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1. We Bow To None

There's a fire spreading out across the land
And the situations getting out of hand
We can only hope that some of us will stand
Walking a life wire

Let the winds beneath our wings deliver us
To a place with no injustice and no fuss
Save the innocent, there's no one left to trust

In the absence of the sun
We won't hide from anyone
While the rest are crying for a guiding light
We bow to none

There's no solitary soul for us to praise
Unassisted - carry on throughout the days
We don't need those regulations anyways

We won't bow to anyone
Not a soul survivor, no!
Just an ordinary man you'd like to be
With no reign and no divine authority
No religion, well that's fine with me!

2. Walls Come Down

The game is over
Chip on your shoulder
All said and done but you can't stop grieving
Nobody chose to humiliate you
Oh what a shame that world is catching on
You never tried to soften your words
Twisted your terms, took us for fools
And all you know is what you've been told

You believe, you believe

It's the universal exodus
These lies are just too much for us
When the walls come tumbling down
Waiting for your final hour
We must obstruct your only power
When the walls come tumbling down

You're on a roll now
Got so far somehow
Just waiting for the chance that's coming
Don't mind the mockery
It's your philosophy
That simple-minded men can't see through you

You set the tone to make them so strong
Strengthen how they feel, milk them for trust
High on the stage to make them perceive

You believe, you believe

There's a message to be told:
We can pick the wounds of every single adversary
Long are gone the days of old
Keep the faith inside your mind, in you mind

3. Unite And Divide

The voices sounding as they march along
Anticipation in the air
Beneath the trenches we disguise ourselves
'Cause there's no one to fight
Chasing darkness through the night

Shadows don't glow

The chanting sound it makes your blood run cold
Enter the madman once again
Preserving the utmost sincerity
As he hides us from the truth
From the old and from the youth

Living under the sun
Do we recognize the spirits that guide us?
Through the years we will fly
Do we know that our chances are passing us by?

Unite and divine
The shame and the pride
When everything's so black and white
United, we divine

We're not the center of the universe
No reasoning can challenge this
I believe, you believe, we believe in certainty
But the shadows we pursue
Distract them from me and you

When the change has begun
And your will has been done
Rest your anger and accept the stranger
We unite and divine...

4. No More Fear

Sometimes those pretty dreams can keep
The soul alive
You will find your way
There no borders to the things that you aspire
If you don't deny then you'll defy

No more heinous goodbyes
No more mountains to climb
No confusion, disillusion
No more fear in your eyes

There no reasons for the thing that you dismay
And no time for shame (gotta take the blame)
A lack of certainty can only lead to pain
If you let the lies be your demise

In your darkness will be light
It's a power you posses
Another wrong another right
Like the spirit you will fly

Walk away in the face of danger
Those trivial cries will not satisfy

Like the spirit you will fly
No more fear in your eyes
You will find your way
It's a power you posses...

5. Man Of Sorrow

He will leave through the door in which he came
Head bowed in shame, he gets the blame
Through the fight for his innocence was strong
His unsung song was sung so wrong

Ans so he hides, in the heart of the city
Staring out the open window, he just cries
As days pass by, he's not eager to greet them
But his hope's the only tonic that still drives...

The days are lonely and the nights are desolate
Hanging out upon the wire
Aiming to escape from this pretend Babylon
But it's much too late, another life he must create

He is a man of sorrow
Unoccupied, dissatisfied
Living alone with his bottle and his doom
In the abyss of eternal desire

Traveled down the roads, signaled 'danger up ahead'
They lead hum right into disaster
How the mortal soul isn't going anywhere
Cut he's much too late, and now oblivion is all that awaits

He's just alone in the dark
Life is drifting on and on
Pieces are scattered everywhere
There's no absolution

Yes he's much too late, like every man he must bear his own fate

He will leave through the door in which he came
And so he hides, in the heart of the city
Standing out the open window, he just cries

6. Path Of Destiny

The distant roars of thunder pound your thoughts unsure
You feel so alive!
Beneath the ashes they lie, the seeds that must be sown
Deep in the hearts of men

Their cries are taunting, makes your blood run cold
As the fifth circle passes by
There'll be no dawn before the end of days
Running through the fire!

There's no fight - no wrong, no right - on the way your path of destiny
Every choice you choose - you'll win, not lose - never stray your path of destiny

Don't ever criticize the things you can't believe
It's a state of mind
You're only focus should be the things you wanna achieve
Cut out the dogmas that the past has left behind

Into the realms of everything unknown
You must strive to decide your fate
No one can learn without one getting burned
Run into the fire!

It's no use living in this solitude
Hopelessness looming in the air
Climb out of the ground to reach the altitude
What no ones sees, no one can care - no...

Find your destiny!

7. Vagrant Of The Night

Though the seasons come and pass
All the memories still last
And her desperation
Lead her to the boulevard

She searched only to find
There will be no peace of mind
And the life that she lives had no meaning

She smiles, she smiles
But all I see
Are the tears, they're pouring down on me
Her ever despise
Her skin so light
Such a forsaken spirit,
A vagrant of the night

So she walks along the land
Where the ocean meets the sand
Her resolution was decided long ago

There's nothing left to gain
From the heartache and the pain
But she can't stop now
And no one here can deliver her

Nobody hears her lonely cries
From the womb into the tomb
Her fortune lies
A sacrifice of blood will
Lead her to her destiny
A certain last goodbye

The heartache and the pain...
Ain't no love in those eyes
Whoa, a forsaken spirit,
A vagrant of the night...

8. Bloodsucker

I've got a problem with your madness
Always lying, always lying
Point of concerns fade into blackness
So evading, so evading

You never cared about the things we've said
You never cared about the things you've done
You never cared because the world is crashing down

'Cause you're a backstabbing, dirty rotten,
Double-crossing mastermind
You're just a bloodsucker, stuck between the
Cheeks of what they call mankind
I'll be waiting for the chance: take a final stance,
Vengeances won't be yours, but mine
'Cause you're a backstabbing, dirty rotten,
Double-crossing mastermind
Rolling down the road to nowhere

How many times can you dodge bullet now?
So deceiving, so deceiving
Lifeless and cold on your stage you take a bow
Unconvincing, unconvincing

You never cared about the things we do
You never cared if all the world stop turning
You never to stop to think about the words you find

9. Whistleblower

We were lost inside the circle of never ending fear
Of the next tomorrow
And they label us as traitors because we interfere
With there greedy sideshow

I can't take it anymore
Time to break down every door

We were confined
To speak our mind
But now the silence is broken
We walked alone,
Kept in the zone
But now the silence is broken
The whistle blows
Let it blow!

So the chain has been disjointed, we are the missing link
Held it all together
Our situation changed now we're standing on the brink
And we've lost our tether

Nowhere left to go
I'm living free but I'm on my own
No one seems to care
I'm not going anywhere
So I hide my tears away
Are you ever gonna see me again...

10. The Other Man

I remember a time before
But life got in the way
Still the future was written in the stars
Then the circumstances changed again
And I was on my own
No solution, I wallow in my shame

I am blinded by this paradise that I'm living
A fantasy I create
I'm no more than the other man
The other man
The illusions of reality have me jaded
There's nothing upon my plate
I'm no more than the other man
The other man

Accusations of who and why
And what is left to do
Don't get in my way, I'll blame it all on you
Each night I rest my head
Conceiving thoughts I try to understand
My solutions are all written in the sand...

Moments of rage lead me astray and then I
Try to ease my mind
It's been tearing me apart for so long
Trials by fire should take me higher but I
Carry on a wayward son
I'm holding out for you

I'm no more than the other man
Still the future is written in the stars
Then this world came along
And took it all away
Now I wallow in my shame
No solution to gain, yeah...

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