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1. Hell

Oh, I have seen the light
And all I wanted was to put it out
And I heard about peace, love and good
I felt like destroying it all, as soon as I understood.

So when offered the sacred blood of Jesus Christ
For once I spat in the cup
And for each time you prayed "save him"
I threw you spells, saying "piss in the eye of the lamb"

Holy father, I turned from you
Threw the cross into the fire
Your name I deny
May the kingdom, the power and glory be taken from thee
I close my eyes, now I dream of Hell

I've been walking for long
Through the valley of the shadow of death
Lucifer's light guiding me
On my path made of remains from people like you

I'd rather spend my eternity in a lake of fire
Than together with you
Praying sheep, stinking church rats, your empty smiles
Make me nauseous and eager to kill

Still no conscience, still no regrets after all that I've done
'Cause I've never felt anything but contempt and scorn
For this world and mankind
A human life is worth nothing to me

I've dreamt of sulphur spheres
Where black's the lightest nuance
And I've seen you suffer there
In anguish. In tormenting void
And each night, in the rivers of all-consuming fire

And that fire remains within me wherever I walk
All my hate is but love for the Lord
My tongue's cloven like the snakes, sharp as the sword
With which the lambs shall be slaughtered
To water the soil with holy blood

Walk into me, wander beyond the grace of god
Into starless nights
Soon to enter, the kingdom of shadows in abyssal grave
Wield your knives, fight for what is wrong!

2. A Ghastly Silence

Those morbid characters in my dreams are crumbling
About their visions again
Intimidating beings whispering words
About the day that is to come

The day of gloom so very dark
This horrifying day of all fears
When the dead shall rise and silence will reign
The coming of the Devil's domain

The sun will die and shine no more
A ghastly silence and the dead shall walk the earth
A day will come when the sun won't shine
Eternal silence and the dead shall walk the earth

They say the skies will divide
And the forest will be turning grey
As the dead will rise
And walk the earth the once owned
I fear that day when I wake up
And I don't know what's drawing close
But it's closer than ever before
The coming of a new world to rise

3. Village Of The Fallen Angel

We're all doomed
That's what the old ones say
The old people in the village by the hangman's bay
Though centuries of time, from generation to generation
The legend has lived on
The legend of the fallen angel

His eyes will burn a hole in the souls of those who leave
His claws will take the lives of those who try
Every seventh year, a virgin must be given
Every seventh year they sacrifice
And if they should avoid the sacrificial rite
They're all doomed to burn in Hell

Oh mighty angel, we drain this life of thee
We drink the wine of wisdom and eternal liberty
Let your mighty darkness be the torch of our lives
Let us find our way, our path through your light

The few who dared to try, the brave ones the defied
Was never more seen alive
The results of their quest; examples of the past
Examples of what follows sinful deeds
To every little child, the stories told,
The stories about the fallen angel's light

Oh mighty angel, we drain this life of thee
We drink the wine of wisdom and eternal liberty
Let your mighty darkness be the torch of our lives
Let us find our way, our path through your light

4. Consecration

By fire and water I conjure thee
That there remain within thy frame
No adverse thought nor enmity
Blessed be thou cup of water
Hear my will, attend to me. As my word, so mote it be

Athamé, black-hilted knife
I see your powers glowing so bright
Blade of steel, bathed in seven seas
Ban such things as named by me
Shine through them, oh deadly foil
Spill their blood upon earthly soil
Hear my will, attend to me. As my word, so mote it be

Magic book of secret powers
Exorcised with water and fire
The pentacle and it runes are drawn
With these words of power
Book of words, book of deeds
Blessed be thou book of art

5. A Thousand Nightmares

We've only met in a thousand of nightmares
But you'll be with me tonight
And you know me so well, baby, now would you
Pull the stake from my heart
I know you don't feel the way you used to be
Your thoughts but dark prayers for evil to breed in thee

Across your arm your arm goes a small road to somewhere
Where you and I can be one
Now heed my call and step out of that mansuit
For I'll never be gone
It was to late from the first day of your life
And you and I we're like flesh and knife

Demonic laughter comes echoing madly
Under a fullmoon so bright
And all that's beautiful, all angels cry
As you disappear in the night
And you'll forget everything you have ever known
Can't wait to show you the sights that I have to show
Together we'll suffer!

6. Bow Unto The Devil

The world will end in fire, I've seen in in my dreams
His wrathful mighty flames around us you'll see
You'll never escape my vengeance; nor that of Satan
By blood of your sons we shall thrive forever

An urge to go beyond life down eternity's depths
With pain and pleasure I fall to my knees
Blesses by sulphur fires, I sold my soul
Forever I ride the serpent
To the Devil a son

Bow unto the Devil, fall to your knees
Bleed for the devil, pray with the beast

A shadowed inner self, a soul bleeding strong
At which the pentagram points
And lead my way home
I seek the tree of life for Ouroboro's kiss
The third eye of wisdom to open I urge

The tranquil of the Nightside soon awaits for me
For the world will end in fire as I sail Charon's sea

7. Beware The Demons

Deep inside, beyond your mind
There lies something you can not deny
Unconscious powers, your deepest fears
The screams of fright
Forever asleep but aware of your fears
Scheming your death as they drink your tears
The forces within, the spirits of the night

Midnight hour, they are closer now
Do not wake them up, do not call their names
Hungry for blood and your feeble soul
Their ghastly shriefs will drain your life
The nightmare is real, for them you will kneel
They will fill the light

Do not ever try to defy
The spirits of darkness are right behind
The demons within - a force you can not deny

Beware the Demons - the dark sides of your soul
Beware the Demons - the faces of the unknown
Beware the Demons - they are blinding your eyes
Beware the Demons - the essence of your fright

When you decide to transcend this life
They will still be there, to haunt you soul
Their dreadful cries will echo still, oh ohoh!
No, never will they fade and die
The sinister forces at your side
Forever present, asleep but alive

8. The Adversary

I'll exalt my throne above the stars of God
I won't obey, I won't bow down
My desire was not to serve, nor to please
Oh creator, in any life, there is my seed

Father who art in Hell; hallowed be thy name
II give you my life, my devotion
And promise to destroy those of others

Written in blood, in soil and fire, your name
Whispered by the storms
So feared, so hated

I have burnt my tongue
Praising every sign of your presence
Thy every will is the same as mine
Spoken out loud by every leader
Chained, bound to our destiny
Carved in the heart of every soul
That hatred brought its shape

Ascend, oh Morningstar, shine your light on us
Oh great Adversary, bringer of the end

I'll ascend above the heights of the clouds
I will be like the most high
Bow unto me, for so you've done, through all your lives
I'm the saviour you'll turn unto in this end of time

Oh Morningstar, who fell from heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Ancient serpent, end of beginnings, beginning of the end
Prophet come, guide my hand, light my path
So that I can be your noblest servant

Ascend, oh Morningstar, shine your light on us
Oh great Adversary, bringer of the end

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