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1. Intro


2. Hung High, Weapons Drawn

Hang them High
Hang them High
With their weapons drawn!

Captured now lifeless
Necks tied around a rope
Kicking the footing out under you

Kicking and screaming
The life drains from your eyes
As I watch you choke

Oh you have done it now
You beg 'Please untie us' among the roots
Hahaha, You'll see no more
When we slay you!

Signal the firing Squad!
Fire at will!

Fire at their throats!
Aim into their bodies
Then shoot their heads!

Let them die!
Raise them up!
Let them be seen
For the evils they have done

Hang them High
Let them die
On display
Hang them up!


Put them in the graves in which they'll die in
Twitching in the pool of blood they'll lie in
Oxygen supply's becoming thin
Losing a battle you would never win!

Signal the firing squad
Fire at will!


Hang them High!

3. Slaves To The Graves

Drop down to the floor
Face into the ground
Hear the loading of my pistol
Fear the firing sound

Twitching fear washes over you
And there's nothing you can do
There are still two left alive
Who dies next? You chose!

You want to kill youself
We refuse you the right
You die when we saw you day
And dig into the night

At last in the dead of night
Three of us get to see some fight
From a slumbered state you rise
And stare back into our cold dead eyes

You smile but struggle to load the gun
We watch you fail
Come on, kill us you coward!

You aim at me
Blood running down your face

You struggle. You stagger. You miss.

Fall into your grave
The one you dug your own
From now until the end of time
This shallow hole your home

And to the end of time
From the end of time
A slave into your grave!

Until the end of time
Submit now

So fucking die
So fucking die
Fucking die!
Fucking die!

4. Suffer

I bring death and now you suffer
I bring fire from the depths of Hell
I link the flames and that will torch you
I bring destruction in my wake

I am the being between man and God
I am born of the seventh seal
I stand immortal beneath the earth
I am an entity that will never die

I find it amusing how I tear you down
and walk through your battlefield
I derive pleasure from seeing you suffer
as I hang your head on spikes

You think you'll be freed
You think you'll be saved
Just remember the slaves in their graves

I am a tribute to the war
That's been raged
You will remember my name

Boots, Bullets and Blood
The currency of fools
As I collect your scalps for decoration

I consume your putrid remains
And I take your medals
For my shiny collection

I prop your bones
Out as an offering
To he who rule over all
I make to you, a simple declaration
I am the bringer of death and pain

I am the king slayer
I commit regicide
I am the God slayer
I commit Deicide

I stand among the Gods!
I am slayer of the Gods!
I am the eater of the Gods!
I'll become a God!

5. Dwell In Hell

My broken body
To come and rot with me
Set to rive in eternal flame

I met the devil and he told me
'Do not bow, do not believe!'
I was granted a vicious life

And the sky came down
Tore the life from my world
I now dwell through hatred
Blood rushing from my veins

And their torches up in arms
Strung me up on their cross
Now I bleed out and die

Hell, I'm in Hell
Paralysing pentagrams!
Hell, burns like Hell!
Now I suffer as my skin melts

Sky of black
Burning in an eternal fire

My time dwelling among the worms
Feast upon my flesh
Give me what I've earned
That's now my life
I'm living in a box

My coffin where I'll live forever!
Clinging to what I am
A being of pure hatred
Born of the pentagram

I do not bow!
I don't believe
I will not bow!
But I will burn!

6. The Salvation Death Brings

All the pain and misery
Inflicted on the world
All the agony and time
That we have beheld

Disease and suffering
A fate all too real
This endless fucking war
Bullets fired from steel

I'll spread more and gore
Than the cowards of war
Through this pain and onslaught I adore
I once did say, that in the ruins of day
The towers will fall and enslave us all!

It's salvation
The salvation death brings
An end to all pain
And endless suffering

It's salvation
The salvation death brings
A guiding hand towards the light
The eternal rest, and no more war!

Wake me from these nightmares
Cure me of my sickness
Help me breathe right
Just one more time

Heal me from my wounds
Clear my skin of scars
Set me free, and break my chains

It's salvation
The salvation death brings
An end to all pain
And endless suffering

It's salvation
The salvation death brings
A guiding hand towards the light
The eternal rest, and no more war!

7. Resurrection

You should have killed me
When you had the chance
And now you're all gonna die

As I awake infueled with rage
Your flesh I'll pray

From your Bones

I'll take your teeth and end your life

From your Skull

I'll eat your brain
And you will know me as a God

You try to run and It makes me laugh
You really think you'll get away
I watch you stagger and It gives me joy
To know it's you I'll slay

I'll take your eyes out from your head
I'll crush your skull underneath my boot
I'll drink your blood
and consume your flesh
You'll know me as a God

8. Ascension

And as I scream
I look to the skies
where I'm swallowed up the rising tides

And as I look
They gouge out my eyes
The sun burns brightly
and now thou art blind

And as I beg
I cry and wait
At my knees
I befall to the gates

It was my time
It was my fate
And before Satan's wrath, I lie and wait

To my behest
Lucifer gives me life and help me to stand
My bones reassemble
My life's in his hands

And as I scream
The pain surely stops
I'm resurrected by the slayer of Gods

And now I know what I'll do
I'll make people listen to what's evil but true
Their Bibles, their cross and their God
I'll burn it all!

In past times
I was send there to die
Hung up on their cross

And now I
With new purpose in life
Will bring about the reckoning
In the name of my lord
Hail Satan!

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