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1. "Dénaturer"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Yet there are those who open many eyes
"Eyes are the mirror of the soul," someone has said.
So we look closely at the eyes to see the nature of the soul
Sometimes when we see the eyes, those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that... that have no soul, then we know a darkness, then we wonder, "Where is the beauty?"
There is none. The eyes are soulless.

2. Sacred And Secret

Crooked halos, elapsing faith,
Manifestations of the earth as I see it
Filled with life, worth the love of a whole heartbeat striking for the final time

Not in you, not in me

Striving to recover this faint idea You see it as given
Devoid of feeling ghastly pale.
I believe in only this

Not in you, not in me.

Depict order,
There you will see I can only breathe in the stillness of this surface.
In fog entirely buried,
Absent of light.

Not in you, not in me
Not in you.

You reach out, I bow down to the one queen,
Filled with life, worth the love.

3. Tentacles (Solitude Prevails)

Conformity and consensus invigorated conformity to fake allies, plea for them to pull the strings
In vow – in ache, fed by the wolves.
In grief and concern Lapse into silence

This glorious will for power, feel it breaking, feel it leave.
You turned into everyone else. From remission to transgression Individual resignation and the choice of patient isolation.
In vow – in ache, fed to the wolves.
Just grief and concern, that's what you'll reap.
Like tentacles to guide you,
Like tentacles to lift you.

From where you stand the horizon's covered with words;
Lies and rules of all the others.
Freedom for you is to run the gauntlet,
Turn your back on them, because solitude prevails.

4. We Are Transluscent


5. Long Live Depravity

Why try gainsay the obvious chasm between lowdown and pipedreams?

Long Live Depravity.

The heirs to pretentious scrutiny,
The ancestors to anti-barren immensity.

Long Live Obsession.
Liars, Cheaters, Lovers,

Long Live Appetency,
Don't deter from fervent perspiration.

6. The Dead Return To War

Fierce they stood in the brink of extinction,
Deviously watching towards absolution.
The walls could wait it out, but we couldn't.

Years felt as transient surcease when absolute chaos broke lose.

And there we stood, obtaining spellbound not afraid of the door but what lay behind it.
Constant revision made closure imminent,
Still we lost – Still we fell

We don't speak the name of the dead but faces, eyes and thoughts loomed large.

And no, we didn't forget a bit,
This familiar dominance,
Like a drug grants desperate moments of freedom.
They broke open the gates.
All caused by the love for decay.

7. "Fantasmes"

Can you see through a wall?
Can you see through human skin?

There are things in life that exist, and yet our eyes cannot see them.

Have you ever seen something startling that others cannot see?
Why are some things kept from our vision?
Is life a puzzle?

I am filled with questions.
Sometimes my questions are answered.
In my heart i can tell if the answer is correct.
I am my own judge.

In a dream are all the characters really you, different aspects of you?

Do answers come in dreams?

8. No Solid Grounds

Sleep taken, can't control it walk and reach back Never conquered anything.

Tried this path so many times,
Crossed this bridge and millions of miles,
Never said goodbye this many times before.

And still there is no one to sacrifice for
Out of control, out of touch.
The faces remain the same.

This kingdom is ruled by others,
And no, I don't worry.
You're doing fine

9. Fallen Empires Are Ruling

It seems endless,
It feels eternal,
Vast and cold,
Standing alone.

Now that white is black,
And days are gray,
The daylight hours, they pass,
Like the people I have lost

Leave it be
When there is nowhere left to go,
There is nothing left to be done.
Now that I've lost everything,
Fear is the only enemy that I still know.
The fear of fear itself,
Harvesting the seeds I've sown

10. Scarlet Inside


11. The Darkest Of Grays

Places, dark and distant,
Prodigious in depth.
Like an abyss penetrating the globe,
This is where you live, my long lost friend.

Persistent in my dreams,
Crawl up
To lurk and to lure.

I can't bury you nor can I heal,
In my veins, in my soul.

A despicable wall between us and sanity.
Rest for good now, my old friend.
For you will rise again...
To plunge me into the abyss

12. A Casket City


Frank — Bass
Benny — Drums
Ralph — Guitars, Vocals

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