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1. Beast Of Fire

Thou whom they call the desolate one. Thy face we need not see, for thy presence is yet so clear (in every murder and crime). Thou who shall grant us the fatal wind, and bestow us the light that is not. OPPOSER beyond the veil of the void.
Ascend, oh BEAST OF FIRE! Torch now this world so tired. Thy will is our desire. My heart is thine.
On parchment made from a stillborn child, drawn in blood is the seal of thine. My prayers are aimed at the highest of might. To take on the world and withdraw false light. You kill and you rape the illusions of clay. You break the cycle of life.
Unbearable sight, enslavement the plague that has conquered us all. For the first of crimes, withdrawal the sentence which all shall abide. Those phosphorous eyes, forging the furnace of the ending of time. ACCUSER divine, our swords in thy name now world shall divide!
Lands ablaze, writhing in vain. Choirs sing, welcome his reign. 'Foes behold the wrath of our lord, shrouding fast, mowing all cords'.
Oh, free me from their stillborn god, who rapes our minds and steels our thoughts. Descend now with the brightest of light, and set afire this world plagued by plight

2. Infinite Descension

Come little child float into my damnation. Swallow my venomous spit so that you can see. We fall and fall in the shape of bleak abominations. I descend forever, befriend now the darkness that took me.
The foundation's begun to tremble and shake. For each crime I commit the more I awake. Some see a heart of stone, I see stone walls collapsing. And floods of blood sipping through the barrier from the other side, to stain a murderer's path.
When you fell from heaven's heights, the blood they cried was like mine. And like that of the sacrifice to the ever shining light.
Through the cracks I can see hope ride on devil wings. For in the kingdom of the damned the dead is king. ENEMY OF FAITHFULS, amidst your sphere I fall. My poisoned dagger gleams, I wish the death of all.
Into the abyss I yearn, depravation is my crown. As eyes are plucked out, as on his altar flesh is laid down. Souls of children thrown into the great cold dark. Our hungry void like a gape just waiting to consume.
Your earthly breed unto your chains eternally condemned, can't fight the tumour that is me and thousands alike. For your ways are watched by the evil eye. Only peace found is in the dirt to eternal lie.
You were a stone, oh you were a foundation. Leaving a hole now the crown of its creation. You got to learn the true saviour is the one to wield the scythe. You got to see the most prosperous sight is no sight. You got to see the peace to be found in the eternal dead night.

3. The Wilderness Beyond


4. Bloodbath

Oh, the earth is quaking. Reborn through oblivion in fire we stand. The last drops of Lethe, vaporized with the core of illusions...for all time! And we bath in the archon's sweet blood.
Through the endless great waters without fear we've striven. Found our way through your tunnels of creation ridden. And the highest of mountains we've climbed for the last time, to devour and conquer again what is ours...the highest throne!
Shadows are falling all over bright lands, drenched in blood. Heaven is calling now hear ye not, children of god? Kingdom of pity behold our lord's hand, HAIL SATAN! The bloodbath of ages awaits you now, children of god.
Oh, the ground is shaking. Lifetime of wrath have now taken their toll. And within our reach is the end of the world as you think to know it.

5. Darkness Forever

Bones feed their fires, and as day turns to night, I am travelling worlds beyond matter. Where all boundaries blur and concede, and where darkness forever conceal. A flame rising higher, and a chill down my spine. It has woken again now within me. Sense the SERPENT that leads me down there, where their shadows bring light to my lair.
Scorching emptiness, LIGHTBRINGING forces beyond. Permeate my self. Shine through me thy son!
World of unrest, now I kiss thee goodbye. I shall journey alone with the night. See the beckoning creatures draw near. They are moving in widdershins manner. Worldless communion with the givers of sight, showing light in the furthest dim black. Oh, what is it that's closing in there? It is turning in widdershins manner.
Where most men never tread, my quest has only just begun. To question my false limits, and gaze forever far beyond.
Darkness forever shall guide my path. In confusion I no longer walk. Though I only see strangers around me, still I know that the fatherland breeds forever, and that I shall deny all the blind men of the status quo. For my fate can be changed through my will, as the movement of light now I still.
Waves of otherness, lifetaking stormy beyond. Swallow everything. Blaze, oh MORNINGSTAR!

6. The Nightcomers

Night sky is calling, unveiling itself as a flash for our eyes. Oh hungry night, brighter now than ever before.
I see them riding, those we've fed since the dawn of time, and side by side. No sea can quench the thirst in their eyes.
How life shall cease on this your night, oh storm of might!
A dreadful sight, for those that can't sense the light. Unholy night, naught shall still the thirst in your eyes.
Something's howling in the shadows. Can you feel they are near?
Something is yearning in the shadows now, they must be closer now. And at the time between the time, we shall hear them howl.
Oh storm of might, how life shall cease on this your night. The seeds we've sown tonight you reap, as we rejoice.

7. The Passion

Behold the crimson skies. No in deep red we are painting your paradise. We walk among you. In a land where all there's to us is the pleasure of your fall, oh sweet ending of it all!
Let battle now commence. Let's behold your true colours and welcome the ending of your days. And a sign to come, after all our prayers. Nothing's gonna be alright. Hear the screams in the night!
The passion burns with evil. The passion dwells in shadows.
Ruined, devastated lies the once great house of God. Here our Master's dwelling. Here is praised the INFERNAL MAJESTY. Lifeless stare the eyes now of the grand creation's crown. For our god has horns, and his kingdom shall forever be.
Watch your children die, with their empty eyes wide open, gazing at the golden shores. Plague spreading 'round you. Our swords are the deadly menace and mark our every word, the worst is yet to come!

8. Der Todesking

I fly through the icy skies this night. I behold mourning trees and landscapes full of sorrow. The pale, grey future of man (an all forgotten tomorrow).
Leafs are falling as they burn, reinforcing suffocation. Their cries for help so weak, the sounds of damnation.
Seek the face of the LORD, for you cannot see him and live. Aim for that than which no greater can be thought. And I shall bind you, not in death, but in life. Chained you will be for for what will seem an eternity. The shores of hopelessness, unified with life's worthlessness. The distant horizon...its hunger ever present. I am its medium, and my words shall burn the heart of the world. 'I die, therefore I am!'
Constant prayers are heard, but noone will ever answer. The empty graves are calling. Can't you hear their laughter?

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