Dark Lyrics


1. Last Hit

Sittin' in a back room watchin' your skin crawl
Take another shot, one more, come on
Sick like a dog, on your knees
One more shot, feed your disease
Throw the needle on the floor.
That last hit left you wantin' more
Girlfriend's cryin' in the hall
She needs a little but ya took it all.

2. With Vision

Lookin' down this highway through the hole in my mind
Turn Left, turn right, I can't decide
I'll set the course of these two wheels by the shadow of the lines
And make a place for my sanity somewhere in the sky
It's been too long, much too long since I've had some peace
Provided provisions, they're for me I believe
I take these bars in my two hands and search for mystery
And I'll be runnin' free when death finally finds me.
Reaching for the things that I can't find
Leaves a void in disguise
It's all in vain, no surprise
Temporal values are lost in time
Lookin' down this highway through the hole in my mind
Turn left, turn right, I can't decide
I take these bars in my two hands and search fro mystery
And I'll be runnin' free when death finally finds me.

3. Long Lost Grave

Twenty years in Missouri, when I left the trees were green
Answered the call of fury, to fight for our beliefs
My uniform is splendid, my rifle clean
Mother I'll write you letters, tell you what I see.
The cannon balls come screamin' ears filled with cries and moans
Sometimes I think I'm dreamin', blood on the snow
Now my belly's burnin', their lead has found its mark
So cold my legs are turnin', the world is goin' dark
I don't claim to understand the force that drives this man
Just my faith in what I'm told, bravery is gold
Mother it seems a shame to die so far away
Will someone send me home
I don't claim to comprehend the feud between these men
All I know is what I see, thye don't care for me
All the glory's lies, left me here to die
Alone and cryin' I bleed.

4. Nothing Changes

Eyes meet eyes in a familiar way
The first step in your age of decay, first page... too late
Her grandeur of love takes you deep inside
In faith and trust you turn over and close a blind eye, in time
Day after day you've given your heart
Opened it up to this woman of dark, so dark... torn apart
Your love turns to hate but her siren still waits
Your hope and honor have become a disgrace, still you come... to her flame
She takes you away
And still day after day, she takes you away, and nothing changes.

5. Dimensional Sojourn

6. In Rest

7. Silver Cord Breaks

The universe hides the secrets of time
Reaching out for comfort among the lies
Division is sparked when decision splits our ways
Watching the course of human history fade away
How long till the silver chord breaks
And I will fly from thiw world and all its hate
Split the sky and let me inside
A man's eyes are sometimes blind to the truth
Regardless of creeds our worlds collide in two
Born and conceived from the vision of one seed
But dying in rejection, separation we bleed... we bleed
Imbalanced minds, chemically blind
Peace deferred, man concurs
Soon we'll break, we'll undertake
A time of choice, a chance to rejoice
Far... away from here.

8. Willfully Blind

He makes his point on the tip of a very dull sword
His world is closed like his eyes to another man's word
Painfully clear that he buys right into the scam
Another sheep corralled and controlled by the man
On weakness he preys
Leads you astray
Conquered through time
Willfully blind
The symbol mocks the flocks that they will control
Flaunts the frocks, the fetish they secretly know
And when exposed they will buy out from under the tears
Because they know their key is the dagger of fear.

9. Dissonant Dissident

10. The Monster

Their fires are burning
Our ships come ashore
To discover what's already known
And our greed will cost them more
We take what's not our own
Once denied, blood flows
And let the monster grow
Their homes we took as our own
And fly our flag in their place
The riches of the land we acquired
Are rivers flowing with disgrace
White man, shameful woes
Our independence won
The monster took their soul
We wallow in desire
Like pigs in a mire
No rest for the wicked
Like sons of Bitches
Well I'm not too proud
To talk down
To what's done and said
By the monster we bred
Taken what's not our own
And deny blood had flown
Still the monster grows.

11. The Watchers

Born unto a place
Carried there from a point in space
Behind a distant sun
Shrieking winds and shifting sands they hide
Twist the golden strands
And in the chalice formed this creature man
Unto his daughters born
The giant's roam and their eyes they shine
The years they fled
But the tail survived the skin they shed
Line of blood alive
The words are few and you know they thrive

12. Lost

Colors in the sky are changing but briefly
Rearranging the way we're thinking
Return the joy that we're desperately seeking
Not a chance as we continue sinking way down
The moon and stars reflect uncharted courses
While straight and narrow paves the way to the source
With talk of peace yet war we endure
We've lost the race to the death on four horses... they ride

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