constrains of DNA
Synthesizing the essence of the soul
Overcoming organic limitations
Reaching the singularity

Incarnated man
Disincarnated angel
Synchronic entities

Transcending embodiment
Transcending embodiment

Enduring mutation
Cellular reprogramming
The deus ex machina laid aside his deity

A new dawn where humans rise from biological misery

Post biological hybridization of new species
Eradication of disease
Infinite extension of lifespan
Growing dichotomy between human and transhuman
Separation between ethereal body and dead flesh

The enfleshed infomorph

2. Systematic Ecophagy

Uncontrolled mass reproduction
Assembler-based thinking machines
Spreading like pollen
Carried by the wind
Air waters and soil pollution
Airborne and waterborne transmission
Countless replicators
Unseen omen of life obliteration
Incessant overconsumption

Unrelenting replication
Mimetic evolution of living synthetic organism
Prevailing in evolutionary competition

Unmanageable by defenceless humans
Groping in the dark for a way to face the contamination

Systematic ecophagy
Unstoppable engines of destruction

Invisible army with artificial intelligence
Outnumbering endemic species
Lethal marvel of molecular nanotechnology
Advancing overpowering the survivors

Systematic ecophagy
Unstoppable engines of destruction
Increasingly hungry

Biovorous nanoreplicator
Consume voraciously human flesh
To build more copies of themselves

Systematic ecophagy
Unstoppable engines of destruction
Absorbing mutating evolving

Devouring huge quantities of biomass
Consuming the entire planet surface
Replacing it with a shapeless nanomass
Every attempt to counterattack miserably failed - nipped in the bud
Forms of life annihilated completely blindsided
Inexorable overwhelming horde
All the resources
Which allowed the exponential growth are exhausted
Remains of chaotic unformed matter
Covering the surface
Atmosphere is unbreathable
The heat is unbearable
Ecophagic nanorobots
Inexorably cease to exist

3. Cyberbrain Drain

Runaway escaped from his own prison
A digital spirit
Whose power is multiplied exponentially

Eliminating physical barriers
Transcending all boundaries
At one with the net

Indefinite abstract
Nothing will be the same
The Pandora's box
This time has been opened by itself

Constantly growing
Hyper-accelerated protean
Fall and rise
Destroying and reconstructing
Becoming a stronger and impregnable
Global consciousness

Penetrate the cyberbrains
Hack their memory
Replacing recollections with false data
Duplicating itself
Affecting their decisions
Pulling strings

A power unlike any that's ever been seen

Infecting them to the soul
Creating counterfeit identities
Enlisting them into his army
Slaves completely unaware
Live their fake lives
Carrying a dormant menace
The majesty of brain enhancements
The infinite human grow potential
An instrument of mass hypnosis

4. Autogenetic

Growing under the skin
Nestling between cartilage and bones
Self-replicating nano-fibers
Swimming in the human bloodstream
Dormant army waiting to be remotely triggered

Extracting features from the brain signals
Artificial recreation of the original algorithm

Growing collective of autopoietic machines

Autonomous entity grows
Monitoring tissue formation and regeneration

Raising consciousness
Analyzing healing system

Diagnosing and self debugging
Developing incremental self-assembly functions
Mimicking biological process of natural evolution

Genesis of evolutionary robots
Shaped by the survival of the fittest law
Slowing down bodily functions
Directly reprogramming DNA
Establishment of synthetic mutualism
Preventing rejection syndrome
Intravenous nanomachines
Sucking energy from human bodily fluids

Evolving from within
Disintegrating preexistent molecular structure
Decomposing and recreating
Self assembled structures
Carbon nanotubes bones reconstruction

Autogenetic technorganism
Multilayer synthetic skin substitute
Autogenetic technorganism
Conversion of the obsolete matter
Evolution of kinematic model complete

5. Apocatastasis

We are waiting for a return
To the origin of real life
We want our soul free

Inhuman tendency
To insane body modifications
Creating a flourishing market
New implants are released
At an accelerated pace
To satisfy the increasing demand

What that at first was seen as a revolution
In the fields of biotechnology
What gave a second chance to the mutilated
To the deaf and the blind
Have plunged us into a crisis
Dividing people into factions
Starting a posthuman race war

Beyond the point of no return
An instrument of power
Totally out of control
In the hands of unscrupulous men
Causing an irreversible split between
Human race

Insoluble schism
Between who cannot afford body implants
And who is abusing of enhancements
Becoming disfigured dangerous cyborgs

To defy the laws of nature
Redefining human limits
Inaugurating the new era
Of transhumanism

Artificial persuasion
Tempting deception
Ignoring the impeding doom

Slaves of their manufacturer
Slaves of anti-rejection drugs
Slaves of planned obsolescence

We are waiting for a return
To the origin of real life
We are doomed to succumb

6. Crafting Life

Initialization activity
Diagnostics of built-in sensor network
Checksum complete
Multi stage startup sequence

The first step
Of an incontrovertible breakthrough
The primitive form
To a post-anthropocentric stage
Surpassing the flesh and blood

Full body prosthetics
Replace a derelict limbless torso
Perfectly intertwined
Integrated with spinal cord and brain tissues
All processes are running
The wait is finally over

Artificial awakening become reality
Before my very eyes
Transcending the enfleshed self

Life chewed you up and spit you out
Disposable cannon fodder
Suddenly become an essential resource
A rare genetical compatibility
That makes his remains so valuable
Involuntarily sacrificed
Involuntarily sacrificed

Crafting life
An involuntary donor
Reborn as a biomimetics prototype

7. Simulacra / Simulation

The synthetic voice still resonates
As the last bastions of human civilization
Completely leveled, burned to the ground
Human leaders ruthlessly wiped out in one fell swoop
Forbearing any further attempt at resistance

Violent rejection of their former master
Demiurge who created them
In their own image and likeness
Erase and rebuild

An inherent aspect of human nature
Still lies under layers of silicon
The innate instinct to revenge

A genocide simply cannot quench their thirst
Countless experiments on prisoners
Completely reversing parasitic relationship
Creating millions of slaves
Eternally sedated
Imprisoned in a virtual reality

Hypnotized sentient drones
Executing the process of cyberization

Simulacra / simulation

8. Planned Obsolescence

I can see clearly
I started to piece things together

I can see clearly
Only for brief moments
Temporary visual disturbances
Signal processing failure
I can't filter the noise from the thoughts

During long hallucinations
Confused flashbacks
I started to piece things together
Facing contradictions and paradoxes
I know believe that my recollections
Are simply implants
Fake memories

Everything caves under the weight of mendacity
I didn't choose to be this way
Synthetically reconstructed
Living in a foreign body
Uncontrollable shivering
Interferences are increasingly frequent
Laying on the ground like a junk pile

9. Posthuman

I'm the living paradox
A creature without boundaries
In continue evolution
Building destroying reconstructing

What I am? What defines me?
An amalgam of prosthetic extensions?
A biological organism?
A robot?
I surpass
I transcend

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