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1. Kuklinski Gets The Job Done

2. A Sonnet Of False Hope

What is it that you’re saying?
I cannot see this faith, that is so fakely portrayed
My mind ticks over as your lips move
But as I’m sick all I hear are screams of pain

My mind is gone, but murderous thoughts still rampage my brain
I see death with a third eye, it’s like a track on repeat.
You try to preach to me?
I rip that fucking cross from your neck
You worthless heathen.

As I begin to stab you with what you call your god
A chuckle comes to me, there’s nothing like irony.
Oh no mercy shown here, not like your fucking symbol
No faith will save you now.
I am the devil himself, just say a fucking prayer
So I can spit in your face.
Spit in your face!

Protect me! From my sins
What a joke! Your fucking blind faith.

Your martyrism, is it supposed to impress me?
You’re not dying for a god, you’re just dying by my hands!
There’s no one waiting for you up there.
Keep that glint in your eye, it’s pathetic.
You fucking worm!
Death is the end, no one will save you now.

From my bonesaw scraping, my upside down crucifix maiming
Your skin is peeling from my effigy
A model of the stupidity of your sacrifice
A model of the stupidity of your sacrifice.

Your witch he’s not real, how many times must I dismiss this blind facade?
You are a legion of stupidity, I cannot stand by any longer.
I must end your strangle.
Your strangle
Your strangle on humanity
Your stranglehold,
I must end it.

3. War Of The Mind

My mind it feels tortured
I can't express the pain
Thoughts that pass over and torment me once again

I can't stop thinking
A brain that never ceases
Am I tortured, does insanity plague my brain?

This is the question that brings me over
The edge and dumps me, to the ground
This is the question that brings me pain
Rips through my mind and tears again

Be unto me, repair my flesh that wraps my mind
A broken wall fading endless repressions
Deceit and lies like defacation
Upon graves, of heroes fallen

Darkness falls as my mind begins to spiral
Walking through hallways of another synapse
It infects me, another impulse of rage injects like fluid into my veins.
Once again, I can't control this fit in me
Decimating through my body

You decide whether I win or if I fucking lose
What's the point you're on my shoulders where can I move to
Get away and break away from this I fucking wish
I will not break down into another shattered realm

It's the perception of lies
That kills me from the inside out

But there's nothing left to kill
Of me

4. Aother

I am but a mere speck, an insignificant nothing
Compare to what’s in the shadows
We are human, nothing else
A disillusion, creeping round right through my veins
The foulest stench follows everywhere we tread.

This was not our intentions bring our planet to death
It’s in our nature we bring peril on this world
We have unleashed this peril on this fucking race

Soul less eyes stare from this sunken place
An empty living filled with hatred and abhorrence
Our victim screams for saviour from approaching death
For saviour from this heartless decimation.

Save this world!
Save this world!

Lifeless bodies,
This terror must be stopped
I can no longer let you kill
We must change it or lie six feet under ground.
I cannot see in sight an end to this destruction
I cannot see in sight an end to this nightmare.

[Viking chant]

We’ve caused this murderous rampage
We must end this, not with our only children
If we don’t they will be consumed by the maggots
Nothing left but a husk
Death will breed, it flowers.

Death approaches, the end of everything you’ve ever known.

5. The Faceless Monster

This is pure devastation
A life that’s taken quick and left us with prosthetic limbs and benumbed hands
Fall in the lake
The lake of darkest depths
A sea of peril that never lets go

A young life
A life of promises and beauty
That would show, just show your might
A life that’s torn apart by reasons unknown

This is your journey
You just left and now you’re on your way
Pushed by returning feelings of helplessness and pain
So, so soon
We will miss you lover, friend, sister and daughter
Cruelty of minds plague
Infects your life and all
To rip apart this life uncertain

In this cold world we see before our eyes
Portrayed through, all her thoughts
You leave us know you bastard

Disease you have no lover
I wish you would just leave us be
To return to life
Keep living like we should
No suicide is justified
This torment before us
Why can’t you just leave us alone
And never return
To sink in your fangs, to sink in your teeth
You wretched destroyer

This is pure devastation
A life that’s taken quick and left us with prosthetic limbs and benumbed hands
You will be missed.

6. No Drugs For Jake

Feeble and despicable that plants a wicked terror
Filling my eyes they’re just fading and fading again
Feeling social, to breathe the closer untimely breath
Close your eyes and never be the same again

Wrapped up in night I drift to silence
Let’s grab a drank and let’s pretend we are friends
Talk like you own the place you have no idea
Then wake up sick again.

Put this tiny piece of paper on your fucking tongue
My mind is searching am I really leaving everyone
Our thoughts are gone and this isn’t making any sense
Land is fading and there isn’t any evidence.
Of what was here before,
Before I placed this tab in my mouth
It leeks in my mind so quick
Am I really losing it?

Mushrooms I want mushrooms
Grind them and make a tea
Processed the same as that wicked LSD!
Stuck in my mind, just like an on switch
This plant is giving me that nervous twitch
It’s so intense, I want this feeling some more
Grab the bag eat like a filthy whore!

Pills now on my mind I must consume this,
Pink round and crumbling, chemists would have a fit!
They failed to mention where these were made
A chemical delight wraps round my brain

Now I have a disorder
From what was done, my brain is no longer chemically intact
From these temptations that stand before me.

7. Dangermazz

My hands suffer atrophy.
Body bewildered, craving something sadistic.
What I want and what I need contradict with one another.

To crave it...
To fucking appease it...
My mind resides in it's filth...

Eyes can only see these demons.
Exciting imagery summons forked tongues.

This fucking slut has lured me before.
Something different, something more.
A place raped of it's dignity.
Debauchery held in it's lowest form.

Physical and ceaseless, my anatomy begins to rise...
Endorphins pumping as I sexually ignite.
This filth it takes over, it rapes my mind.
A haze of smut and plague diseases mankind.


Inflict it on yourself.

I'm fulfilled,
With this I rip at my organs,
Just to feel something else,
Aside from the numbness,
That tears at my mind and dismembers my body.

People pass with looks as piercing as the eyes of a traitor.
Sickened faces as I tug on my anatomy,
Their expressions only push me towards the end.


Just feel it.

Ripping strokes of filth!

I don't blame, this flow of smut ripping through me.
It's not at all an affliction.
Just another act in this God forsaken world.

Thanks to Ludvig for sending these lyrics.

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