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album: "Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" (1998)

1. Grain Of Salt
2. Lost In Silence
3. Torn
4. Obstacle
5. Material Christ

1. Grain Of Salt

Another day passes by.
Another attempt at love remains unrequited.
Why do I even bother?
I should have learned from the past.
I am but a statue, impervious to love.
This punctured heart is mine,
Becomes a handful of dust.
Dust. Hope has now wilted away,
Wilted. Along with these dreams
That became emptiness.
A final exit becomes clear, I am self destructive.
A product of this solitude, I am riddled with shards.
One simple wish now dies.
Was my request so great?
One simple wish now dies.
Once again I drown in its denial.
Was it so complicated?
Once again. I've been spit upon.
Taken with a grain of salt, my life is.

2. Lost In Silence

I've left my mark, I've made my statement.
I won't go unnoticed past this day.
My personal ideals a building block for this world.
Never again will I sit in silence.
As many sit by and watch our world pass by.
I refuse to take my seat, I refuse to die in silence.
So many die in silence, their voices go unheard.
They sit unnoticed, they stand alone.
Their voices dictate the way your life is lived.
Too afraid to speak, too scared to oppose
The fear inside you breeds your silence.
So now you live the life or another.

3. Torn

Feelings non-existent, loss of a tortured soul.
So cold and fearful, unnoticed and unclaimed.

Left as one alone, on the endless road.
To bear on for a lifetime, of loneliness.
She sits alone and slowly fades

away into nothingness and as she struggles on.

Her mind begins to wander.
Thoughts of endless bliss.

The wind her only friend.
Never again to be cared for.
She tries to hold her head up high.
Just a mask to hide the tears behind.
Only wanting to die, As they sit by and watch

Another dead existence, dreams torn apart.
As the spirit dies. Hiding behind the lies.

And silent darkness.

4. Obstacle

As the weakened attempt to stand.
The cold wind of progression
causes their downfall.
Taking what was theirs, now you can call it yours.
Your thievery justified by legislation and might.
The control of majority never ceases
To overpower the wounded and unfortunate.
Left for dead without a second thought.
Looking deep into a mirror.
The image frightens you.
What you've become. Your own obstacle.
The burden placed on your shoulders,
Causes guilt to flow.
Through a once deadened soul.
Which took so much, from so many others.
One choice is left. To take from yourself.
What they worked so hard to achieve.
Taken by your hand of disdain.
And as you realize, that mirror doesn't lie.
And the self you imagined is yet another fantasy.
And as realization takes its toll.
A cold feeling overwhelms you.
And you've become your own.

5. Material Christ

Your so-called meager life is plagued with riches
And born by the strong beliefs of your many victims
The task that they've entrusted within your powers
And yet they remain unchanged
Your god is non-existent

You speak of your god
Does he condemn your life?
You're nothing but a hypocrite
Actions speak over words

The many sins you've lived
The many lies you've told
You're defaming existence
Hidden by a power tie

Where's your god?
Who do you answer to
How do you live with yourself

Where's your conscience
Where's your conscience
Do you think this is just

Such an excess of assets
While they hope to eat
And your golden spoon
Is their hand to mouth

After your final days
Where will you go?
Your sins direct you, not your words

Your god is nothing
Your god is non-existent
Your god is nothing
Your god is non-existent

He's nothing

Your god is nothing
Your god is nothing
Your god is nothing
Your god is nothing
Your god is nothing

Your god is nothing

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