Dark Lyrics


1. Inconsolable


2. Funeral Mouth

Night has fallen cold and hard,
Left to ruins as suns deteriorate.
With hands on shoulders and perverted necks
The sons of the sun are left to ruins abide by morrow.
A pact is broken as trust is lost
Blood draws blank, to live in hell
These stones are covered with the keepsakes of the lost and sallow
Where mothers sob and fathers famish
Go on and look for the marrow in this paragon
Just to find answers carved in flesh.

3. An Exorcism Of Sorts

(Words about other worlds
Bigger, better. All theirs, not yours.
Where skin is a map to all your worries,
you still are the most beautiful of them all.)
In movement away lies passage and pattern,
it abandons all your courage.
You're so strong, you just don't see it.
Raised like a wolf in the belly of the worst memories,
you dug a hole so deep you can't find the way out.
Eyes closed, buried in my arms - is this home?
Distant but so close, please take me with you.
I chose to throw my heart into this hole,
because this 'we' is so beautiful.
No matter how often, how long -
I hate the sadness when you leave.

4. Kingdom

Six wall made coffin. Asphyxiating.
Embodyment and legacy to wars neither won nor lost.
As a prisoner to routine doors are opened where one constantly struggles to keep them locked.
To feel relief on the outside,
to live regret on the inside.
Dead vows of folsom obligation keep this cell illuminated.
Dearest heart travels lightyears in the open
to no greater goal but to be at peace, finally.
This room is not empty without you but you are empty inside these walls.

5. Agnosia Archetype

A living reproach no one dares to approach
– you made me.
Everyone I ever loved, I failed and it never left my head
– you made me.
All the strangers know my name, all the ones I turned away.
Make this silence as cold as possible so I can value this closure.
All the strangers know my name, all the ones I turned away

6. Weak And Shapeless

Feeling tired - so tired
Day in and day out
Is this what life is about?
This is what lies are about!
To convince it all lies in doubt.
It should go both ways,
not feeling in but out.
Satisfaction in perfection,
imagination as protection.
This one will never be satisfied.

7. I Only See Death In You

No light – No more, ever since your fall.
Rain, two years straight - so absolute and obsolete.
The ways I made you feel when I stepped away
and turned to dust.
Regret will not take out the fact:
out of boredom I skipped the easy way out.
This love is like a wound that won't heal
How do you live with yourself now?
I took you down – I killed the sun.
To the death of all resemblance we must go.
Spear me your dark words, as I have plenty of my own.
I feel sorry still, as it was my sun I tried to kill.

8. Scythe Imposter

Where worlds collide, at the end of days
and love resides and never fades.
Where truths are torn, from dreams derive,
a shattered core to long lived smiles.
In silhouettes it spoke to me,
spoke of the times that never be.
To destinies as closures king
I just observe, can't change a thing.
This is where it stands - will never bow.
God-like tall and wisdom how.
Where ends seem odd-shaped and self made it waited for decades.
As an acolyte from nowhere I always felt it to be there.
Liberty and forced ends, sat down to hold hands.
Old shadows and deliverance, verify repentance.

9. The Spectre (Black Knives To White Witches)


10. Desolate, Once...


Frank Hörsch — Bass
Benjamin Hintz — Drums
Ralph Schmidt — Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to andreas4july for sending these lyrics.

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