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1. The Maker

Foundations of time from the first Earth age
You breathed life into each and every soul
Before the child conceived, the plan was secure
A life no law of man can claim or hold

We expose our pride in what we perceive as wise
And take the new life into our own hands
Without regard for the blessed new heartbeat
The machine we created cuts the silver strand

We won't be distracted by the same life we hold to
With our goals and desires we strive to achieve
In our self-proclaimed right for power over life
We now find more value in the trees

In the end our human will won't be done
Though thru time we deceive ourselves to believe
And the blood that we spilled, the dreams that we killed
In those fractured wombs we'll one day grieve

2. Breath Of Life

Tossed by the waves, am I sinking
Grasping for your life so completely
I let you down many times too often
Without you the tides of hope have broken

Will you pass my way again
And cleanse this broken heart, heart of sin
Make straight the crooked path I'd chosen
And calm the storm inside

Restore to me Lord the joy of your salvation
Please don't take your Holy Spirit away
These broken bones can't take another night
For you alone are the Breath of Life

Can't bear to think of your sacrifice
To hurt you more when I denied
Don't want to lose you again, no not ever
Turn these grains of sand to stone forever

Will you pass my way again
Mercy undeserved, light again my days
Apart from you, only hopelessness abound
Give me strength to live and be found

3. Though He Slay Me

Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him
Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him
Jesus, will you teach me to deny myself
Jesus, will you show me how to die to myself

My flesh is weak, my soul is frail
But in my weakness Your love never fails

Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him
Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him
This passing world, all in vain, still tugs at my heart
With all its desires and promises, it can never impart

Obedience over sacrifice
Is Your desire, not by my own device

May Your glory be a covering for all my iniquities
That leads me back into Your arms of righteousness
I fell behind, thought that I could do this on my own
Then all my trust fell to dust, and left me all alone

4. Psalms

From the depths I call, Lord hear my voice
Lord bend Your ear, attend to my heart
If You kept account according to our sins
Tell me who could stand, Lord who could stand

But with You is forgiveness, that You may be feared
So I expectantly wait and put my hope in Your Word
Like a watchman for morning, even more so I wait
And hope in You Lord, for there Your mercy redeems

Lord my heart is not proved, nor my eyes are lofty
Neither do I find myself in matters too great for me
Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul
Like a weaned child and mother, like a weaned child is my soul

5. Dayspring

Can you take the pain
Can you take the shame
Won't you take a stand
And give up being a broken man

You play with sin, fall everytime
A broken heart and a seared mind
But there's one to lift and restore
And bring you back to His glory

Have you scratched the surface of light
Staying bound in darkness, doin' your time
Well God Almighty has a future and hope
These thoughts towards you He wants you to know

Trust in Him, not how you understand
In all your ways, He will direct your path
At this place there's peace you will find
Guard your heart for it flows the issues of life

Come to Me, so you can stand
Come to Me, be free at last
A Dayspring flows from my pierced hands
For one and all, the Son of Man

6. Timeless Hearts

The passing days grow longer and longer
With overflowing thoughts of sorrows
As your love carves its way through my heart
So beckons the tears that fall in the dark

My world falls empty apart from your face
You're everything the heavens embrace
My body aches for your beauty again
My mind hates the days of my sin

Love is patient, love is kind
Does not boast, rejoices in right
Love bears all, believes all things
Hopes all things, and never ends

Into the sunrise where time heals wounds
Where it's never too late and never too soon
Through all of our tears of sadness and distress
Our dream still lives in a heart that's timeless

7. He's God

What makes a man want to tear away within
When we can't face the truth and it seems there's no end
There's a way we can come, there's a road we can take
Where we'll find the strength to start a brand new day

We hold back the tears and we hold in our fears
There's got to be more in this life to live for

He's God, forever and a day
He's God, He is the only way
He's God, He's the King on High
He's God...

In the storms of our lives when it seems we can't bear
The pressure each day, sometimes it's so hard to care
And our souls cry out, we've got to take a stand
Put our trust in Him, He is the Beginning and End

Leave our cares with Him and our lives He will change
On the road less-traveled, He'll show us the way

He's God... He's a Mighty Mountain

8. Desperation

[Steppenwolf cover]

When rain drops fall and you feel low
Ah, do you ever think it's useless
Do you feel like letting go
Do you ever sit and do you wonder
Will the world ever change
And just how long will it take
To have it all rearranged

Tell me why these things are still the same
Tell me why no one can seem to learn from mistakes

Take my hand if you don't know where your goin'
I'll understand, I've lost the way myself
Oh, don't take that old road it leads to nowhere
We must return before the clock strikes twelve

It's so easy to do nothin'
When you're busy night and day
Take a step in one direction
And take a step the other way
So don't stop tryin' when you stumble
Don't give up should you fall
Keep on searchin' for the passway
That will lead you through the wall

Don't look back or you'll be left behind
Don't look back or you will never find peace of mind

9. As A Dog Returns

Shadows fall, another daylight dies
I gave up the ghost and the chains that bind
Leave it behind, all that's misaligned
Press into the new and back to the truth

Many days of shame have wrought to defame
The Name that's above all other names
Lead me beyond to much greater things
Let this new hope be the song I sing

The tempter found one little crack
In my armor I thought I'd patched
Then took me places I shouldn't have gone
I found myself much too far from home

All the kingdom's pleasure for a season of time
But the glass ain't clear till you drink the wine
Now in stride I climb the steps from deceit
What the world offers brought me to my knees

As a dog returns to his vomit
So a fool repeats his folly

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