Dark Lyrics


1. The Rise

No lights shine from these curtained windows. No moon through these clouds. There they lie, unaware of these watchful eyes.

A childhood killed before it began. A royal family left with just one son. What has this act of violence created?

The axe has fallen. Just two strikes. The future holds so much. As blood fills their mouths, I rise.

Footsteps down a frozen hallway. A sick noise shakes a child awake. Ceiling leaks read rain. Crawls out into an evil realm. From the threshold sharpened metal silver. Hiding behind maroon blinds. Young eyes.

As blood fills their mouths, I rise.

What's this? A survivor? Oh, he's but a boy. Enjoy your shitty life. I know your brother will.

So scared, crawl upstairs to where my nightmares breed, find my parents dead, love is dead. Night's moon as bright as his axe that night.

2. The Job

[feat. Tyler Rowan of Forever Rising]

"Oh, dear brother, please. Forgive our beloved father for promising me happiness and health but removing you from home to survive on your own. You went against his values and his love, but he was our father the same. Help me find who ended our family."

"Find someone for me. Make sure he is strong."

"Perform this job for me. In turn for him. You will never get close to the killer. You are a runt like father. Pathetic and weak. Don't return until it is done."

Sent out empty to cold, wet streets. Hunting a man I don't yet know. Is his sentence just or am I as vile as my enemy? I never wish to know this man. Only to discover the destroyer of my world. Interrogating. Hiding. Stalking. My prey is closer every passing minute.
A bludgeoned greeting. The gift of a duct tape jacket. For it's a cold walk to the dump tonight where your remains will equal the garbage.
What will I become for this? This is not a road I dreamt to take. Would my creators judge me? I can not do this. I will not do this. I can not . . .
The moonlight's flash on my victim's frames triggers the site in my mind of the tool of my parent's demise. This fucking scum is nothing more or less than the killer to me. Inch by inch his face caves in. My hand, the molder of flesh and bone. Your end was not worthless, my friend. You will be joined by whom I seek.

3. The Proposition

So soon my artwork is appreciated by works of a similar medium. I find myself in a dark place on a street I never knew. "Only the finest eat here, Sir." My admirer sits.

Could this be him? A face so young. So bold. So true. An artist with an equal darkness. A voice in his head that tells him of evil.
"I saw your work, oh protege. Though I was the only one. Your attack was well planned, but chaotic with no doubt. Come work for me, for there is no better opportunity in town. Do me this contract and watch yourself rise."

At last, the moment has come to make a name for myself. A shroud. A cloud. To travel in behind my victim's heart. "I accept."

4. The Officer

[feat. Nikolai Gawin of James Doesn't Exist]

I've finally fucking got you. Too much time spent waiting. No one will convict you of your crimes. And so I'm here to deliver your justice. You think that you could run forever? I'm sick of sitting down, you're done. The courts may buy your bullshit. Tossing your case out with ease. Although there's no formal evidence
I know of all your deeds. And I drink these nights away. Praying to God that I may. Find you in a situation like the one we're in now. Time to die you fuck.


5. The Benedict

[feat. Noah Sias]

"Here it is. This will make or break you. Within these pages you find a man. A man who may have betrayed us. A betrayal to me is a betrayal to you. Do not fret and do not fear. I have seen your craft. You will impress."

In the wild once again. The tail of a man none the wiser of what will be. Darkness approaching. Secrets uncovered and lies revealed. Opposing motives for solitary gain.

"Sir, here's the man stealing from your riches."
"Let me go!"
"Listen to him plead, plead, plead."

"No, no, no. You do not speak. You just listen. You think I do not know who you are or what you do? You are the filthy, slithering swine of this organization. If you had a heart I would rip it from your chest and I would make you swallow it whole. I will spew the evil from your guts. I want you to know that I am going to your house tonight and I will slit the throats of your family while they sleep. You will not have a chance to be missed. They will never know you're gone."

"Allow me, sir. Please. I will rid this rat from your world."

"No! I've something just for him. A blade sharp and still stained with blood of old. Allow me."

Wearing a new shade of red. Mind far behind the eyes. A final display of punishment. Lines his ducks in a row.

"Remove this filth from my sight. Heed this though, young man. No one may know. Do not be seen. Do not be heard. Do not be felt."

6. The Disposal

In over my head, again. The weight of a man on my shoulders. This shroud of darkness could not be thick enough. What do I do? Burned, buried, or diced? Discretely erasing a life. The snap of a twig. The blast of a gun. Two dead, a man and a woman, lie before my feet. Witness. Innocence. What have I done to this man and this woman? Am I now the same as him? One becomes three. Three bodies in the quarry. What have I done? Neglect to check my work. Erase my tracks. Reckless.

7. The Brother

[feat. Tyler Rowan of Forever Rising]

"Oh, dear brother, I found him. Your associate, my employer, our neighbor. He is the killer. He ended our father's reign. Rising to this city's throne. With your inherited power we must cause his fall."

"How could you be so blind? I thought you would have been on my side. Maybe I guess just not this time. How could you be so blind? I gave them both enough time to share what should have been mine. All mine. I threw him where you can not find him. I can't believe I did this to him, but I had to. What can I say? What do I do, now?"

"Dad was right to cast you out. Your greed and hatred infested from the start. Now I know the origin of your strength and gold. You disgust me. How dare you sit in his chair, in this tower, in this room? I am finished with your existence."

Another bullet from my scythe. Another piece of family lost.

8. The Distrust


9. The Assassin

Could I have been a fool? Trusted too soon? I fear I have been discovered.

A second class member buried in distrust. Falling behind in my mutinous scheme. "Excuse me, Boss. I'll be back soon." Someone close behind. Mind bent on destruction. Following. Heart racing. A stranger. Gun pulled. Aiming at my goal. A shot. A shout. The stranger falls down. My prey still stands. My gun warm. From outcast to savior.

10. The Art

Come, Boy, and you shall see the proper ways of this craft. You threw three bodies from a dock? Seek deeper waters and make sure they will not float. Not even fisherman's nets will find the mass graves you leave for this Earth.
I beseech. Don't allow your defenses to be breached. No lights. No noise. This is a job for the dead of night.
Cut them into pieces! Throw them overboard! One bag at a time! Meet the ocean floor!
Now you are a cog in the machine! Now you are the silent killer this world needs!
We send our sins to sink! The sea swallows them whole!
Set them free.
This is the circle of life. The unfortunate truth for those of us in this business. Survival of the fittest and we are the strongest ones.
Thieves sink. Liars sink. Bastards sink. Traitors sink. Never underestimate the power of your will. You can commit so much violence if you just put your mind to it. Try it! Now you know what to do next time. The art of your life and this is your masterpiece.

11. The Plan

[feat. Joel Faviere of Get Scared]

In a dormant mind. Come on come on, give me hope, to dehumanize, creating prized possessions in my mind. I know, getting injured, hold my grip on vengeance is in key of darker fall. Blood closure. Closure in my mind.

Odds stacked against me at the family gathering. Odds stacked against me in my revenge.

Paranoia. I fear my defenses have been breached. An old friend has perished. And I think I know why.

Infiltration. Discretion. Killer with an invitation. Chameleon.

A party. A remembrance. Let us honor him. I hope I am the only one who knows his dark past. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Familiar environment. Hire foolish men. Distractions. His deadly heirloom is rightfully mine and will sever him limb from limb. His deadly heirloom in rightfully mine and so is my revenge.

12. The Fall

Up the stairs. Through the threshold. Eying every villain. Weighing my decisions. Told I'm requested for private counsel.

"Come in. You have shown me true respect. You have earned this prize for your allegiance. My eyes are open from this tragedy. This man was my friend. I could perish at any moment. I want you to have my empire when I'm dead. Will you accept?"

A fight breaks below. "You are finished. Through. This empire is mine. Not for you. One fatal mistake. The child you passed. That was me. You should never have come to that home that night."

"What is this? A final betrayal? Who are you?"

"I am your pupil. I am your wealth. I am your nightmare. I am my father's son."

As blood fills my mouth, I fall.

13. The Core

[Bonus Track, Instrumental]

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