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1. Scapegoat

Madness, fear, visions, blood
Religions, blindness, victims of lies
Mass, relics, gods, blessing
Demons, horns, by cross raped mouth
Dogma, dogmas, dogma
Ritual, morbid thought of sin
Murderer wait to stab with hate
Devilish trance, lead you to aim
The crown of thorns
Still deep in his skull
Saintly old man meditating talks
To a wooden idol
And seeing growing black rahitic
Horns of the scapegoat
Saintly old man meditating begs
For the Christian mercy
When he sees the infernal lava
Flowing out from tombs

2. My Infernal Hate

I hate the worlds with its sick fools
I spit them on with endless contempt
Plague of clergy and their dogmas
It's a place of corruption and false moral
Information from talking glass
Politicians plot the treacherous plans
My eyes see the cardinal difference
Between a pact with devil and their
No, it's deadly dose
Yes, i spit on them from my hidden
Cavern with hate into your faces
Nauseating mass of grey swollen brains
March to temples for beneficial words
Crypts fill out with forbidden thoughts
Connected to programme of manipulation
Bleeding eyes of hypocrisy leaking
Out from skulls
I put a spell on my enemies to paralyse
Their stings
Bleeding media of confusion snuck
To my nest
I stamp them on into deep cold grave
Of my infernal hate

3. The Lord Of Many Names

They miss the bloody torture chambers
And the witch, break on the wheel
It's the symbol of the last crusade
Now comes the army of the devil
From the ages unrespected
By the clergy that thanks him exist
To the mean mob with cross
Into the mug they on knees crawl
For the hypocrisy absolve
The dark red carped already waits
The lord of many names will come
A ruler of mysterious planets
Suns, seas and unknown worlds
The day is near of the apocalyptical
The solution of falsify tomes
You've got them scribbled by the wine
With your lust power bishops
Call his names
Satanus, Luciferus, Belialus

4. Slave Of Plastic Statuettes

Closed monastery
Impassable heavy gates, you inside
They get out to be a slave
Of jealous might
They pumped your brain with falseness
And punishments
Monks are singing and waiting for sign
From the majestic altar
But the sign will never come
Cause god is afraid of the truth
Celebrate of mass praying to the dead
Those echoes bites slowly into your
Crushed mind
And you're lying like a cross without
Will - painful torture
I'm sure that Satan knows the truth
Who was the god in his flying throne
I'm sure that Satan hears the lies
Mutters by sages from the pulpits

5. Enlightened Man

In my morbid strange brain
Something's happened - I'm enlightened
I became a god - why not
I'm sick enough to be one of them
I tell you, listen to my words
Not to false prophets and liars
Now, I've got to find a name for me
'Cause all gods got names
I create a color Kingdom
Kingdom which I promise you
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, hosanna
Now is the time to use the old
Sure master's trick
I don't let the other pagans to my
I'm a revengeful and jealous creature
Who's against me and my words
Must die
Man, woman, child or beast
Who's against my commandments
Must die
Pray to me I'm enlightened
Pray to me I'm cranky

6. The Rotten Fruit Of Mercy

Sign from pulpit through the church
Faces like silent crypt
Hear to words of a greed priest
And he lies even in prayer
Drop of sweat on his temple
Give away the derisive sin
He's writhe between amused candles
And talks to the crowd withered
Queue of faithful blind lambs
Waiting for Messiah's body
They lick the hands of clown
Thanking with collection for blessing
Queue of faithful blind lambs
Waiting for Messiah's blood
But it's only cheap red wine
Not-send by heaven
Let them burn at stake
Rip their skins again
Mentor of many names
Now look at you with grief
Pain, emptiness
Bitter truth like carrion
Pain of bloody tempels
Nothing more around your faith
Empty words to all the figures
Rotten fruit of mercy

7. Dark Lullaby

Drown in armchair of my dark room
I call you my occult mentor
You are living in my wise head
While the temple bells are silent
You're manifest in the candle light
Nestle me in the cradle of spell
Sing me my dark lullaby
My infernal majesty
The visions of the rape by clergy
The religions endless wars
Are reflect from the prophecy
Of the darkest beyond world
My thoughts are your secret home
From ever you are my guest
I listen to your devils tales
Sing me my dark lullaby
My infernal majesty

8. Don't Promise A Kingdom It Doesn't Exist

Demons, witches, wizards with me
I like their company
Darkness, stars, winds it's my world
I feel safely in
I'm the flame that burns your sick
Pest from inside
I show to world your rachitic lies
Which you preach
I'm a witness of your deeds
The bells are beating lamentable tones
In those rich crimson garments
You still pray to the plastic saints
I see the fear in your eyes
Don't promise a kingdom it doesn't exist
I see the fear in your eyes
Don't rape the world with your false
In temples where you're cleaning your
Guilty consciences
From your confessional like rats
You licking up the sins that are
Whispered to you
It excited and rapes your brains,
Uncover you animal desires
So, take look in the crystal mirror
Than you see your false decaying faces

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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