Dark Lyrics


1. The Abyss

Walk with me
Through illusion and vigour
Dwell with me
In a place no one escapes

Stay with me
Embrace my touch forever
Die with me
In the void between worlds

The all consuming darkness
Reveals its true face
My heart beating and bleeding
In this unforgiving place

Bury me, in golden shrine
Befitting of the cursed
Rest my corpse alongside yours
Let's forever be as one

I am a flicker of light
I am the soil of the earth
I am the hope that's buried down
I am the edge between the cracks

Poisoned the rising flames
Never to be whole again
Left in wretched strain

This is not damnation
Nor condemnation
This is not an exile
Staring deep into the mouth of Hell

I embody all your hatred
Forever known all this time
With fear I kiss the burning darkness
And with that I die...

2. Heroes And Darkness

Throw yourself
Into the gaze
Of eternal darkness

Be enriched
By the view
Of the abyss

Wear your mark
Grab your shield
Arm yourself in valour

Take a breath
Look down and don't submit

I wade through waist deep water
Rusting slowly and going insane
I rest by crackling fire
Cleaning blood from my armour again

I stare into the flickering darkness
Echoing the screaming of the end
I come to a realisation that I...
Am eternal

3. Manus

All that remains
Dwelling down here in the dark

Reigning supreme
Extinguish the fire and the spark

Falling down
Deeper than was ever known

Their feeble minds
Infecting us with what is shown

I can see inside you
I can sense your fear
I can hear your heartbeat
I know your time is near

Liquefy their insides
To purify their minds
Leave a trail of wretched blood
In this undead shrine

I'll take the light from your eyes
I'll take the soul from your corpse
I'll take the crown from your head
Then I'll take your life

I'll bury you down in this grave
Pit of the depraved
I'm saved
Yet your lifeless body remains

4. Executioner

Ascend the steps and part the gates
Your storied destiny awaits
Before you stood in that gold room
Will forever be your doom

Two iron clad soldiers unite
To protect the vessel as is their right
Beyond them lies the Queen of Gods
A bitter end you'll face tonight

The sick fuck enjoys your death
Savouring every dying breath
He smashes you into the ground
Your body and he's proud

Heart still beating yet
Trapped inside the walls
You begin to cry
As once again your sword falls

I still remember the taste of your blood
The flavour of your skin
I still savour the warmth of your flesh

The second knight has been exhumed
And there's nothing you can do
But lay and watch in agony
He feasts on you as he fed on me

5. King

To the kiln beyond the dying gate
By thy furnace

One last obstacle
You face and fight tonight
The King!

Face the blade
That spade
Alive in flame
For a thousand days

You rose!
Up against the fucking dragons
You brought!
Them down with your bolts of lightning
You thought!
You would be the one to save us
You lost!
Everything that you were!

The age of Fire
Prolonged in your veins
I'll be the one to link the first flame
To have the king slain!

6. Clawing At The Throat Ov Hope

I dig myself out from the grave
And I stand straight by your side
I brush the mud off of my clothes
And now I know the chill of death

Knives in the dark put an end to suspicion
Cloak and dagger politics
Out of hand
Out of commission

Buried alive but I'll never die
Not with Satan on my side
Burn forever in their light
Stand aside, now watch and die!

Relics, gold and fortune
All toys and trinkets to he
Who rule over all!

Your books, your scriptures
The sacred word of your prophet
Will burn in their light

I clawed at coffin lids
As I claw into your eyes
I call upon the tides to sink you down to the dirt
I claw at your flesh
Primitive. Weak. Coward!

Clawing at the throat ov hope
I'll take it all away from you
Bestowing plagues and fever
Just for my amusement
It's what you deserve
All taken away

I'll bury you as you buried me
This time, you'll truly die
With the glory and faith in Satan
You will burn in his light

An army of darkness
Reveals its true face
Rise up and embrace the fate
Clawing at the throat of Hope!

7. Reaching The Light

Defy the pit
Defy the fires
It's time
To rise!

The battle is over
The blood has been shed
You wear the veil
Over your head

Rise from!
The Abyss!
Can touch you now!


The time is now!

8. Heartlines

I call upon the stars to light the sky
To shine in radiance
To Pierce through blackened night

I urge the Gods to spin the Earth
To pull clouds over my head
To give me peace I deserve

With my soul
Everlasting, heart's burning
I sign the pact
Everlasting, soul's yearning

I draw my lines in the sand
I seal the contract
With blood from my hands

I burn like embers
Then simply fade away
Your grace, your touch
To you, I'm adored

My grave, my love, my soul
Toys in the hands of a king
My heart's bleeding for you
I'll sacrifice everything

My lifeline
That fuels my being
It will burn through the night
And rise up!

I let it wash it wash away
I can't control myself
I feel the ether
I know the strain
But for you my love
I'll give you everything

[Translated Polish to English:
"Every day I give to you
My heart is yours"]

I'll tear through the cosmos
I'll pierce the skin of God and Man
I'll be the beacon
I'll light the way

It's time
I, I will light the darkness consumed
I will be the vessel of burning
To destroy the Gods in your name

You will become complete.

Thanks to adammcloughlin2 for sending these lyrics.

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