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1. Broken

I am broken - unstable mentally
Life has spoken - I want to flea into darkness
I want to be all alone
End it silently
Who's to blame for this misery
Who's to blame
For me

Lived my life
Inside me
End my future
To be free

What is life blaming yourself
For all the sorrow
Life becomes hell
Now farewell to my emptiness
Ending my future to forget the past
Ending the sorrow
At last

My life: I see no hope
Just grief

Lived my life
Inside me
End my future
To be free

2. Free To Be

Can you live with me, as you all see me
Are you satisfied, by what you see
Am I approved to live, enough that I give
Allright that I live
Fine where I live

Am I free to be
The way I want to be

Are you sure of me, the way I want to be
Are you sure of me, can I be free
Can I be myself, do I have to ask
How I want to live
How I should behave

Am I free
The way I want to be

Can I live in your world
Is it my world too
Am I free to be, Am I free to see
Can I be myself, can I do my ways
Can I live my life
How I want to be

3. Growing Distance

You behave like someone I don't know
Not like the person I used to know
How did you become like this
You became what I hate the most


I watch you and think how could this be
You're not my friend nor enemy
The best in you I try to seek
But every time you're disappointing me

Growing distance

All believe will pass away
As soon as truth turns to lies
When promises are not being made
A friendship slowly dies

4. Seal Your Fate

We are the ones who tooke the blame
And sealed our fate
The hate is not forgotten
It stabs us in the back
Forever hold in darkness
It hurts us every step
And then they were here
To spew their fate

Eyes dieing broken glass
For us already it's too late
I don't know you
Hate is manipulated
Can't you see
We are the ones who took the blame
And sealed our fate

Ever seen the day rise
In a bright sky
All hope rose high
Cause the gods would smile
Ever seen the day die
Into a dark night
Took all chance of hope away
And sealed your fate

5. Divine Capture

Come home, come shelter safe and warm
They promise you passion, undying love
You'll give, they'll take
Until there's none
You think your nightmare's ended
It's just begun

To late, regrets
It's too late
They've got you entangled
Exhale, inhale
They're you, you'll be
What they want you to be

Divine capture
Divine capture

You must understand
Is a part
Of life

Find power, find strength
Within yourself
Escapeing the darkness
The shadowlands
There's hope around you
It's in yourself

Divine capture

6. Hypocrisy

You hide yourself behind a mask
A mask of hypocrisy
You don't know passion or sympathy
I disgust your greed
You're only thinking about yourself
You don't care 'bout me
Lying and cheating to reach your goal
To leave me in misery

Strive for power live for yourself
"Me, myself, and I"
I despise your existance
See right through your lies
The lie you live is not a life
When you have to hide
Behind your mask of hypocrisy
Behind your mask of lies

You make me sick
You make me sick

In the end you can't hide
Behind your lies
In the end you can't hide
Behind your disguise

7. Angel's Masquerade

Castaways, abused and thrown away
Left to be a face without a name
Silently endure the pain and fear
Uncertainty is your destiny

Close your eyes
Fulfill the devil's needs forced to be
What you're not supposed to be
Torn apart between hate and fear
Angel smiles
To hide your bitter tears

A victim of wealth and poverty
Live amongst sexual brutality
Ones inside escaping is too late
Live your life
Playing angel's masquerade

Mental violation
Daily fornication
Living nightmares endlessly
An angel never to be

Angel's masquerade
Angel's masquerade

8. Final Fantasy

It's my way, inflicting myself pain
I'm so in love with myself today
In preparation, of my suffocation
I hide myself from the light of day
My fantasy becomes reality
Make me fulfill my destiny
My desire is making me a liar
What I do is not for you to see

In darkness, in secrecy
I play a game that's only meant for me
On my own, inside the danger zone
Giving myself the rush where I for long
Stronger than me, addicted to the thrill
I thrust my head, and shake my hand
And bring myself to the promised land

Feeling high, in my tourniquet
Penetrating my fist
Feel the rush, loosing my control
Here I cum, here I go...


9. Alone

Here I am alone and fading away
A shadow of what I used to be
Who cares for me?
Am I still a part of humanity

Days go by
They seem like years

Each day
Is filled
With my
Old tears

Is there still a reason for me to stay?
Another season
Another day

Here I am alone and faded away
My shadow is all that's left of me
Who cares for me?
I am no more a part of humanity

10. Inner Peace

Salt water is drowning my eyes
Inside me my heart seems to die
Silently I bare my sorrow
My burden, my secret to hide

Feelings so twisted
Confusion and hate
I must not think this way
Live my own life

An anger that won't go away
Inside me until my last day
Wounds that won't heal in my mind
A pain forever to stay

I am free I control my own destiny
I control my life

Feelings so twisted
Confusion and hate
I must not think this way
Live my own life
To leave the past behind

11. Endless Time

Takes his life
For he must die
To be with her
In endless time

Her face he sees still clearly
Her skin so soft and warm
No longer is she near him
Her tender smile is gone

They can not imagine
His pain and suffering
Each day he has to live
With only memories

A life now filled with grief
So suddenly destroyed
She's taken out of reach
He's siucked into a void

Escape this emptiness
With her he wants to be
Ending this lonely life
Embrace her endlessly

Takes his life
For he must die
To be with her
In endless time

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